clinique 2016 februaryI always get excited about Clinique new launches, actually new launches in general and Clinique seem to be on fire with lots of new products launching over the next few months.

Earlier this month they launched their new Sweet Pot Sugar Scrub + Lip Balm sets, which look adorable and were apparently inspired by macaroons. One half has a sugary exfoliator designed to buff away dryness and the other has a lip balm to soothe and moisturise lips. I’ve tried out the shades that I have (Pink Framboise and Orange Blossom) and I think they’re nice but nothing overly exciting; the scrub is fairly gentle and the balm is a nice everyday one as it doesn’t offer too much colour, I can barely tell the difference between the two shades once on the lips. I’d probably pass on these just because you could get a Lush Scrub (with lots more product) and a lip balm for cheaper but they are really cute and I can totally see their appeal.

Onto February 1st launches… (exclusively at Harrods, nationwide 18th March)

They will be adding two new lip products to their Pop range the Clinique Pop Glaze sheer Lip Colour + Primer and Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer. I’m not too sure what the ‘primer’ addition is all about but I can’t see them being any different because of the added ‘Primer’. The Sheer Lip Colours comes in six shades and are an effortless, sheerer version of their original colour pop lip colours. I’m not usually a huge fan of sheer lip colours but I think these are really comfortable on the lips and would all look beautiful in the summer. The Pop Lacquers come in 10 colours but I personally much prefer the nude shades as I find bolder colours in gloss are too high maintenance and can often look dated. I have the shade Nude Pop  and it’s a really beautiful colour but a little drier than I would like, application seems to pull a bit and there are better lip glosses out there.

My favourite from the new pop range are the Clinique Lid Pops, which are available in 8 shades. I think these are particularly perfect for anyone that doesn’t wear too much makeup or is a little scared of shadow as they aren’t overly pigmented which means that they are very easy to use. Most the colours are beautiful although they do have two silly blues which I think are fairly unwearable to an average makeup wearer. I wouldn’t say they’re for an eyeshadow expert as the pigmentation is on the sheer side (especially compared to MAC which are £2 cheaper!) but still really beautiful, the shade Cream Pop is a soft, pretty, everyday shade.

In April there will also be a New Chubby Nude Foundation Stick, which apparently offers a smooth, natural finish with the flexibility to build from sheer to moderate coverage throughout the day- available in 10 shades. I haven’t tried this so I can’t comment but just something else to look forward to! To coincide they’re also releasing a new Buff Brush designed to blend flawlessly.

If I get my hands on any more shades I’ll report back with swatches but until then I’ll be hoping that they announce some matte Colour Pops soon.


Last year saw the launch of Sam’s Pick of Real Technique brushes and this year with Nic joining Real Techniques they have realised her picks. In my opinion Real Technique Brushes are my absolute favourite and I recommend them to everyone, I just wish they had been about 6 years ago when I was starting my own brush collection. I remember always wanting good quality brushes but simply not having the money as a sixteen year old to afford MAC and I am so happy to see that they have made a core tool of the trade so affordable to everyone without compromising on the quality. 
In Nic’s picks there are five brushes all with a beautiful silver, sleek looking handles; three of which are exclusive to the set. The two brushes which are already available are the Duo-Fibre Powder Brush and the Base Shadow Brush. If I had to pick a least favourite it would probably be the powder brush as I found it shed a little and isn’t very dense but still works perfectly for a light dusting of powder, blush or bronzer. In contrast my favourite is the base shadow brush which is perfect for adding depth to the eye but equally is great for blending, packing on colour or even buffing in concealer. 
The set exclusives are the Cheek Brush, Angled Shadow Brush and the Eyeliner Brush. The cheek brush is quite dense allowing you to build colour quite quickly and the perfect tapered tip allows it to be used for contouring. The angled shadow brush is designed for crease work but I found it worked just as well to apply a light wash of shadow and the eyeliner brush is perfect to add a flick to liner or even to apply shadow under the lash line. 
Although this probably isn’t the most essential Real Techniques set, it’s a beautiful addition to any make-up lovers collection. They are limited edition so it’s worth ordering them sooner rather than later to avoid being disappointed.
They retail for under £30 (which is pretty amazing for 5 quality brushes) from LookFantastic, Feelunique and other Real Technique Stockists.
Which Real Techniques set is your favourite? 

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My most recent obsession has been red lips and luckily it seems like every brand is releasing one (or four) this Autumn. According to L’Oreal there are 285 shades of red which are visibly different to the naked eye which is probably why we struggle so much to find the perfect one. 
L’Oreal have released a collection of four reds in the UK which are all inspired by a celebrity either Liya, Blake, Julianne or Eva. Two of which are warm toned and two which are cool toned designed to suit everyone. For example I’m a little more warm toned so either Liya or Eva would work best for me but I actually find all four colours to be stunning. 
I have been wearing Eva which is actually a red I would never pick myself but is very wearable and a colour I can see myself reaching for on an everyday basis. The Jojoba oil which is in the Pure Red line also makes them very comfortable to wear on an everyday basis. I don’t find it’s really a lipstick that lasts all day but it’s one that can be reapplied without lips getting too dry or flaky.
A really beautiful selection of reds, worth looking into if you are on the look out for your perfect red and at just £6.99 it’s also very affordable. 

Clinique’s new lipsticks have been spoken about everywhere but I guess that’s what happens when a popular brand releases a great product. The new Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks are their new edition but since I’m not a huge Matte lipstick girl I wasn’t terribly excited, which made the fact that they’re great even more exciting!

The reason I don’t love matte lipsticks is that they always dry my lips out and since I already have naturally quite dry skin/lips I tend to stay away. I usually opt for a more semi-matte lipstick but this one is actually matte put still very comfortable, easy to apply, last really long and most importantly don’t dry out my lips.

(excuse the facial expressions all the rest were out of focus)

The shade range is also great although I only own three; Matte Petal, Matte Magenta and Matte Beauty. They are all beautiful shades, Petal and Beauty are my type of everyday/smokey eye lipstick colours and Magenta as you can imagine is a little brighter.

Overall three great lipstick and definitely one to try/add to the wishlist. I’ve got my eyes on Matte Mandarin which is a stunning orange red!

Have you tried these? What are your favourite matte lipsticks?
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Nails Inc seem to be coming up with more and more nail effects and this spring they are bringing us the Latex Look in four shades.


These nail polishes apply glossy but dry to a more waxy almost matte finish which I do actually quite like. As you may be able to tell in some of the photos the formula is quite thick and it isn’t one you are going to be able to thin out. Instead apply two coats which aren’t too thick but also don’t try to get it too thin as it will go patchy. Colour wise I think the two I have; Camden Passage (nude) and Portobello Road (pink) are both nice but very safe colours.

What do you think latex effect nails?
Available here for £12

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