clinique 2016 februaryI always get excited about Clinique new launches, actually new launches in general and Clinique seem to be on fire with lots of new products launching over the next few months.

Earlier this month they launched their new Sweet Pot Sugar Scrub + Lip Balm sets, which look adorable and were apparently inspired by macaroons. One half has a sugary exfoliator designed to buff away dryness and the other has a lip balm to soothe and moisturise lips. I’ve tried out the shades that I have (Pink Framboise and Orange Blossom) and I think they’re nice but nothing overly exciting; the scrub is fairly gentle and the balm is a nice everyday one as it doesn’t offer too much colour, I can barely tell the difference between the two shades once on the lips. I’d probably pass on these just because you could get a Lush Scrub (with lots more product) and a lip balm for cheaper but they are really cute and I can totally see their appeal.

Onto February 1st launches… (exclusively at Harrods, nationwide 18th March)

They will be adding two new lip products to their Pop range the Clinique Pop Glaze sheer Lip Colour + Primer and Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer. I’m not too sure what the ‘primer’ addition is all about but I can’t see them being any different because of the added ‘Primer’. The Sheer Lip Colours comes in six shades and are an effortless, sheerer version of their original colour pop lip colours. I’m not usually a huge fan of sheer lip colours but I think these are really comfortable on the lips and would all look beautiful in the summer. The Pop Lacquers come in 10 colours but I personally much prefer the nude shades as I find bolder colours in gloss are too high maintenance and can often look dated. I have the shade Nude Pop  and it’s a really beautiful colour but a little drier than I would like, application seems to pull a bit and there are better lip glosses out there.

My favourite from the new pop range are the Clinique Lid Pops, which are available in 8 shades. I think these are particularly perfect for anyone that doesn’t wear too much makeup or is a little scared of shadow as they aren’t overly pigmented which means that they are very easy to use. Most the colours are beautiful although they do have two silly blues which I think are fairly unwearable to an average makeup wearer. I wouldn’t say they’re for an eyeshadow expert as the pigmentation is on the sheer side (especially compared to MAC which are £2 cheaper!) but still really beautiful, the shade Cream Pop is a soft, pretty, everyday shade.

In April there will also be a New Chubby Nude Foundation Stick, which apparently offers a smooth, natural finish with the flexibility to build from sheer to moderate coverage throughout the day- available in 10 shades. I haven’t tried this so I can’t comment but just something else to look forward to! To coincide they’re also releasing a new Buff Brush designed to blend flawlessly.

If I get my hands on any more shades I’ll report back with swatches but until then I’ll be hoping that they announce some matte Colour Pops soon.


revlon hd lipcolors uk liquid lipstick
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor addiction Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor love Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Obsession
Liquid lipsticks seem to be everywhere recently and I have really been enjoying trying them which is why I was super excited for the new Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor to come through the door.

Sadly they’re only available to purchase in March so theres a little while to go still but I have been road testing them and wanted to share my thoughts.

Overall I really love them and I can’t wait to check out the other three colours from the seven colour range. The video below includes swatches, my thoughts and the overall wear throughout the day.

Available from March, RRP £8.99 at Boots, Superdrugs and Amazon

Just before the Christmas madness starts and all I post about is the festive season I thought I would share what new products I received this month. Theres been quite a lot of products arriving, largely for Christmas but I think I chose a nice edit for this video, with a variety of highend and more affordable bits. 

I love discovering new brands and my most recent discovery is Palette London, a british brand of nail polish which not only sells nail polishes but also make bespoke shades and allows you to create your own.

Like any normal nail polish brand Palette London has a core collection of nail polishes, each retailing between £12 and £13.50, the range has some really beautiful shades and even some great glitters. What makes the brand stand out however, is the bespoke service it offers and which I haven’t seen elsewhere. Just like in the DIY paint shops you can take a swatch of a colour and they will make you that exact shade. The swatch can be a piece of fabric, your favourite dress, a beautiful flower or even a fruit.

This is a great service it comes with a very premium price tag, for £50 you get one single nail polish or for £75 you get the bespoke polish, base coat and top coat. I’m potentially not their target market but I just can’t see myself ever paying £50 for any nail polish, especially as I believe that if I looked hard enough I could find any exact colour I wanted. You also get only 8ml of product which is almost half an OPI bottle. For that price I would want really luxe packaging, something that rivals Christian Louboutians packaging (which costs a ridiculous £36 but is still £14 cheaper than this one) but instead I find this packaging to be very similar to that of a very inexpensive brands.

A cheaper alternative for those anyone creative and wanting to make their own nail polishes at home is their ‘create your own’ collection, which comes with five colours which you mix together. Once again at £50 I think this is an expensive set and I think that anyone that can afford it simply would want to spend the time making it. If they brought the price down to £20 then I think it would work well for teens that are interested in making their own polish but I don’t think it currently justifies the £50 price tag.

Although this might be a slightly more negative review than usual I really wanted to share it as I think it’s a great idea and I’m hoping to see the brand grow. The packaging lets the brand down especially as it’s such a premium priced product but changing this would easily make the brand feel more expensive and premium.

Looking forward to following the growth of Palette London and would love to hear your thoughts below.

I’m a little late sharing these as they arrived whilst I was away, but I’m really in love with them so I just had to snap a few photos and give my two cents.

The Clarins Joli Rouge (£19.50) range isn’t a new range; they were previously housed in silver tubes and I found that some had more shimmer than I usually like in my lipsticks so I was never blown away by them. Now in their far more luxurious gold casing they have really caught my eye and I have been using them lots over the last few weeks. Clarins have released 25 new shades, all revamped with a new moisture rich formula which is really something I like in my lipsticks.

Shade wise there is a large shade range; bright oranges, deep plums, classic reds, girly pink and every day nudes. I’ve used about six of them and have loved the shades, formula as well as how they look and feel on the lips. They apply really well, you can get a light tint of colour from a quick sweep or quickly build it up to a bolder colour. Although they are moisture rich I don’t think they’re too shiny which keeps all of them still looking very modern. I was most surprised by how beautifully they last, I soft plum earlier this week and I remained looking great after hour of wear and lunch!

I’m yet to pick a favourite as there are just so many beautiful shades but I’m sure I’ll be talking about them a lot in the coming months.

Very excited to have so many new lip colours to try!