Happy New Year!

I hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas/New Year. I had a nice Christmas/New Year but if I’m honest it’s probably been the time around it that I have been enjoying most. I’m officially back to work today and it feels good to be back after having some down-time. My boyfriend even called me from work this morning to say how much he has enjoyed the last two week, we didn’t do much but it was throughly enjoyable and has shown me that maybe I should be taking some more time off this year.

I was watching everyone’s yearly recaps on Instastories, the ones that literally went on forever- which had me thinking about the last year and going through my own camera roll. It’s hard to not compare yourself to others and although I didn’t have a baby, get married, buy a house or do any of the other monumental things,  I had a pretty good year. It was nice but I’m very much looking forward to the new year.

I don’t really set strict resolutions but here are a few things I want to achieve/do this year:

1.Read more

As I child I use to read loads. I spent endless Saturdays in the local library and was at Waterstones on the day of any Jacqueline Wilson release but since then it’s been a bit of a struggle to read much. Last year I started to read again, with a little help from Audible along the way (let me know if you’d like me to share some tips about getting back to reading) but this year I’d like to read a little more. I have a GoodReads account and I’ve set my target at 16- wish me luck and leave me book recommendations in the comments. In particular I need to make a real effort to read fiction!

2. Mask weekly

I think masks can make a huge difference to my skin but for some reason I still don’t use them quite as much as I should which has to change. I have a few I like but I haven’t found one I can’t live without so if anyone has any recommendations then please leave them in the comments.

3. New York

I know this is crazy but I’ve never left Europe. I’ve travel loads in Europe but never outside it, which is why I felt this had to change. Traveling further really fills me with anxiety but it’s something I want to overcome. I have booked a trip to New York as I felt this was a nice middle ground, okay- it’s not in Europe but culture wise it’s still very similar. Don’t get me wrong I really want to explore other cultures and I think once I’m there I’d love it but for now New York is my stepping stone. I’ve never been excited about New York but now that it’s booked I can not wait. Just another 90 days to go. I’m already getting impatient.

4. Say yes more and say no more

I often say no to things that are out of my comfort zone but I want to start saying yes to those things and start making an effort to do more. At the same time I want to say no to things that I’m not keen on doing instead of simply saying yes because I feel I should.

5. Be more eco-friendly

Honestly it’s unlikely I’ll be perfect at this but I really want to make an effort and move in the right direction with this. I want to buy less bottled water, less one use coffee cups, eat less meat and buy less stuff that I don’t need.

6. Buy a house

Writing this one down scares me. I’ve been putting this off for ages despite my boyfriend wanting to buy one for a while but I finally feel ready and I think we’ll start looking next month. This is something I’ll start talking about a little more in here once we have the ball rolling but honestly, I’m terrified (& excited).

7. Exercise more

I’m not going to go too much into this because I haven’t been to the gym in about 6 weeks. I want to just be more active. I have a pilates class I want to go to and I’m looking for a few more classes. I do enjoy the gym but I think I want to try more classes instead as although I enjoy the gym my motivation to get there is low.

8. Have less

I will never be a minimalist. It’s not really in my nature and I’m usually a more-is-more kind of person. However, more isn’t more and I really want to down size the amount of belongings I have, in particular beauty products but everything else too. I want to buy less things and honestly if I wasn’t a blogger I think I’d to a no-buy first half of the year but I can’t see that as being possible with my Joh but I’ll definitely be buying less.

What are your goals for the year?

I’ll admit I feel a little silly writing this post since the weather in London is dreadful.

May? More like November, it’s been raining non-stop for days and there’s no sign of it stopping.

But hopefully, some of you have a nice holiday planned somewhere hot and if not hopefully summer will arrive at some point over the next few months.

Either way, this dress is just too perfect not to share. I found it whilst building my Spain wardrobe for my trip last week (more on that soon) at New Look. I love New Look at the moment, it’s affordable and just generally killing it.

This dress covers almost ever trend, which sounds like overkill but it isn’t.

Gingham- tick, a pop of red- tick, embroidery-tick, Bardot neckline- tick. It’s got it all, for just £24,99

I particularly love that it’s a black and white gingham as the usual navy doesn’t suit me. The shape isn’t quite perfect for a curvy body like mine but it really isn’t too bad. It can be dressed down with some converse or dressed up with some wedges for dinner like I did here.

Also, I bloody love these Wedges, and once it finally stops raining I won’t be taking them off. They’re incredibly comfy, the colour is perfect and I love the lace up detail- from JustFab.

 Please excuse the photo quality, we were aiming for magic hour lighting but left it too late and it was starting to get a little too dark. And the tan lines. Please ignore those too. Rookie mistake.

grey 2
grey 1
For the last year or so I have been questioning my blogging choices. I love it but it’s changed so much. People no longer want to see a blog post with a nail polish review and I no longer want to write those sort of posts. But what do I want to write?

I started my blog a long time ago, I was 17 or 18, still taking my A-Levels and the whole blogosphere was a new thing. I am so proud that it has become my full-time and although I love it, I am also a little out of love. I’m really struggling with a direction for this blog and I think you’ll probably get a little less beauty.

I am no longer the 18-year-old girl that could only afford drugstore lipstick and Barry M nail polishes, although I still love these things there’s so much more I want to share and I’m going to start writing A Little Obsessed about whatever I fancy writing about. I think you’ll get the usual beauty posts, teamed with a little bit of fashion, a dash of travel and all held together with my thoughts and experience- and I hope you’ll stay for the ride.

This blog is going to longer be defined as a beauty blog but a whatever-I-feel-like-writing-about blog. I feel like we’ve all grown up over the last seven years and hopefully, we’ll all enjoy the change. I just want to fall in love with blogging again, properly. And I’m really hoping this change will help as I’m not okay with only blogging once a month. It is also worth noting though that I love YouTube and I want to make lots more content there too and any support you can show there would mean a whole lot to me!(link here)
grey 4
Let’s talk a little about my outfit from last week…

Now, the reason I am not a proper fashion blogger (amongst other reasons) is that I just can’t get outfit photos shot quickly enough and rely on my boyfriend with zero photo experience to take all my images. I am actually not sure any of these items are in stock but fingers crossed as I love each individual item in the look.

I’ve been wearing this grey coat all winter and I love it! It’s perfect to dress up any outfit, it’s long enough that it keeps me quite warm and the colour goes with almost everything. It is from New Look but no longer available but they have this similar option which I love.

This culotte jumpsuit is really versatile and I think I’ll be wearing it into spring and summer, the bra underneath is from ASOS and has been getting a lot of love recently, I love the harness detail and it was super affordable from ASOS in their bigger bust range.
grey 5
grey 3Onto accessories, love these shoes however I get awful back pain wearing them, there is something about chunky heels that my back doesn’t like. Stilettos are fine- chunky, usually more comfortable heels, it hates, therefore I’m sadly going to have to retire these, even though I love them!

And finally, my new Marc B bag which someone initially thought was Chanel! I love a good quilted back, there so classic and timeless! This one is really affordable and the perfect size for everyday use.

I haven’t blogged in so long that pressing the publish button is making me far more anxious than it should, but hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Let me know what your favourite pieces in your wardrobe have been this winter in the comments.

It’s gotten so dark and colder of the last few weeks, which I guess is to be expected since Winter is coming and the shortest day of the year is next week. I’ve been going for a bit of a uniform which consist of black jeans, black boots, a jumper, a coat and a scarf everyday. It’s easy, comfortable and looks some what put together, plus I find that layers are essential as anything too heavy can become too warm very quickly but at least this way it’s easy to remove my scarf and coat.

This coat is a new addition to my wardrobe and from New Look, it’s a great staple as it can be worn with jeans or a dress and still look great. I’ve teamed it with a New Look Jumper and then my everyday jeans, a scarf from last year (still available here) and my favourite boots which have really seen better days and are in desperate need of being replaced.

Can you believe autumn is just a few weeks away? It’s actually really starting to feel like it here in London and I’m really look forward to layering up with shades of rust, suede dresses and knee high boots. Below is my dream wardrobe for the following season, let me know what would be in yours in the comments!

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