I assume most of you have you have your new years resolutions sorted and hopefully they’re going well but if you want another one or still haven’t settled on your I thought I would share some of my suggestions. Theres no ‘New Year, New Me’ or lose 20KGs by January 10th rubbish but hopefully you’ll be able to find one that fits what you’re looking to achieve.
1. I will learn to french plait/Fishtail plait
2. I will moisturise my body daily
3. I will experiment more with clothes and makeup
4. I will find a great skincare regime and stick to it
5. I will eat more fruit & veg
6. I will wear SPF daily

7. I will be more positive 
8. I will look after my hair and get regular trims 
9. I will be more organised 
10. I will dedicate more time to others
What is your new year’s resolution? I think I will be trying to be a little more organised which is so much easier said than done for me! 

With just a few hours left of 2014, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy new year!

Thank you all so much for the support in 2014 and I hope to see you all in 2015. 

It’s been a good year, not necessarily the best but it’s been good. It was quite a boring year and I don’t really have any overly exciting achievements or travels to share with you- meaning I need to try a little harder next year!

In terms of travel I went to Paris twice, Portugal for my usual long summer holiday and Brussels for a day (that’s an achievement to me). Although these post are usually filled with people telling you with all their exotic trips I’m actually very happy with Paris and Portugal, and I hope to visit them both again next year along with hopefully another european country (I’m thinking Berlin, Germany). 

My hair has changed a fair bit.

I’m really looking forward to 2015, posting regularly on my blog and YouTube (here) but I’m also excited/nervous at the prospect of my parents moving our family home and ridiculously excited over the arrival of some new cousins in the summer.

I wish you all a New Year’s Eve, stay safe and hope that together we can all make 2015 our best year yet.

I love you all!

At the beginning of the year my beauty resolution was to try a few new brands; particularly Bobbi Brown & Laura Mercier. Although I only succeeded at trying Laura Mercier I thought I would share some brands which I think sell fabulous products but you may not have tried. Of course, some of them are quite well known, especially if you are a beauty obsessor but there should be one or two which are new to you and which you have heard of but haven’t yet tried.

Charlotte Tilbury- Available here
I’ve been lusting over Charlotte Tilbury since it launched but it’s only in the last month that I have tried anything. It’s a little pricey around the Chanel price point but from what I have tried and what I’ve heard it’s all pretty amazing. I personally love my Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette and the Red Carpet Red Lipstick which I own.

Kiko- Available here
Still a relatively small brand in the UK but huge in the rest of Europe as it’s originally Italian, it’s price point is affordable and it has a really large selection of products and colour. They currently only have seven stores in the UK but you can order online.

Cocoa Brown- Available here
I over looked Cocoa Brown at first but it really surprised me. It’s very affordable, the colour is great and Lovely Legs has to be a 2014 favourite.

Jurlique- Available here
As it isn’t very readily available on the High street (although available in M&S) I think it is a brand that most beauty lovers have heard of but not everyone has tried. If you are looking to go a little more natural in 2015 than this would be my brand of choice; they sell everything from blotting powders to shower gels and serums.

Too Faced- Available here
Although it has been available in the UK for as long as I can remember I still don’t hear as much about Too Faced as I do similar brands. It is quite pricey, especially as I don’t find it to be overly luxurious however if you only try one mascara in 2015 make it Too Faced Better Than Sex.

Neal’s Yard- Available here
Everyone has heard of Neal’s Yard but it seems to have quite an older customer, the products are absolutely beautiful and perfect for any age. I love how classic yet luxurious the bottles look and their bath aromatherapy oils are actually quite affordable (and my favourite product).

Co Lab- Available here
If you’re on the market for a new dry shampoo than Co Lab is the one to try. It’s affordable, available in a range of scents and doesn’t feel too heavy in the hair.

Makeup Revolution- Available here
The bloggersphere went crazy for it this year but I really haven’t tried much so I’ll make sure I do so in 2015.

Sarah Chapman- Available here
One of my favourite skincare brands of 2014, a little on the pricier side but great quality.

The Lacquer Lab- Available here
I don’t often try less-known nail polish brands but was really pleasantly surprised by The Lacquer Lab. I love all the colours and they’re even all toxin free!

Since the new year is only a few days away I thought I would share my 20 favourite blog posts of 2014 that I shared here on ALO. Let me know in the comments which one if your favourite. 

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1. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

2. Get cleaning and decluttering
The new year is the best excuse to have a big clear out, there is no need to take unwanted things with you to 2015. Clear out everything from your room/house to your handbag and phone.

3. Send out hand written thank you cards

4. Bag some bargains
Check out my sale picks here

5. Think of some 2015 goals