appsI finally got a new phone!

It took me ages, until a few days ago I still had an iPhone 5 which is fine but since my work is largely online and involves taking lots of photos it does seem a bit silly. To celebrate (not really) my new phone I thought I would share my favourite apps, I’m not going to talk through the basic ones, I obviously love Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Snapchat- This one should probably be up there ^ with the basic apps but it seem to be an app that not everyone is into yet. Snapchat is basically like short, easy to watch videos which are far more real than the highly curated and edited images people put out on Instagram and on YouTube now- think GRWM without the pretty candles and close up of feet walking to the bathroom. It’s a little more like YouTube and blogging use to be, it’s very real as it disappears after 24 hours. It’s quickly becoming on of my favourite social media platforms, add me: alittleobsessed

Afterlight- I don’t upload to Instagram without using this app, I increase the brightness, saturation and contrast as well as applying a filter which I find helps with the overall uniform of my Instagram grid (which I’m not currently overly happy with.)

Facetune- I know there are a lot of FaceTune haters and I do understand why but no one wants to see the spot on my chin so I do often blur it away. Other than that, it’s great to draw attention and increase the sharpness of a brand name or increase the whiteness of your background, it can be used for so much more than just airbrushing your face.

Tripomatic- This is a recent discovery for me and I can not believe it’s free. If you’re planning a city break this app is a must, it not only tells you what places you should visit but also the best order to do it in, I’ve planned Berlin and I am half way through planning Amsterdam and this app has made life so much easier!

Bloglovin’– I’m sure most of you already have the Bloglovin’ app but if you don’t it’s a really great one to have, I sometimes forget to read blogs but with this app is just so easier, I think it’s even easier than reading blogs on the laptop!

What app do I need to download next?

With autumn starting in a couple of weeks time I though I would quickly recap some of my non-beauty favourites. I totally missed Augusts beauty favourites on my YouTube channel but that just means I’ll have extra items to talk about next month so don’t forget to keep an eye out for that.

In terms of clothing I love summer but I have a fairly large summer wardrobe which only gets worn a few months a year so I don’t end up finding too many favourites. The said I fell in love with my Daniel Black Leather Gladiator Sandals, I wore them with everything, they were really comfortable and great quality. Even after wearing them religiously all summer they’re still in great condition and I now have my eye on some Daniel over the knee boots for the colder months.

My go-to bag for everything was this bright Ralph Lauren Bag from My Bag. I always take a bright coloured handbag away with me and this one was perfect, it added a pop of colour to my usually boring outfits but was a great shape and size for a day sightseeing or even for a day at the beach and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t pick up the smaller version too.

I took a fair few pairs of sunglasses away with me but ended up only wearing my Quay ones, I have two pair; one from Topshop and the other from ASOS but love them both equally. They’re affordable, good quality and really fun, I haven’t had a pair of sunglasses that I like this much for years and I’m so tempted to buy a few more pairs.

I’ve also been trying out Esthechoc which is suppose to be a daily portion of chocolate designed to increase the level of antioxidants in the skin, I’m not too sure if it really does this but I think day size portions of chocolates is a great idea and it really stops me eating too much chocolate like I usually would if I were to start an entire bar.

I haven’t been watching much on TV but have recently finished Modern Family and could not recommend it enough, it’s a great series for almost any age and has won numerous comedy awards. I also started to re-watch Hart of Dixie which is potentially my favourite ever series but I don’t think gets enough recognition. I’m think about starting Pretty Little Liars once I have finished but I would love some recommendations too.

Now I’m ready for autumn candles and spiced lattes….

Since I haven’t shared my non-beauty favourites on here I thought I would take the change in weather to share a few items of clothing which I have been loving, a long with a fairly random favourite which has been influenced by just how close Christmas is now. Don’t forget to let me know what your non-beauty favourites…

So July has almost come to an end and it’s been a good month, a very hot good month but I’m even more excited for next month.

In terms of clothes I have been looking my Nike Air Max’s both in the gym and just for normal casual wear. They’re comfy enough to run on the treadmill with them but also love them with rolled up jeans and a Tshirt when not in the gym.

I also got a new handbag this month which my mum has her eye on and I am sure will be stealing very soon. I was ooing and ahing over it for a while and weather to get the stone or black colour but since its summer I settled for the stone Fiorelli Mani Tote and I’m so glad I did. The colour is perfect and does with anything I wear over the next summer weeks, it’s also a great size; big enough but not too big. I can’t quite my laptop init but it’s the perfect size for everything else I require.

However still my favourite purchase is probably my Forever 21 sunglasses, yes they are a little diva-ish but I love them! The dark and chunky, statement glasses are perfect to cover up tired eyes but still look glamorous (and maybe a little OTT) and for under £5 I think they were quite a bargain!

My extra fashion favourite is gold band rings which I have been loving and wearing on almost every finger, they’re super affordable if you look in Primark, New Look and Forever 21 and just really help finish an outfit.

In terms of series I have been watching Orange is the new black which is a great one if you aren’t looking for anything too girly. It’s quite difficult to give it genre but IMDB say it’s a Crime Comedy and I think quite a nice one to watch with your partner.

What have been your non-beauty favourites this year?
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It’s almost the end of June! Why is it that the summer months seem to go by the fastest?! This month, as you may know I’ve been to Paris and in my suitcase I packed Play Suits, Shorts and Cotton T-shirts. I love how comfortable but put together play suits look and cotton T-shirts have become my uniform of choice recently!

On a recent shopping trip I picked up a beautiful Zara Crochet skirt which I will be wearing non-stop this summer and a pair of H&M sunglasses which I love.

I’ve also been attached to my Sainburys Water tumbler, trying to get that H2O!

What have you been loving this month? 
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