Its finally time to start of my guest post, even though I am not on holiday yet I am a little busy with sorting everything out before I go. I really did receive some fabulous entries and it would have been amazing to chose each and everyone of you but due to the number of entries it would have been very hard. 

Today I am sharing with you one of my all time favourite bloggers/YouTuber Megan Isobel, all her videos and posts are very informative but still very interesting and I am sure you will (or already) love her blog as much as I do! As it is the Olympic opening ceremony today Megan will be showing you a fabulous nail tutorial which isn’t too difficult that is inspired by the Olympics. I hope you all like the tutorial and give it a go yourself, I will be trying it later today.
Hello! I’m Meg and I’m standing in for Sabrina today while she’s sunning herself abroad. I usually blog about beauty (and occasionally other miscellaneous things) at but I also post beauty videos on my YouTube channel
If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you might know that I live in East London and my patience for the Olympics has been waring a little thin. However I still have a massive admiration for the effort and dedication that Olympic and Paralympic athletes put in everyday and not just when the world is watching. So I thought I’d do a quick nail design in their honour.
Olympic rings seemed a bit obvious (read: tricky!) so I decided to go for an abstract stripe design on my nails, and little gold medals on my thumb. If you have nail stripers, this will be a lot easier, but I just used the brush of my polishes and a (reasonably) steady hand. 

I used five shades from Barry M: 134 Yellow, 262 Bright Red, 290 Spring Green, 291 Cobalt Blue and 47 Black. I also used Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener and 5-in-1 base and top coat, which is really reasonably priced and helps to seal in designs for a few more days. The gold used for the medal detail is by NailGirls from this month’s JolieBox, but any gold (or silver, or bronze) will do.

Paint your nails with a base coat and then paint a random stripe of your first colour onto your nails. It’s easiest to keep the brush still and rotate the nail to get a smooth stripe. Let it dry for a few seconds and move on to the next colour until you have all five Olympic ring colours on your nails.

For the thumbnail medal design, start with a blue v-shape, allow to dry and follow the same shape with parallel lines of red. Separate the blue and red lines with a white striper and, finally, paint a small circle or dot of metallic nail polish for the medal.

All done!
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What an effective and easy nail art wouldn’t you agree? Thanks so much to Megan for sharing this fabulous post here on A Little Obsessed.

Don’t forget to check out Megan’s Blog, Twitter and Youtube I have included her latest video below so you can all watch it and hopefully subscribe!

What excites you most about the Olympics? Will you be giving this fab Nail art a go?
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I have two Olympic themed posts for you today, the first is about some Olympic themed eyeshadows. As always when there is a special event cosmetic brands see it as a good chance to release new products themes around it. It is not only high end brands that do this but also high street, inexpensive brands. Today I have two inexpensive eyeshadow palettes inspired by the Olympics and you still have some time to go out and buy them if you too are striving for Gold.

MUA Going For Gold

 First up is the MUA Going For Gold Palette filled with gold, silver and bronze eyeshadows to help you achieve a winning makeup look. You may remember that the usual MUA palettes contain round eyeshadows however this one is a little different with the square shaped shadows, I actually prefer this one as it looks more full.

 The colours are all shimmery but range from light lid colours to great smokey eye shades. I love the idea of this palette but I do feel that the gold, almost orange shades aren’t as wearable as I would like but the silver and bronze shades are pretty standard.

 And the best thing about this palette? The price tag! Only £4 for 10 highly pigmented and largely (other that that top right) wearable eyeshadows that you will be able to wear in winter and summer and that would come in great use around the festive season later in the year.

Sleek 2012 Glory Palette
If like me you are a Londoner this is probably a palette you will enjoy simply for the patriotic box but mainly because the eyeshadows are named after the tube lines.

 The colour choice isn’t quite as obvious as in the MUA palette but after a little research (I had to read the press release to work this out) I found that it actually corresponds with the colour of each tube station on the tube map for example the district line is the green one. Most of the shades are shimmery but most are still highly pigmented and easy to blend. I don’t think this is an overly wearable palette and I can’t see my self using too may of the colour but I still love this palette and think it would even make a great souvenir. At £7.99 this palette is almost double the price of the MUA one but you do receive 2 more colours and a huge mirror. Simply for the names of the colours I love this palette but there is no question that the other is a little more wearable.

Both Palettes are limited edition and available from Superdrugs now.

Are you excited about the Olympics? Where will you be watching the opening Ceremony?
What do you think of these palettes?
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