This time last year I was thinking about starting a Bullet Journal, they had become quite popular online and I thought they were really similar to what I was already doing to I thought I’d give it a go to. I had dreams of Pinterst-worthy pages, filled with beautiful calligraphy and super organised pages but I soon realised that my calligraphy isn’t great, I haven’t got the same patience as the people on Pinterest and I’m not that orgnaised and here’s what else I learnt…

Sometimes pen & paper is better than the digital version
I’m forever stuck in the predicament as to whether I want to digitize my life or if pen and paper is okay but I simply can’t find a way that works for me on my phone or laptop; I can’t find a nice way to store things and I like the freedom you have to draw with a pen and paper.

A dotted diary is very versatile
When I first heard that I needed a dotted diary I thought it was a little unnecessary, why not lined or plain white? The dots allow you to write the same way as you would on lined paper but really help when drawing, especially for graphs and tables. I guess squared would also be useful but would look as nice and delicate as dotted does. The Leuchttrum1917 A5 Dotted are the standard ones people use and are really nice quality.

Decorating the pages is too much for me
When I first started I thought every page would be beautifully decorated and still I love the idea of it but I just don’t have the time or patience for it. The whole point of me having a bullet journal is to be more productive and decorating a page would just be another way to procrastinate. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I use some washi tape or coloured pens (fancy right?) but I need the decor element to be quick and easy.

Simplicity is key
Bullet Journals work differently from person to person, I love the idea of water trackers on each page but I just don’t think it’s a priority for me. I don’t do fancy keys and tick boxes which are pretty standard in the Bullet Journal Community as I find it too tricky and find a simple tick works just as well.

It’s a working progress & making it work for me
Last year I had a go at listing every single restaurant I went to but really didn’t get very far and ditched that idea for 2017. It’s great to learn from last year or the month before to find different things that work for me. I also work back to front in the notebook for all my paid work and it works really well too.

Crossing out is hard, even if my journal was less than perfect
To call my Bujo less than perfect is an understatement, it’s basically a mess but even I find it hard to cross something out and sometimes simply move onto the next page but I suspect it’s a feeling a lot of people have. I actually always skip the first few pages as the pressure of filling them with the right thing is a little too much for me.

I still need a diary, a small one but I need one none the less
I use to have two diaries and a notebook but have since switched to a small light one for my handbag and my Bujo. I use to love the A5 one day view diaries which I could fill with lists, plans and ideas but now don’t think I need a big one. I do still keep a small diary as I don’t plan my Bujo very far in advance so need a diary to kep track of dates but not much more. I think I will sooner or later take my diary digital but for now this is working for me. (Also, worth noting I do have other diaries which were recently sent to me, I love them, they’re beautiful but I don’t currently have much of a use for them but photograph them lots as they look beautiful- more on those soon)

They’re great for future reference 
I just sat and looked through my 2016 Bujo and there was a weird sense of achievement. As I’ve said it’s not pretty but it’s something I worked at for the last year and it’s a stream of my thoughts. I know lots of people throw them away but I keep all my old notebooks as they’re a great way to come back to a certain time in your life or revisit old ideas.

It’s quite a private place
I wanted to dig in and show you my bullet journal but as I was taking these photos I became quite secretive and self-conscious. My boyfriend says I write like a child (and he’s right) so I don’t really like showing my handwriting but more than that inside I have lots of my ideas, dreams and aspirations which I don’t currently want to share on here. I think that’s okay, as it’s my interpretation of a Bullet Journal to fill with whatever I want and I’m very much looking forward to filling up another one this year.

So inclusion, it’s 2017 and I’m starting Bullet Journal number two. They require a tiny bit more work but I love mine. If you’re interested then have a look on Pinterest, YouTube and this Facebook Page for some more inspiration.

What’s your favourite way or organise yourself?

bujo 3 bujo 1 bujo 2 bujo 4 bujo 5

I first heard about Bullet Journaling from Lily Pebbles on Twitter, after a quick Google I realised it was probably something I would enjoy and similar to my current system. If you’re still unsure as to what Bullet Journaling is then head over to Lily’s blog post here to find out more.

I’ve never really had one notebook and instead used a few different pads of paper and notebooks for different things. I like to have timetables and lists but use to keep these separate and was very much drawn to the idea that I could have these all together in a diary that I designed myself to suit all my needs.

Getting started was a little scary but there are guides all over the internet and I opted for the Leuchtturm Dotted notebook. I decided that I wasn’t going to be too precious with mine and not worry too much about my horrible writing or bother trying to improve my cursive. I do occasionally still decorate my pages because it’s fun but usually with washi tape or small doodles.

I want my Bullet Journal to be across between a journal, organiser and a place for all my notes and lists. I started by adding in the organiser aspect and drawing out some calendars and adding in important dates. I also added a page to track my blog stats, a quotes page, a page with all the hotels I’m staying at this year as I think it’ll be cool to look back on in the future, a list of films I’ve seen this year, blog post ideas, a list of things to pack every time I go away and more. This might not be how everyone else uses their journal but I’m really enjoying all these lists.

At the end/beginning of every day/month/week I start a new page or section where I plan for the time ahead, write to-do lists and brainstorm ideas. I don’t do this on a absolutely daily basis but when I am having an at home productive day then I think it really helps and theres  even a key on how you should mark items once they’re done. I also love starting the new month, drawing out a timetable of posts and I really find that getting everything helps me stay on track.

I think my Bullet Journal isn’t really like the ones you see on Pinterest but I’m really enjoying and finding it useful. I know a lot of people already have a sort of DIY diary which is great, there is no need to change over to a Bullet Journal but if you’re overwhelmed by all the notebooks and pieces of paper that you may have then I would really recommend considering a BuJo.

One more thing, I do still use my diary/organiser as I like that all the dates are written out until the end of the year but much much less and I really wish I hadn’t bought a one-page-a-day one, I now write all my lists in my BuJo. I am considering moving my calendar onto my phone but I do love writing it all down.

Have you tried Bullet Journalling? What if your current system like?


A few months ago whilst away on a trip with P&G to Brussels and I was surprised to learn that the average person wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, which means there are so many items that simply don’t get worn. I thought I would share what I do every season to help increase the amount of my wardrobe I actually wear

1. Try things on and make sure everything still fits
Even if I think I haven’t put on weight or lost weight I like to try everything on to make sure it still fits how I want it to and to insure I still like it once it is on.

2. Keep everything clean and ironed
I try not to wash my clothes every time I wear them unless I need to, which means occasionally a stain will go unnoticed back into my wardrobe meaning that the next time I want to wear it I can’t. I like to go through and very carefully check everything is clean and well ironed. Whilst away in Brussels I also learnt that it’s important to use a product that is kind to your clothes but will remove stains as throughly as possible which is why I have been opting for Ariel as it uses FibreScience to clean but look after my clothes as well. I’ve also been reaching for Lenor because it smells amazing and that always makes me want to wear my clothes!

3. Plan go-to-outfits for every item
This is easier said than done and I don’t end up with an exact outfit but I make sure that there is something in my wardrobe to make an outfit with every piece, otherwise there is no way that it will get wear.

4. Stop saving things for best
I understand why people save things for best but I think it should be done only in moderation, I’m not suggesting you wear a prom dress to the corner shop but wear that designer dress for date night every now and then, to really get the most wear out of all your clothes.

5. Turn your hanger the wrong way around
This isn’t just to be a nuisance but it’s a tip I heard recently and I think it’s a great idea which I am going to try! Once you wear the item you turn it back the right way and that way you will find out exactly what items you simply don’t wear. You can then decide to make an effort to wear them or simply get rid of them.

I’m off to reorganise my wardrobe this evening so let me know your tips in the comments, it going to be a long night…

Just like food expires so does makeup and when it does it can be harmful so you should throw it out. By now most of us know that we should throw our mascaras away after 3-6 months but when should we throw nail polishes and brow pencils out?

Most products now come with a guide on the packaging, a little tub like image that says 3M/18M etc meaning 3 month/18months but it also comes down to common sense. I’ve put together a list below but also remember that if if is a foundation you are sticking your finger in daily it’s probably going to need to be thrown away earlier than a foundation you save for special occasions and has a pump.

As a general rule liquid/creams expire quicker than powders but keep an eye on the colour, texture and scent of a product. If it changes it is usually a sign that it has gone off so don’t keep using it. As all my products are for personal use I don’t stick to the ‘rules’ too closely and if its a product that I’ve only used once and smells/looks fine than I may keep it for an extra few months but that’s up to your discretion.

I almost gave up doing this post as every group of products would have a huge variation in expiration dates, for example one lipstick would say 12months and the other 24months- so which is right? Use this post simply as a guide and also take the brands expiration dates with a little pinch of salt and some common sense.

The one group I would try to stick to is the first one, get into a habit of throwing away Mascara, liquid Liners and makeup sponges every 3-6 months to avoid infections. 

Lipsticks and Lipgloss have around a 12-18 month life span although I find lipgloss to typically go off quickest. Some foundations, especially tinted moisturisers only last 12 months but some vary so once again it’s worth checking. 

Pencils for brows, lips and eyes as well as cream blush/shadows and concealers typically last about 18-24 months. Powder items like eyeshadow, setting powders, blush and bronzer usually last the longest at around 2 years although if your nail polish is still well mixed and applying well I would say it’s still good to use too. 

Admittedly I need a clear out too, I get attached and find it so hard to part with some items. 

Since it’s January and most of us should probably not buy any more makeup, I thought I’d address how to make the most out of your makeup collection as I’ve really been making an effort to use more products (not at once). 

This is going to sound a little contradictory but I think the best thing to start with is a beauty clear out. I like to get rid of all the products which I don’t use or which I have had for longer than I probably should have. It might be hard at first but it gives me more space and means I’m more likely to use everything I have as it won’t get lost amongst items I don’t use. 
I then like to make a special effort to finish products which are almost finished, this doesn’t mean I apply six pumps of foundation instead of one but I just try to reach for these items over brand new products. This really helps reduce my collection a little more, giving me more space and meaning I actually use the product before it goes off. 
Sometime there are some products that I simply can’t part with but which isn’t quite doing what I want it to so I usually look for an alternative option, actually sometime I even like to take a favourite products and do the same, it’s like discovering new products without spending money! I regularly use lipsticks as cream blushers to reduce the amount of products I carry in my handbag, use bronzers and highlighters as eyeshadows and body/facial oils on the ends of my hair. 
I also have a drawer where I keep my everyday products which I like to empty and change up every few weeks. I’ll put my forgotten products in the drawer and tidy away the ones I can’t stop using, I also think this is a great test because if the products are special enough I will always go back to get it. If there are any products in my everyday product draw and don’t get used then it’s often a good sign that they aren’t loved enough to stay in my collection. 
What old favourites did you rediscover last time you had a look through your collection?