Last week I was invited down to Yeah! Burger in Kings Cross for a meal which naturally I said yes too, I simply find it too hard to say no to burgers!

It’s located short walk from Kings Cross station and the beautiful Granary Square in The Star Of Kings which currently serves Yeah! Burger. The menu is pretty standard; burgers, hot dogs, sides and fries plus the pup serves great cocktails too.

I had looked at the menu before hand and was set of getting a hot dog so I was pretty disappointed when I was told they were all out of hot dog buns, instead I went for the Yeah! Burger and the boyfriend went for The O.G. We ended up halving both so I could share my thoughts on the menu better.

Both burgers were really delicious, probably the best I’ve had this year (and I eat a lot of burgers) but I would say the O.G was potentially the superior burger, especially if you like avocado like I do!

For sides we went for the Tough wings and Yeah! fries, the wings were average at best but the fries were possibly the best fries I have ever had, it’s worth the journey just for the fries!

Dessert was a little disappointing as I wanted something like a chocolate brownie (I like to go all out when I eat out, no dieting here) but they only really offer the banana and ice cream one which we shared or ice cream on it’s own. Since I’m not a huge ice cream but love banana that’s what we went for but I know I’m the minority, most people love ice cream and would be more than happy with it as a dessert.

With prices of the burgers and hot dogs starting at just £6.50 it’s super affordable and I’m already planning to go back, the burgers are delicious but the chips are just absolutely dreamy!

Best. fries. ever.

I had been meaning to go to Sketch for a while and was very excited to have finally gone earlier this week. Sketch has a few restaurants and bars but we dined in The Gallery, which is decked out in a beautiful pink interior and is showing David Shringley’s work. It’s a really unique room and I love all the attention to detail, I didn’t get to see much of the other rooms but the toilets were pretty interesting too but I don’t have photos of it so we’ll save it as a surprise should you choose to visit there.

Although I knew that the decor was amazing, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the French cuisine menu but I loved everything I ate whilst sitting in the lavish pink chair.

Now for me this isn’t a day-to-day restaurant but more of a special occasion, you can dress up and the menu is quite pricey, especially once you counter in alcohol. The starter menu was great, anything from salad, crabmeat and foie gras. I went for the escargots which came beautifully presented, especially if you aren’t one to usually try something like snails as they didn’t come in shells and were fairly well disguised.

Picking a main was quite difficult but after deciding I didn’t want fish or pasta I went for meat more specially the Filet mignon of Duroc farmhouse pig with sage, black pudding and brandy cream, pig ear and chicory salad which sounds so much scarier than it really was. I admit I really do like to try new and usual things but once again it was presented and cooked beautifully, no real sign of pigs ear or black pudding but tasted delicious. I also had creamed spinach which was pretty damn tasty, you have to order it! 

If you don’t think that pigs ear and black pudding isn’t for you than I’ve heard they also serve a mean fish & chips.

For dessert I went for Sketch Chocolate which was nice but probably not the best chocolate pudding I’ve had. The macaroons also looked delicious and not quite as heavy, the perfect way to finish a three course meal. 

The service was really amazing and I can’t fault it. Although quite a luxury restaurant the atmosphere was still quite relaxed and not pretentious at all. They also have the cutest tableware!

I then went home (after all it was a school night) feeling fuller than I’d like to admit and having had a really lovely night! I already want to take all my friends for a birthday or special occasion, I might also check out some of the other bars/restaurants.

If you are thinking of going Sunday-Wednesday then they have a great £50 offer online making it much more affordable and which we made the most of.

Would love to hear your London restaurant recommendations below. 

A few weeks my boyfriend & I were invited down to try Turtle Baym a new restaurant in Walthamstow with chains also in not only in London but nationwide (Location list here). Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant and since I have never tried much Caribbean food I was really looking forward to it.

When we first arrived we both ordered Cocktails,  they were really delicious and I would highly recommend checking them out. The list of starters or ‘Cutters’ is pretty good too; Pulled Jerk Pork, Fried Squid, Garlic Flatbread, duck rolls and more. It was quite difficult to chose but we went for Garlic ‘n’ Herb Flatbreat and Chilli Fried Squid, which were tasty and I loved the Caribbean twist.

For main course we had Jerk Pit Burger and Double Dipped Steak both of which were nice but not really anything very special with the burger actually being a little dry. Looking back on it I wish I had gone for something a little more traditionally Caribbean such as one of the One Pots or Jerk Chicken. The portions were all quite generous, reasonably priced and we left feeling satisfied.

Overall I think Turtle Bay serves nice food, with great cocktails and starters however you could probably find somewhere a little more authentically caribbean in London as I did feel it was very much adapted to be quite commercial (as you would expect from a chain).

Have you ever visited any of the Turtle Bay Restaurants? What is your favourite Caribbean restaurant?

I don’t often blog about events which I attend but I feel like this ones is a also a bit of a hotel review. Last week I was (very!) lucky enough to be invited to have dinner and spend the night at the newly opened The Mondrian Hotel London with Witch Skincare. The hotel is located on London’s South Bank, next door to the Oxo Tower and in the Sea Containers building. As you can imagine, the hotel comes with pretty impressive views of London, featuring most of the key London buildings such as St. Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye, as well as some of the newer buildings to grace the London skyline such as The Shard and the Walkie Talkie

So on to the event…

Once I had dropped everything in my room and had a chance to make myself look midly more presentable I headed down to dinner. Dinner was Autumnal themed meaning the centre piece was made up of candles, pumpkins, acorns, pine cones and flowers which ran down the length of the long table. We had the chance to mingle with other bloggers, talk to the Witch Skincare girls as well as ask the dermatologist (Dr Justine Hextall) some questions.

My question was about ‘exfoliating toners’ as it seems that bloggers are so anti traditional ones and she confirmed that as long as they are fairly gentle such as the Witch Exfoliating Face Wash they can really make a difference to the skin. I’ve started using the Exfoliating Face Wash myself and there is something a little more satisfying about it compared to an exfoliating toner and my skin has been enjoying it too. The dermatologist spoke largely about how the autumn/winter can affect our skin; she told us we should avoid hot showers, use an emollient cleanser and still use SPF. You can find all of Dr Justine Hextall’s tip on the Witch Website.

After a beautiful dinner and a few drinks I went up to my room to remove all my makeup, slip into my PJ’s, watch a little TV and get some sleep. I had such a lovely time at the event and can’t wait to dig in and try some of the Witch Skincare products I was lucky enough to take home with me.

Had a great stay at The Mondrian London and it was particularly nice to spend it with some of my favourite bloggers.

Which Witch Skincare product is your favourite? Find out about the #switchtowitch campaign at

 I don’t usually go out on a Monday but I was treated to a fabulous dinner with some other bloggers by Birchbox yesterday! They invited us to a secret location which turned out to Chotto matte, a Japanese inspired restaurant which recently opened. The food and drink kept coming all night and I simply couldn’t help myself it was all very tasty!

To add to the already fabulous night we were gifted the best Birchbox I’ve ever seen. It was a bespoke Muji-esque case with our blog names inscribed. Inside were Katia’s (who is the Birchbox founder) beauty picks; an Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel, Model Co Party Proof Lipsrick, OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil, Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle, a Twistband plus a very cute mini Bioderma. I can’t wait to dive into it and try everything out and very excitingly one of my lucky readers will also have the chance to win a bespoke beauty case which is inscribed along with a six month subscription!

To enter simply follow me on Twitter (I will check) and tweet ‘Win a personalised  & 6 month subscription with  

Giveaway is open until midnight 15th October 2013. UK only. Winner will be picked at random.

Good Luck!

What products would you put in a Birchbox if it were your beauty picks?
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