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So I thought today I’d tell you about two treatments I had done recently.

The first I’ve had done before but Toni & Guy done such a good job that I thought we’d talk about it a little. I wanted something a little different for winter but went in without much of a plan. I went in to see An who is a colourist and stylist at Toni & Guy North Audley Street. We decided to go a little darker but keep a hint of the balayage towards the tips and just tidy the shape up a little. I wasn’t too happy with my previous cut and colour (which I had done elsewhere) but I love the current colour and shape. An also applied Olaplex, which if you haven’t tried, I honestly think it’s amazing and a must for coloured hair!

It’s also worth noting that they have a Fashion Fix Menu in-salon which is perfect for all your festive hair needs. You can choose from 24 key Blow Dry styles to statement up-do’s, all done within 30minutes.

Onto Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment…

I’ve had Nouveau Lash Extensions before and I liked them but felt that they were a little too much work for me but LVL, that I can get behind! It’s a semi-permanent treatment which straightens your natural lashes at the root (lifting them up, similar to curling your lashes with a lash curler), making them look longer and thicker. They also tint the lashes which creates a mascara-style look.

I went in for my treatment on Harley Street and was made to feel super comfortable. The beautician and I spoke through the treatment and decided to start with the medium size curl as some of my lashes are quite straight and they’re quite long so could end up printing onto my brow bone. It’s ever so slightly uncomfortable but pain-free and only took 45minutes which is much quicker than lash extensions.

The reason why I prefer it to lash extensions is because it requires less maintenance and only needs to be topped up every six or so weeks, the treatment is shorter and you’re free to use whatever products you want on your lashes after. Plus, I like that no one can say they’re fake as they’re completely real just enhanced. If you want the super thick effect lash extensions give you then these aren’t for you but if you want enhanced lashes that don’t require too much work I can’t recommend LVL enough! I’ll write a bit of an update after I’ve tried it a few more times to share my thoughts about how it wears and the effect on my lashes.

laser hair removal talk

As a child I use to hear of people crying cause they thought they were fat and although I have never been skinny I use to cry cause I was hairy. Looking back on it, it was silly. I’ve grown up and some what come to terms with the fact I’m more hairy than most other people, although it’s annoying, it’s okay and in the grand scheme of things it’s really not the end of the world. Plus, it’s really quite manageable, it’s not that bad, just a little more time consuming and expensive but really not the end of the world. So if you’re in the same boat, just know there are solutions!

That said hair removal is often expensive, painful and doesn’t last that long so when I was offered laser hair removal I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted laser hair removal and was actually ready to pay for it myself but thought this was also a great chance to try it.

As this was for review purposes I was offered a ‘small area’ so I went for my underarms and it’s actually an area I would recommend starting with. I had very dark hair here so it lent itself very well to laser hair removal and the fact that it’s a small area means your only exposed to pain for short amount of time.

Since I mentioned pain, it probably worth saying it is painful, not unbearable but painful. Underarms is such a small area that within a couple of minutes you’re done and I’ve never experienced pain post treatment. I have heard that some other areas are more painful and I would imagine larger or more boney areas to hurt more but I think it’s worth the 10 minutes of pain, plus I find a bikini wax excruciatingly painful and so far, on my underarm, I haven’t experienced anywhere near as much pain.

Most importantly, does it work? I’m six sessions in now and the amount of hair has diminished massively. I have to shave my underarms once a week (compared to every single day) and the hair is much thinner, almost unnoticeable and completely different to what I use to have.

I haven’t actually included any photos of my underarms and I hope you don’t mind, but seriously who wants to look at anyone’s underarms?

I’ll report back once I have finished my treatment and I’m planning to then move onto another section but I’ll keep you all updated as I think it’s a big decision and investment. I was always really curious of other people’s experience and had lots of questions so let me know in the comments if there is anything I have missed out. I’m having my laser hair removal done at PulseLight Clinic and would highly recommend them and if you’re thinking about it then I’d say book a consultation (where you get to try the laser too)

Have your tried laser hair removal? Would love to hear your experience in the comments

 With my diary a little busier over the next few weeks and since I’ve decided to do to vlogmas this year I decided that I would get a set of eyelash extensions. I will probably be on camera bare faced quite a bit and I think lash extensions can make a huge difference. 

I was asked by Lara Lashes if I wanted to review their lash extensions, after reading some great reviews online I went off to Clapham Junction for a set of my own. 

I’ve had lash extensions various times before, usually in the summer when I want to run around the pool bare-faced and need all the help I can get. I feel they’re also great during the festive season but I think I would find them a little high maintenance all year round as you do have to be fairly careful.

The salon itself was really nice and comfortable (although a little cold but that’s to be expected and I was given a blanket.) When I get my lashes done they usually tape down my lower lashes, which is often very uncomfortable so I loved that they didn’t do this and instead I got a comfortable eye cooling patch. It was actually so relaxing that I fell asleep! 

I left with a great pair of lashes although I probably asked for them a little more natural than I should have. I love that I can wake up and not worry too much about eye makeup and some days just wear a little concealer as I don’t feel the need to wear mascara. They have been comfortable although I have lost a few here and there which I think is quite normal. I’ve only had them for a week so I’ll keep you updated on how they wear. 

Check out Lara Lashes here to book for your own set of party ready lashes. 

Have you had lash extensions?

Going to the hairdressers is often quite a nerve racking thing to have to do. Will they be friendly? Will they actually do what you ask? Worse, will they cut off too much or dye your hair blue instead of a carmel brown?

After having heard great things about Gro Clampham I thought I would try out my local Gro Hair Salon- Gro Hampstead. 
Gro Hair Salons are a relatively small group of salons- Gro Hampstead is the newest out of the six London salons and the only one not in South West London.
Gro Hampstead is probably one of the largest hair salons I have visited as well as being one of the most welcoming. The decor is perfect, I love the quotes on the walls and the industrial feel to the place.  I particularly love the two large tables designed for those in for more than a cut and blow dry to relax, get some work done or simply read some magazines. 
I’ve been in twice now to seen Serafina, the first time just for a cut and blow dry and the second for a colour. Colours always take a little bit longer so it was lovely to be able to use the tables, get out my laptop and get some work done rather than be restricted to the small tables in front of the mirror. And anyways, who wants to look at themselves in the mirror for 2 hours straight?…. not me!
Serafina and I decided to go a little darker for the autumn and winter as well as getting a steam treatment. I had the chance to get some work done whilst Serafina applied the dye to my hair and then we waited a little while for it to take. She then washed the colour out and I had the steam treatment which is something I have never seen before- it looked like I was being abducted but it actually just helped open the hair follicles to hydrate the hair a little better. 
She then blow-dried my hair with a bit of volume and finishing with some great Oribe and Kevin Murphy products. It took a day or two to get use to as it is significantly darker but I love the colour! 
I’ve already booked my next hair cut with Serafina at Gro Hamstead and would highly recommend her if you are local to Hamstead. If however you live in South West London there are a few Gro Salons and I have heard great things about them. 
Have you gone darker for the winter?

It’s been a little while since I had a massage so I was very much looking forward to visiting Josie at Bodhi Clinic to have a little me time. Nestled in the heart of Soho, Bodhi Clinic is a great little refuge from the rain and roadworks going on at street level. When I arrived I was led downstairs to a relaxing room filled with candle light and smelling of beautiful oils.

Before we got started Josie examined my spine which is something I’ve never had done even after numerous massages and from this quick examination she told so many things about myself; some of which I already knew (and ignored) and some which I actually had no idea about. Josie really knows her stuff and took me through how my lifestyle and general habits were affecting my back so we agreed against a relaxing massage and instead went for one that would really help me out in the long run.

I was expecting it to be a little uncomfortable which it was but somehow still relaxing and I felt so much better once I got up off the massage bed, although I was a little sore the next day it was actually far less pain than I expected.

So here’s what I learnt…

My posture isn’t great
I already knew this but chose to ignore it some what, Josie told me just minutes after meeting that my head isn’t as straight as it should be and shared some great tips in fixing this.

I need to change my work set-up
I’ve always been a bit of a sloucher but simply pushing my bum back on the chair and lifting the height of my screen will help improve not only my posture but the pain I sometimes get in my neck and lower back.

I should be taking deeper breathes
As silly as it may sound I apparently don’t breathe quite right and my breathes should be deeper than they are. Josie showed me a few great breathing techniques which I will be trying to use every evening before bed. 

I need to drink more water
I do try but sometimes it slips my mind which leaves my skin often to be dehydrated but apparently also my muscles. Drinking lots of water can help with so much including the condition of your muscles and the drainage of lactic acids.
I should probably start pilates 
Before the summer I was doing really well and going to the gym 4 times a week but now it’s cold I’ve really been struggling to get out of bed. My back isn’t quite as strong as it should be but it could be improved with a pilates class once or twice a week. What surprised me the most is that strengthening these muscles would probably also help with child birth at a later date so I’m going to buy a few pilates DVD’s and find a class to attend. Apparently doing pilates can even help reduce the amount of times you need to see a masseuse.

Although the massage was a little less relaxing than I expected it was also far more educational and Josies expertise and passion really shone through. I would highly recommend paying Josie a visit, she can really help you get your body better and four days after I feel far less tense and generally more comfortable.

You can visit Josie for a massage at the Bodhi Clinic in Soho