jo malone fragrance jo malone perfume jo malone perfume combining jo maone creamWhen it comes to beauty, fragrance is probably the thing I know the least about. I know what I like and what I don’t but not really why and I am absolutely useless at describing scents.

I was told a while ago that Jo Malone fragrances are designed to be layered, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all individually but instead that you can makeup something perfect for you by mixing two perfumes together. Since I know very little about fragrance I never gave this a go, I was interested in the concept but too scared to try it myself.

I recently popped into Jo Malone to find out a little more and for my own Fragrance Combining Consolation. Naturally we went through to find the sort of scents that I like but we also spoke about my favourite colour and my happy place. I mentioned that I really loved the new Fragrance Intense Orris and Sandal wood which she recommended I could layer with either Mimosa and Cardamom or Blackberry and Bay. I’m actually not a huge fan of Mimosa & Cardamom but combined with Orris and Sandalwood is the most perfect scent for me.

I ended up picking my favourite combination as Blackberry & Bay with Wood Sage & Sea Salt. The other interesting thing is that you can layer with their Body Cremes too and not just with the actual colognes, I ended up getting Wood Sage & Sea Salt as a Body Creme (although the Cologne is top of my wishlist) which I plan to wear under my Blackberry & Bay Cologne but apparently Mimosa & Cardamom also works well!

I feel like I’ve just added so many new fragrances to my collection just by learning with ones work well layered together, it’s amazing that mixing two fragrances can take an evening fragrance and turn it into a funner day one. I also just discovered the Jo Malone France Combining Tool on their website so I can’t wait to discover which other of my fragrances I can wear together!

I’d highly recommend popping into a Jo Malone store for a Fragrance Combining Consultation which are available in most stores, particularly if you’re after a signature scent, are getting married or just love fragrance!

Have you tried layering fragrance? Which fragrances do you like to layer?

This morning whilst browsing in Boots and picking up a few foundations I noticed that there are brands I trust more than others for certain products and I thought I would share which they are. I know some people are a little scared of drugstore products as there often is anyone to help you chose the best product and there are so many brands it can often be overwhelming. 

I try to stay clear of the very inexpensive brands when it comes to foundation and my go-to has to be L’Oreal, I think True Match is just as good as most of my highend foundations and I have high hopes for Infallible too (picked it up today so will get back to you soon). Other great options are the Bourjois range (although do be careful as my skin is particularly sensitive to these) and Revlon Colorstay if you are looking for good coverage. To set my foundation I almost always use Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder if I want one with a little colour. 

Although it seems every blogger loves the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I find it to be far too drying my go-to are Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, Rimmel Wake Me Up and Bourjois Healthy Mix although I have also been loving the Barry M Instant Light Concealer which is great if you don’t need too heavy coverage.

I would be lying if I said I regularly reach for drugstore eyeshadows, it’s not that I think they’re bad it’s just that I love my highend palettes. If I had to pick I do use my Makeup Revolution palette every now and then, the L’Oreal Maybelline Colour Tattoos and I’ve heard great things about the L’Oreal La Palette Nude although I have never tried it myself. 

I haven’t strayed from Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for a while but before I became so loyal I loved all of the Max Factor mascaras, if it’s volume that you want than I find that they always deliver and would always be my best drugstore bet. 

In terms of lipliner and eyeliner Rimmel are my fail safes, super inexpensive, great colour range and just work exactly as I want them too. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob is one of my all time favourites. I haven’t yet found a liquid/gel liner that I love (I’m struggling in general with these) but I’d love some recommendations if you have any.

I think Bourjois do the best blushers and bronzers with their baked blush in Rose D’Or being an absolute must have for everyday. 

There are so many great lipsticks in the the drugstore; L’Oreal do some beautiful reds, I regularly reach for my Rimmel Lipsticks but Revlon and Bourjois also have great ranges. 

The one place I always save on has to be nails, I rarely buy highend nail polishes, instead opting for; Barry M, Rimmel and Models Own, the quality is great and the colour range is extensive.

There are some real gems to be found in the drugstore, hopefully this will help you with your journey if you are someone that feels a little overwhelmed/untrusting of drugstore. Every brand has a few good products it’s just knowing which ones they are, if you have any further questions regarding Drugstore makeup head on over to my Facebook Page where I am happy to help

 It’s no secret that I like beauty boxes, there’s something about opening the shiny box to find perfectly folded tissue paper and an array of beauty products and of course it’s even better when I fall in love with the beauty products.

I was very excited to discover the Millie Kendall and Anna-Marie Solowiji, the founders of BeautyMART have joined forces with Latest in Beauty to create a carefully selected beauty box.

 Once I opened the lid I noticed just how crammed and full the box was, probably the fullest I’ve ever seen a beauty was which was a great start. I noticed that there was a range of full size and no so generous samples, as well as quite a few products I’ve received before in other beauty boxes.

The smallest size samples were Astalift Jelly and Mary Greenwell’s Plum perfume which I have seen in Beauty boxes before. I have also seen Weleda Skin Food and DHC Cleansing oil however they were both decent size samples and great for travel.

The Rimmel BB Matte comes in a small but useable size and luckily in Light which is a shade I would use.

The Balmain Silk perfume for hair naturally caught my eye first as it’s a huge full size (retails for £24.50 which is almost double the box price) and I’m actually quite impressed by. I can’t wait to try the Bronze Buffer Tan Remover as I a little sceptical and the Kevin Murphy Colour Bug has been on my wish list for a while. 

Overall a really nice selection of products, clearly carefully edited- the amount of products and the consistent quality of the products is quite unusual and impressive. It all retails for £12.95 plus P&P and is available to order here while stocks last. To make the box even better it includes a 20% Off code to use on BeautyMART!

What do you think of this beauty box?

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Recently I have been loving eBay and have recently dedicated a lot of time to selling unwanted items as well as searching for a few bargains. However eBay is one of those sites that can get a little overwhelming, what are you really looking for and how do you find it?

To help eBay has launched a new Collections option which is almost like a Pinterest for online shopping. You have themed boards with items that relate to the topic all of which you can purchase on eBay. It’s a great way to create your own bookmarks but also to follow what others are lusting over (and possibly even out bid them!)

I had a go at creating my own set of 12 boards ranging from Nail Polishes to Skincare Essentials which you can check out here. I’ll be updating my boards regularly so keep an eye out for new products. This is a great way to introduce yourself to eBay or simply discover new products you’d never thought of buying on eBay.

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*Collections Sponsored by eBay

You can always tell if I have had a busy week by the ridiculous lack of posts. Recently it seems all I’ve had time to feature is nail posts and even then I’ve only had time to paint the one hand that I photograph.

At the beginning of the week I had various events which were all great fun including Boux Avenue who had teamed up with GirlMeetsDress to give us the perfect underwear and lend us a designer dress! I must admit I love underwear and fell in love with most of the items. After having a bra fitting (I was already wearing the right size) I chose this set as they were the same colour as the dress I had picked too although my favourite is this bra. The dress I went for from GirlMeetsDress was a Carmen Marc Valvo number which is a laced sleeve cocktail dress, available here. I also had my makeup done by the beautiful Lamiese (Facebook page here/ blog here) before we were taken to Beach Blanket Babylon for dinner and drinks which was delicious!

I was really pleasantly surprised by the bra sizes that they carry and just how comfortable they are, none of that breaking it in business.

The next day was my graduation, finally! After finishing university in the summer I had to wait until November to actually graduate and it was a pretty full on… and freezing cold day. For those wondering I graduated with a 2.1 Ba (Hons) in Marketing with fashion (if you want a whole blog post on my degree/uni experience let me know). I wore a midi dress from ASOS as I wanted something nice but quite conservative, I went for the wine colour but it also seemed to be the most popular colour for dresses!

My mum wore an M&S dress and jacket. My white jacket is from Joseph 

On Friday I took Smart Car up on their offer to borrow a car for the day to promote their current campaign which gives you guys to take part in a virtual/real time hunt for Smart Cars hidden in Manchester, Bristol and London and I’ll share more info on that soon. Now I had never driven an automatic car but I was up for the challenge. And it was a challenge. After a little bit of time working out how to actually drive a non-manual car we were off and I feel in love with the Smart car so quickly.   The petrol tank is tiny, since it is a tiny car and doesn’t need a lot of fuel which makes it great on the pocket. It’s pretty spacious for just two people and I even liked that it was automatic, so easy to drive and you can even park it sideways! If I didn’t love driving so many people around I would seriously consider swapping my car for it (Actually, I am considering it).

Once I was finally on the move we went to Westfield for some shopping and lunch before heading for a quick unplanned walk in Primrose Hill. I was simply planning to drive past it but all the leaves looked far too pretty to pass. We then had cupcakes at Hummingbird (Red Velvet of course!) and went to look at the Covent Garden Christmas lights. If you want to get involved check out the Smart21 website

 Yesterday we had a graduation party for me with my closest friends and family which was great fun! We had dinner and danced far too much. I wore the ASOS cami Slip which I had to basically hunt down and seems to be out of stock again.

And today I stayed in bed (luckily I’m not showing you a photo of that) to recover from a busy week.

Hope you all like this type of post, although today’s turned into a bit of an Instagram round-up one

What have you all got planned for the rest of the week?
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