Recently I have been loving eBay and have recently dedicated a lot of time to selling unwanted items as well as searching for a few bargains. However eBay is one of those sites that can get a little overwhelming, what are you really looking for and how do you find it?

To help eBay has launched a new Collections option which is almost like a Pinterest for online shopping. You have themed boards with items that relate to the topic all of which you can purchase on eBay. It’s a great way to create your own bookmarks but also to follow what others are lusting over (and possibly even out bid them!)

I had a go at creating my own set of 12 boards ranging from Nail Polishes to Skincare Essentials which you can check out here. I’ll be updating my boards regularly so keep an eye out for new products. This is a great way to introduce yourself to eBay or simply discover new products you’d never thought of buying on eBay.

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You can always tell if I have had a busy week by the ridiculous lack of posts. Recently it seems all I’ve had time to feature is nail posts and even then I’ve only had time to paint the one hand that I photograph.

At the beginning of the week I had various events which were all great fun including Boux Avenue who had teamed up with GirlMeetsDress to give us the perfect underwear and lend us a designer dress! I must admit I love underwear and fell in love with most of the items. After having a bra fitting (I was already wearing the right size) I chose this set as they were the same colour as the dress I had picked too although my favourite is this bra. The dress I went for from GirlMeetsDress was a Carmen Marc Valvo number which is a laced sleeve cocktail dress, available here. I also had my makeup done by the beautiful Lamiese (Facebook page here/ blog here) before we were taken to Beach Blanket Babylon for dinner and drinks which was delicious!

I was really pleasantly surprised by the bra sizes that they carry and just how comfortable they are, none of that breaking it in business.

The next day was my graduation, finally! After finishing university in the summer I had to wait until November to actually graduate and it was a pretty full on… and freezing cold day. For those wondering I graduated with a 2.1 Ba (Hons) in Marketing with fashion (if you want a whole blog post on my degree/uni experience let me know). I wore a midi dress from ASOS as I wanted something nice but quite conservative, I went for the wine colour but it also seemed to be the most popular colour for dresses!

My mum wore an M&S dress and jacket. My white jacket is from Joseph 

On Friday I took Smart Car up on their offer to borrow a car for the day to promote their current campaign which gives you guys to take part in a virtual/real time hunt for Smart Cars hidden in Manchester, Bristol and London and I’ll share more info on that soon. Now I had never driven an automatic car but I was up for the challenge. And it was a challenge. After a little bit of time working out how to actually drive a non-manual car we were off and I feel in love with the Smart car so quickly.   The petrol tank is tiny, since it is a tiny car and doesn’t need a lot of fuel which makes it great on the pocket. It’s pretty spacious for just two people and I even liked that it was automatic, so easy to drive and you can even park it sideways! If I didn’t love driving so many people around I would seriously consider swapping my car for it (Actually, I am considering it).

Once I was finally on the move we went to Westfield for some shopping and lunch before heading for a quick unplanned walk in Primrose Hill. I was simply planning to drive past it but all the leaves looked far too pretty to pass. We then had cupcakes at Hummingbird (Red Velvet of course!) and went to look at the Covent Garden Christmas lights. If you want to get involved check out the Smart21 website

 Yesterday we had a graduation party for me with my closest friends and family which was great fun! We had dinner and danced far too much. I wore the ASOS cami Slip which I had to basically hunt down and seems to be out of stock again.

And today I stayed in bed (luckily I’m not showing you a photo of that) to recover from a busy week.

Hope you all like this type of post, although today’s turned into a bit of an Instagram round-up one

What have you all got planned for the rest of the week?
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Before I went on holiday I was invited to Brent Cross for a bit of a pamper day… and how could I say no?! Brent Cross is one of my favourite shopping centres as it has just the right shops (wish it had a Primark though), is a decent size and you don’t pay parking!

 Although usually I head to Brent Cross for shopping it was nice to spend the day there getting pampered and theres a lot of choice all under one roof. You can have your hair, fake tan and nails done or pop by for a massage and facial. I was lucky enough to have a facial at Decleor in John Lewis, a treatment and blow dry in Toni & Guy, my makeup done at Nars (John Lewis) and a finishing hour spent with their personal shopper.

I hadn’t had a facial in a little while so the Decleor one was much appreciated. John Lewis has a variety of rooms around for private treatment for different brands which is nice as you can get your facial from one company and massage from another if you wish all whilst picking up a new dress and shoes. I also had a mini massage to go along with it which was bliss!

I then headed over for a blow dry at Toni & Guy which was nice as my hair was a little messed up from the facial (which is to be expected) with a really lovely stylist (if only I could remember her name!) but after that it was straight to Nars for Makeup which I was desperately in need of.

At Nars I met with one of their makeup artists who done the whole of my makeup and taught me so much. I wasn’t a huge Nars lover before hand but Nars has now well and truly made it into my makeup bag (I’m sure I’ll share lots within the next few weeks).

Lastly I met with Gayle Rinkoff who is Brent Cross’s personal stylist. I didn’t have a full on experience like you would if your were to personally to book Gayle Rinkoff as I had already bought all my holiday clothes and wasn’t looking to spend too much money. However Gayle Rinkoff helped me buy a great new denim shirt which I had been searching for for a while. We actually found it in GAP and it was perfect but I very rarely shop in GAP so probably wouldn’t have found it by myself. Gayle showed me what she does with her clients and it looks perfect if you feel you have lost your way a little or simply need a little help updating your wardrobe. I also think it would make a great present for someone who has possibly been struggling a little with their style or as a nice treat to someone who just needs some retail therapy!

I then went of for some quick lunch before heading home fully pampered and ready to go on holiday!

Brent Cross is a great place to head for a full day of pampering! Park your car outside and head inside where you can pick and chose what treatment you want and from which brand. Great to indulge in some food and shopping too!

Have you been to Brent Cross for more than shopping?
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One of my most common questions I get has to be where is the best place to shop in London and the answer probably is Regent Street. Surrounded by other great shopping roads it is the home to one of the best Zara and H&M in London as well as Apple, Anthropologie, Burberry (not that it’s in my price range, but nice for a browse), Michael Kors and the ever so popular & Other Stories (which I still haven’t been to!) Really it a bit of a dream, I would happily spend hours there!

Regent Street also has a new Regent Street Hub which is the 24/7 homepage for all us social media lovers to share our love of shopping! It’s super easy to use, just sign up and if you use all their hashtags and app you will also be featured on the 24/7 page.

I am already planning a trip to Regent street as I simply must check out & Other Storied- have you visited it yet?
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