Today is a bit of a preview to my absolute favourite drugstore products which I will share with you tomorrow but I thought I would quickly go through the UK drugstore brands, what products I like and which I love. I’m hoping it might help anyone that is a little scared of drugstore, looking for great affordable products or someone coming to the UK and looking to get a few products which you might not be able to get in other countries.

B. (available here)
My top pick: Brush Cleanser
Available exclusively in Superdrugs B. is quite a new brand and I haven’t tried too much from them, their brushes are quite nice but their brush cleanser is my favourite!

Barry M (available here)
My top pick: Nail Paints
One of the best brands to pick up whilst in the UK as it still isn’t too widely available everywhere else, their Dazzle Dust are quite underrated if you love shimmery shadow but their nail paints are a must try and very affordable. They offer everything from nail care to glitter and gel effect polishes.

Bourjois (available here)
My top pick: Healthy Balance Powder
Available quite readily in Europe Bourjois has really high quality products at great prices. Although their foundations break me out I think they are a great drugstore option for anyone that doesn’t have sensitive skin. Their blushers are some of my absolute favourites but their concealers and lipsticks are also worth a look.

Collection (available here)
My top pick: Lasting Perfection Concealer
Very affordable drugstore brand, I personally find the Lasting Perfection Concealer a little drying but it’s very affordable and highly rated by so many people that it’s a must try.

Gosh (available here)
My top pick: Velvet Touch Liners
Surprisingly this was the hardest brand for me to pick a top product from, everything is nice but there isn’t really anything I can’t live without. Other than the Velvet liners, the lipsticks and blushers are also both really nice.

L’Oreal (available here)
My top pick: True Match Foundation
L’Oreal True Match foundation is an absolute must have with a nice colour selection but the liners, neutral eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are also worth picking up.

Makeup Revolution (available here)
My top pick: Eyeshadow Palettes
Known for offering affordable alternative to cult beauty products, their palettes and lipsticks are great alternatives to highend brands.

MaxFactor (available here)
My top pick: Mascaras
Although I love the whole range, no other drugstore brand offers better volumising mascaras than MaxFactor, I don’t have a particular favourite but all the ones I have tried have been great.

Maybelline (available here)
My top pick: Instant Eye Eraser Concealer
Great all round brand but the Instant Eye Eraser is a great alternative to highend concealers and I would quite happily swap my usual cocnealer for it. I also really like Dream Flawless Nude Foundation, Brow Satin Eye Pencil and their Color Sensational Lipsticks.

Models Own (available here)
My top pick: Nail Polishes
Models Own started by offering nail polishes and I still think it’s what they do best. My favourite colours are Beach Bag and Utopia although their Hypergel and glitters are generally great ranges.

MUA (available here)
My top pick: Luxe Velvet Lipsticks
Anther super inexpensive UK beauty brand, their eyeshadow palettes are also great value for money!

Real Techniques (available here)
My top pick: Core Collection brushes
Probably my favourite brush brand, their original collection is still by far my favourite along with their sponge, I would personally skip the bold metals collection (although they look beautiful) as they’re pricier and not as soft.

Revlon (available here)
My top pick: Colorstay Foundation (particularly for oily skins)
Revlon is a great brand for almost everything and it has quite a makeup artist feel to it. If you like lip crayons then Revlon do the best affordable ones.

Rimmel (available here)
My top pick: Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob
Theres so many great items from Rimmel, the whole Exaggerate range is excellent, I love their lipsticks and I reach for their foundations and concealers regularly.

Sleek Makeup (available here)
My top pick: Contour Kit
Has a special place in my heart as I use to blog about Sleek endlessly when I first started blogging. Palettes, blushers and Matte Me in Birthday Suit are all well loved in my collection.

Soap & Glory (available here)
My top pick: Kick Ass Concealer
Slightly higher price point in comparison for drugstore products but I adore their body products. Other great product include Brow Archery, Supercat liner and Thick & Fast Mascara

Topshop (available here)
My top pick: Lipsticks
Not strictly drugstore as it’s available only in Topshop stores but a great price point. All the lip products, blushers, bronzers and nail polishes I have tried have been fab but the glow highlighter has to be the best cream affordable one I own.

Would love to hear your drugstore recommendation in the comments, are there any drugstore secrets I am missing?

It’s always nice to try a product that exceeds your expectations, I liked the sound of the new Sleek Gel Effect Lacquers but wasn’t expecting them to be amazing.

I started by first trying out Smokin’ Violet and was surprised by just how opaque it actually is, it needed two thin coats for an even application. I also noticed that compared to a lot of other gel polishes it is actually quite thin which makes it easier to apply but still remains pigmented. It also has a great flat brush but I actually struggled to use it as it was positioned a little off compared to the rectangular lid.

I also noticed how long Smokin’ Violet actually lasted, a whole five days which for me is rare and although I did have a little tip wear, there were no chips.

I also have three other colours Waikiki which is a beautiful pastel orange, Coffee Tea or me which is a mauve and that are both as easy to apply as Smokin’ Violet. I also have Sugar Coat Me which is a beautiful colour but as you can probably guess a little less opaque and slightly harder to apply.

I am actually really impressed by this new range from Sleek and look forward to them expanding the fairly small 8 colour range. Apart from the colour selection being a little narrow I would these may actually be the best gel polishes for this price point.

Have you tried any Gel Effect Polishes?

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I have two Olympic themed posts for you today, the first is about some Olympic themed eyeshadows. As always when there is a special event cosmetic brands see it as a good chance to release new products themes around it. It is not only high end brands that do this but also high street, inexpensive brands. Today I have two inexpensive eyeshadow palettes inspired by the Olympics and you still have some time to go out and buy them if you too are striving for Gold.

MUA Going For Gold

 First up is the MUA Going For Gold Palette filled with gold, silver and bronze eyeshadows to help you achieve a winning makeup look. You may remember that the usual MUA palettes contain round eyeshadows however this one is a little different with the square shaped shadows, I actually prefer this one as it looks more full.

 The colours are all shimmery but range from light lid colours to great smokey eye shades. I love the idea of this palette but I do feel that the gold, almost orange shades aren’t as wearable as I would like but the silver and bronze shades are pretty standard.

 And the best thing about this palette? The price tag! Only £4 for 10 highly pigmented and largely (other that that top right) wearable eyeshadows that you will be able to wear in winter and summer and that would come in great use around the festive season later in the year.

Sleek 2012 Glory Palette
If like me you are a Londoner this is probably a palette you will enjoy simply for the patriotic box but mainly because the eyeshadows are named after the tube lines.

 The colour choice isn’t quite as obvious as in the MUA palette but after a little research (I had to read the press release to work this out) I found that it actually corresponds with the colour of each tube station on the tube map for example the district line is the green one. Most of the shades are shimmery but most are still highly pigmented and easy to blend. I don’t think this is an overly wearable palette and I can’t see my self using too may of the colour but I still love this palette and think it would even make a great souvenir. At £7.99 this palette is almost double the price of the MUA one but you do receive 2 more colours and a huge mirror. Simply for the names of the colours I love this palette but there is no question that the other is a little more wearable.

Both Palettes are limited edition and available from Superdrugs now.

Are you excited about the Olympics? Where will you be watching the opening Ceremony?
What do you think of these palettes?
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I haven’t blogged about Sleek Eyeshadow Palette in a while, since November last year actually that’s because it has been a while since they released a new palette. However this month they have released two need palettes both mattes but one bright and one dark and I have a few things to say about it. I have the darks palette as I would get little to no wear out of the bright palette. 

 Sleek Makeup has changed its packaging slightly recently in particular their logo, its only a small change but I actually like it. Like always this palette is made up of 10 eyeshadows one of which didn’t survive the postage stage but is still useable. I like the colours in the palette as I don’t think I really buy or use enough matte shadows, there is a nice variation of colours some lighter and some darker but all wearable.

 The quality and pigmentation is okay but I always find that the Sleek lighter colours leave a lot to be desired as the pigmentation is poor and they are often chalky as is the case in this palette. Saying that the darker colours are really beautiful and pigmented.

 Overall I think I will use this palette as I don’t own nearly enough matte shadows and would recommend this palette if you are in the same boat as me, I’ll be reaching for this for some smokey eyes!

Sadly, I do however feel a little less in love with the Sleek Palettes then I did before, I have well over 10 and although I love my collection I no longer get excited for the new palettes. I feel that most colours are repeated or at least not different enough from other palettes, I would really love to see some exciting shimmery colours with great pigmentation, formula and an original must have colours- I think that would get me excited again!

This palette is available now on the Sleek Website and in Superdrugs.
What would you like to see from Sleek next? 
I’m hoping it won’t be a predictable summer palette!

Sabrina X
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I love blush and I have been a fan of Sleek blushers for a while now and my most popular post ever is my complete swatches of Sleek Blushers. Sleek has now released new sets of blushers which feature three new shades in each palette. Sleek also repackaged their Glo Face & Body Highlighter although I am not too sure what the other packaging was like.

 I have the palette in Flame which has Furnace, Bon Fire and Molten, I believe it is in that order from Left to Right but I am not completely sure.

 Furnace is a warm brown with slight gold shimmer, I find it to be quite similar to coral from the Sleek permanent collection however Coral has less shimmer and is slightly more orange.

 Bon Fire is the scariest colour from the palette as it is a highly pigmented true matte red, similar to Sleek Scandalous from the Stiletto Collection but even more pigmented!

Molten is a burnt orange colour with a golden sheen which is the most unique in the palette in comparisson to other Sleek colours. 

 Sleek Furnace left and Coral right

 Bon Fire Left and Scandalous right

 I think these palettes are really nice to travel with although I would rather the palette in Lace or Pumpkin

 Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes are priced at £10 for 20g, and can be purchased from Superdrug stores and on the Sleek website (here) and there are five variations.They are only available until the 11th April however will be permenant in the Marble Arch Superdrug.

What do you think of these Blush palettes? Have you tried any of the Sleek Blushers?
Sabrina X
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