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For the last year or so I have been questioning my blogging choices. I love it but it’s changed so much. People no longer want to see a blog post with a nail polish review and I no longer want to write those sort of posts. But what do I want to write?

I started my blog a long time ago, I was 17 or 18, still taking my A-Levels and the whole blogosphere was a new thing. I am so proud that it has become my full-time and although I love it, I am also a little out of love. I’m really struggling with a direction for this blog and I think you’ll probably get a little less beauty.

I am no longer the 18-year-old girl that could only afford drugstore lipstick and Barry M nail polishes, although I still love these things there’s so much more I want to share and I’m going to start writing A Little Obsessed about whatever I fancy writing about. I think you’ll get the usual beauty posts, teamed with a little bit of fashion, a dash of travel and all held together with my thoughts and experience- and I hope you’ll stay for the ride.

This blog is going to longer be defined as a beauty blog but a whatever-I-feel-like-writing-about blog. I feel like we’ve all grown up over the last seven years and hopefully, we’ll all enjoy the change. I just want to fall in love with blogging again, properly. And I’m really hoping this change will help as I’m not okay with only blogging once a month. It is also worth noting though that I love YouTube and I want to make lots more content there too and any support you can show there would mean a whole lot to me!(link here)
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Let’s talk a little about my outfit from last week…

Now, the reason I am not a proper fashion blogger (amongst other reasons) is that I just can’t get outfit photos shot quickly enough and rely on my boyfriend with zero photo experience to take all my images. I am actually not sure any of these items are in stock but fingers crossed as I love each individual item in the look.

I’ve been wearing this grey coat all winter and I love it! It’s perfect to dress up any outfit, it’s long enough that it keeps me quite warm and the colour goes with almost everything. It is from New Look but no longer available but they have this similar option which I love.

This culotte jumpsuit is really versatile and I think I’ll be wearing it into spring and summer, the bra underneath is from ASOS and has been getting a lot of love recently, I love the harness detail and it was super affordable from ASOS in their bigger bust range.
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grey 3Onto accessories, love these shoes however I get awful back pain wearing them, there is something about chunky heels that my back doesn’t like. Stilettos are fine- chunky, usually more comfortable heels, it hates, therefore I’m sadly going to have to retire these, even though I love them!

And finally, my new Marc B bag which someone initially thought was Chanel! I love a good quilted back, there so classic and timeless! This one is really affordable and the perfect size for everyday use.

I haven’t blogged in so long that pressing the publish button is making me far more anxious than it should, but hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Let me know what your favourite pieces in your wardrobe have been this winter in the comments.

Since I haven’t shared my non-beauty favourites on here I thought I would take the change in weather to share a few items of clothing which I have been loving, a long with a fairly random favourite which has been influenced by just how close Christmas is now. Don’t forget to let me know what your non-beauty favourites…

 Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with family, laughter, gifts and a few too many minced pies. I had a great one, watched some great family films, played lots of games and ate far too much! I even managed to roll myself out of bed this morning and get to Brent Cross for some Boxing day shopping, sadly I didn’t pick up very much just a few bits of jewellery, a jumper and a t-shirt. I was planning to pick up much more but a few shops were closed, Zara’s sale didn’t impress me even half as much as I had hoped and the queue’s were generally quite ridiculous however I am thinking of popping to Oxford Street tomorrow.

 I thought I would quickly show you yesterday’s outfit which was actually taken on my new lense which I clearly haven’t got the hand of yet. I picked up a few midi dresses from Boohoo which arrived last week, although some were a little too thin and cheap I did fall in love with two. This one is a pretty Aztec print which I think is very versatile for both summer or winter as well as day and night. At only £15 I think it’s really worth it, the quality is nice as is the cut and if you get student discount it becomes and absolute steal at £12! I’m considering ordering some more!

 This time I paired the dress with red court shoes, they don’t really get much of an outing and I feel it added something extra rather than black shoes. My trusty leather jacket, Zara bag and gold jewellery finished the outfit for me.

Dress Boohoo
Shoes Primark
Bag Zara
Jacket Oasis

In love with new Christmas present; an Alexandra McQueen skull ring which although isn’t to everyone’s taste is completely to mine!

If you are looking to purchase something off Boohoo don’t forget to sign up to student discount here.

How was you Christmas? Did you go sale shopping today? 
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 Over the last few years floral trousers have been everywhere, from celebrities to my favourite fashion bloggers. However when I posted this post of me wearing floral trousers a lot of people said they like the look on me but that they felt they couldn’t pull the look of themselves. I am a size 10/12 with childbearing hips and large thighs, so if I can wear them anyone can!


I found these five looks by fashion bloggers which I love, each outfit is different some feature heels, some play it safe with black tops and black sures where as others wear bright tops or shoes.

-Find the right pair- I like them to be tapered at the bottom, skimming over the thighs and with a higher waist.
– If you are worried floral trousers will make your legs look a little fatter balance it out with a pair of high heels to add length and make your legs appear leaner.
-Ease yourself in and wear floral trousers with neutral shoes and top
-If you are feeling brave and want to team your floral trousers with colours chose either a coloured top or coloured shoes not both, keep everything else neutral.
-Team with an oversize bag to make yourself appear slimmer

 These are some of my favourite finds….

 and my Primark floral trousers are my favourite! Read post here

 How do you like to wear your floral trousers? I hope my post helps you all!

This is a slightly different post for me, what do you think? Would you like some more?
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 These weekend was my auntys surprise 40th Wedding anniversary party and I felt it was the perfect chance to whip out my red shoes and peplum top. I love this top as it has just the perfect amount of flair, at first I was a little worried as I have a large bust and wide hips but in fact I don’t think it made me look too bad. The peplum top is a very versatile top and has been seen on the runway of many designers such as Louis Vuitton and on celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo.

I teamed mine with a black Body Con skirt which gave the illusion that I was in fact wearing a dress. I wore my most comfortable heels- my Primark Court shoes, Elizabeth Arden red lips and a L’oreal red nail polish to finish the look. Overall, I love this look and am sure I will be switching it up with different shoes or a different colour skirt.

 Bag: Dune
Chunky Gold Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Bracelet
Michael Kors Watch
Topshop Spike bracelet

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