Hi Everyone! I hope you’ve all had the best summer, I’m just back from my yearly family holiday in Portugal and although I’m sad it’s over, I am very excited to get stuck into work and for autumn! I’m really one of those people that gets excited for cliche things like Cosy Evenings, Hot chocolates and Christmas way too early in the year.

I’m starting to write this blog post before I have even got all my photos together and the truth is I’m a little nervous as a month is a long time and I wore a lot. Admittedly some outfits were repeated/won’t be worth showing but August is by far my favourite month to dress for and this will be a long post. I’m always away in August and I think since I have not much else to do I love to plan and style my outfits, plus I’ve usually got a few new pieces to wear which is always exciting!

To get this post started I’ll start with my most worn item, a black playsuit from Primark which definitely cost me under £10 and which I just love! It’s lightweight and stretchy but the tassels and the Bardot style make it fun. Honestly, if I had to wear just one items last month this would have been it! Primark is excellent for easy to wear holiday items.

Also, these sliders will feature heavily in this post, as they were undoubtedly my favourite item of footwear and I even wore them today in London. They’re only £25 from M&S, super comfortable and easy to wear, they also come in a whole range of colours but I think the red was perfect for adding a pop of colour to so many of my outfits. I think they release these (or something similar) every year and I’ll be back next year for some more!

(Sunglasses- Primark and Necklace here)

This lemon dress (currently on sale and only£13!)  which is from Boohoo was quite popular on my Instagram and I received lots of DM’s about it. Lemons had a real moment last year but this summer I still really liked them and this dress is super cute. It’s short but the ruffled hem keeps it still looking flattering even if you have larger thighs like I do. I teamed it with my eBay Bamboo bag which I’ve been wearing for months and my new Carvela Nude Sandals which are from Shoeaholics, which is a great place to look for affordable branded shoes.

This gingham and red combo was one of my favourite outfits and I’ve worn it since I’ve been back too. The dress is from TOBI which is website I’d never shopped from but they have some really beautiful pieces including the white dress below which looks particularly great with a tan. The red lipstick in the photo above is MAC Ruby Woo which has become such a favourite and this red bag is a real new love of mine and is also from Carvela via Shoeaholics. The bag is no longer available in the red but the wine and black colours are really perfect for Autumn and under £45!

If you’re after some wow swimwear that won’t break the bank then Debenhams is the place to look, this Positano themed swimsuit is unlike any I’ve ever seen and is from the MW by Matthew Williamson Collections, the print is beautiful but it’s also a really flattering shape. My most worn cover up is this one also from Debenhams, also from the MW By Matthew Williamson collection, so of course it’s a beautiful print. I think both look quite high end without a high end price tag.

Whilst were talking about swimwear I should probably tell you about my most worn sun care products. I used Clarins Milk Lotion, Bioderma Photoderm Bronz and Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Clear Sunscreen on my body. On my face I used Lancôme Soleil Bronzer SPF30 Protective Cream both by itself and under makeup. Towards the end of my holiday I started to use BaliBody on top of suncream to help deepen my tan.

I took some really beautiful bits of Quiz clothing on holiday and it’s a brand I’ll definitely be order from soon, especially from the dress section on the website. This floral dress is perfect as although its quite short it’s still a flattering shape and I got lots of wear out of. I can’t resist a co-ord so I had to pick up this dotty combo, the trousers are a little sheer (I think it’s on purpose) but the top is one of my favourite crop top, even for bigger busts!

Bikinis are hard to find but I think you should really try to find one you feel great in, for me this year it was this one from Freya. Red is my favourite colour to wear as I think it suits my skin tone most but the white pipping helped bring out my tan. The bottom are neither too big or too small and the top offered the support I want without being too covered or looking like a top for bigger busts. I actually saw someone else wearing this bikini (luckily not on the same day as me) and she had a much bigger bust than me and it looked great on her! If you’re struggling to find a bikini you feel good in and really recommend you give this one a go!

I picked this matching top and shorts a little last minute and I’m so glad I did! It was inexpensive from H&M and another of my favourite pieces, the shorts in particular are very comfortable, a great length but look great.

The shoes on the right turned out to be one of my most useful this holiday, they’re another pair from Shoeaholic but these are Michael Kors, they’re slightly dressier than most my other sandals and the slight heel means they’re both comfortable and flattering!

I picked a few things from Oasis (which is one of my favourite places to shop at the moment) before going away. My most worn was undoubtedly this leopard wrap dress, I love a wrap dress and I love leopard print so this dress is great. I wore it lots on holiday but also lots here in London both before and after going away, the pattern and length mean it’s a great one to team with a jacket when it’s starting to get a little cooler and can be dressed up and down.

I also love this more fun, more casual dress (above right)- I love the colours and the tassels, I teamed it with super cute OASIS espadrilles too!

One of my more dressed-up outfit was this scarf print pencil skirt and asymmetrical top, both from OASIS. I really love this skirt and get lots of compliments whenever I wear it, it’s under £50, a really statement piece and can be styled very easily. I went for this red asymmetrical top to make it a little more dressy but it would look just as nice with a white tee.

I had the pleasure of being a god mother this summer and wanted a really nice but summery dress. The mother had asked us to wear yellow and I actually had some issues finding a yellow dress but this one is really my sort of dress. I love a lace dress and this length is really lovely too, I have since wore it to a wedding in London where I got some lovely compliments and although I love the yellow it does come in other colours if you’re looking for something for the next few months.

This little nude bag is again from Carvela via Shoeaholics and currently under £50, it’s timeless and I think I’ll be wearing it for years to come!

These nude heels are from Public Desire, I loved them and wore them for a few years. Sadly about 30 minutes after taking this photo my heel got stuck in a drain cover and I’m sure you can see where this is going…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have spotted this dress before I went away but I really enjoyed wearing this Shein kaftan style dress. Although long sleeves it was too warm as it’t quite loose and I think the embroidery is really very beautiful!

Which outfit was your favourite? Would you like a monthly round up every month?

Other than the essential pre-holiday beauty treatments my favourite has to be false eyelashes, it’s the only time I ever get them throughout the year but I really find it to be a must for a summer get away. This year I went to Perfect Lashes in Kensington for my holiday lashes and was really impressed.

It was my third time getting lashes so I knew exactly what I wanted; just a little extra length, more of a curl and an extra bit of thickness and that’s exactly what I got. The girl doing my lashes took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and was able to give me just that. The treatment although is a little long as always was comfortable and when I opened my eyes I was very impressed with the results but I believe that the real test is in how they wear.

They were perfect for three weeks (photo above towards the start of week 3) and even when I did decide to wear mascara they still looked great. Even now almost 6 weeks later I have a few still in but they don’t look tatty and often get asked if they’re real as I still get a lot of volume from them.

I’m very impressed by Perfect Eyelashes and I have already recommended it to my friends, I was able to get exactly what I wanted and they’ve lasted really well. It made my holiday beauty routine much easier and I loved being able to go in the water at the pool and beach without worrying about waterproof mascara but still have very defined eyes.

For more information check out the Perfect Eyelashes website here

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There are few beauty task I find more mundane than moisturising my whole body, I mean I am fairly tall, not the skinniest and there is a lot of skin to cover therefore it’s a task that I usually safe just for the hotter month. I’m quite lucky that I don’t have particularly dry skin on my body but especially since I do like fake tan moisturising is something I am trying to add into my routine.

This year I’ve found these Spray Moisturisers which make the whole process much easier and quicker. Vaseline Spray & Go and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Rapid Moisture are the two I have been using and have fallen in love with. They are light, soak in quickly, smell great and most of all are easy to use. Vaseline Spray and Go is available in Aloe Fresh, Cocoa Radiance and Essential; I’ve been using Essential but will be picking up Aloe Fresh to use on holiday as an aftersun. Palmer’s Rapid Moisture also comes in Natural Bronze, with added gradual tan for those who are looking for a quick to apply light tan (I haven’t tried it.)

They are both great product but would recommend the Palmer’s if you are looking for a little extra moisture and the Vaseline Aloe Fresh is a summer must-have.

Vaseline Spray & Go and Palmer’s Rapid Moisture  retail for £4.99

Have you tried a spray Moisturisers? Are you good at keeping up with body moisturising?

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Since summer is hopefully not too far, I have my South Beach Daphne Anchor Bikini and it’s sun awareness week I thought I would share my top 10 tips to staying safe in the sun this summer.

1. Sun care should start before you even leave the house, apply your suncream before reaching the beach/pool/park as your more likely to apply enough and more evenly. Apply it everywhere even places that will be covered by your bikini as you can still get burnt through it.

2. Start with a high SPF. It so tempting when working on your tan to lay in 40C heat with SPF 5 having had no real contact with sunlight for the last 11 months but don’t you’ll regret it. Sun burns can be unbearably painful and very dangerous. Instead start at SPF 50 (30 if you have a medium skin tone) and work your way down to SPF20. My personal general rule is to never go under SPF15 and I promise you, you will get a tan through suncream (my friend that always gets the best tan always wears SPF 50!). Using an SPF will also help your skin hydrated meaning you’ll tan more evenly and your tan will last longer.

3. Don’t go under SPF30 on your face, you can easily darken your face with bronzer (or even a little fake tan) but the damage on the thin skin on your face will be basically irreversable.

4. Reapply, reapply, reapply. Suncream won’t last all day especially if your in and out of water or sitting in the sun so don’t forget to reapply. I wouldn’t say you need quite as careful application as the first time round, meaning you can skip exposing your butt cheeks and boobs but make sure everywhere else is covered in SPF.

5. Apply suncream even if you won’t be spending the day sunbathing. It’s so tempting to skip suncream on a day of running errands, sight seeing or hiking but it’s just as important in the summer months. I would say never, ever skip SPF on your face (okay, I’ll let you off if you forget in winter) but if theres a possibility you’ll be spending more than 15mins in direct sunlight apply suncream. This includes driving, sitting next to a window and walking.

6. Be sensible. I know we’re always told not to sun bathe during 11am-3pm but sometimes it’s the most convenient time, if so make sure to follow all my steps and be very careful. I always take an hour out for lunch to give my skin a break and makeup sure I haven’t started burning and move my whole body straight out of the sun if theres even a hint of redness. You do not want to burn, this will also mean you will probably start peeling and have to starting the tanning process all over again.

7. Don’t forget to apply SPF to the tops and bottoms of your feet (if actually sunbathing as you’ll be lying on your front too), the tops and backs of your ears, lips, your hairline and end of your nose. If you have particularly fine hair you may even need some along hair partings.

8. Pay attention in order to get a flawless tan. You will need to flip from front to back regularly, apply higher SPF to area that are tanning far quicker than everywhere else and be sure to remember the inside of your arms need sun too (I would say legs too but I always find people look far too inappropriate trying to tan the inside of their legs.

9. Wash it all off. By far my favourite part, you can cool yourself down and analyse your tan which I always feel is almost invisible until this step. I would also recommend an after sun, for me it has to be an Aloe Vera one as it’s just very cooling. Avoid any heavy creams as they’ll feel very uncomfortable. Keep skin regularly hydrated with more aftersun to maintain the tan in tip top condition, I believe it’s almost impossible to over-do it with the aftersun and I have been known to apply aftersun half way through my sleep to make sure I don’t peel.

10. Never use last years suncream. Suncream has a relatively short shelf life and I would recommend simply getting rid of your SPF at the end of summer as your SPF20 could actually be SPF4 by the next time you get it out. This does mean you should avoid over buying and instead use the 3 for 2 offer to buy a high SPF, medium SPF and one for the face.

And a few more quick tips:
Make sure your Suncream protects against UVA and UVB
Inexpensive suncreams offer the same amount of sun protection and you can get some great ones for under £20.
Apply suncream even if it is a little cloudy in the summer as there are still very harmful rays.

I’m currently trying out a handful of suncreams and will report back with a few of my favourites soon and just to prove you can tan through SPF20 heres a photo of me last summer.

What tips do you have for staying safe in the sun? Do you have any summer holidays planned?
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Now that the sun has started making it’s rare appearance her in the UK it’s time to start thinking about sandals. I’ve had my feet wrapped up in socks and boots for the past 6 months meaning my feet need some good ol’ TLC and a at-home pedicure is the right way to go about it.

I like to start by removing all my nail polish and then any excess skin whilst feet are still dry. I’ve lately been using the Scholl Electric Foot file as I just find it easier and you don’t have to put in as much work. However the  Pedegg or a simple foot file would also work great.

I then move on to soaking my feel in warm-water for about ten minutes.
Tip: Add some Tea Tree oil for it antibacterial properties.

Whilst my feet are still damp I take a granulated scrub (I tend to use a body one) to smooth my feet out some more, rinse and then dry my feet. If your feet are particularly dry you may want to use a scrub designed for feet as it’s more likely to be more abrasive and remove dead skin more efficiently.  When my feet are dry I apply a rich cream such as The Body Shop Honey & Beeswax Hand and Foot Cream and move on to filing.

Whilst I file my nails I also use a cuticle remover such as the Butter London Melt away which is amazing. File nails straight across to avoid ingrown nails. once you have finished filing and the cuticle remover has been on for a few minutes gentle push back the cuticles. Using a cotton pad and nail polish remover, remove all dead skin and excess oils.

You then want to go with the four coat rule, a good base coat, two coats of colour and your favourite top coat. I often find choosing a toe nail colour quite challenging as I don’t change them nearly as much as I change my finger nail colours. I always go for something summery and oranges/corals tend to be my favourite, my current colour of choice is Models Own Beach Bag which I will probably wear all summer!

Now that you are ready to feel the sand in between your toes check out some of my favourite sandals and feet products below.

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