I have been getting quite a lot of requests for What’s In My Handbag, I’m hoping to upload one onto YouTube soon but until then I thought I would share what is currently in my clutch bag. I love downsizing in the summer to a smaller bag, which I can carry either day and night, this one is great as I think tan goes with everything in the summer and it’s a great size too.

Inside I have a few essentials although I have downsized them my smaller bag, I usually carry my full size Michael Kors purse but in my clutch I go for just the coin purse and add my Aspinal of London Card Holder for my bank card and oyster.

I then have some new Tampax Compak Pearl which are my current tampons of choice as I find them to be more discreet as they have fun, stylish wrappers which are also much quieter and softer. Although they are a small size they still have a compact size applicator which is really important to me. There are four wrappers which were co-created with leading fashion trend experts so that even your tampons can be on trend!

My current sunglasses are from StylistPick, I love Tortoiseshell Sunglasses but these have peach handles to make they extra summery. My keys are nothing special, just car keys and house keys with a couple of key rings. I also rarely leave the house with my portable charger and phone wire as my iPhone runs out of battery far too quick, this Anker one is pretty big and pretty heavy but it also charges my phone6+ times so I would highly recommend it! My phone case from Iconemsis, is one I have had for quite a long time but the quality is excellent, I’ve never had a case that has lasted so long and looked so good!

Of course my handbag wouldn’t be complete without a few beauty bits although I think it’s quite tame. I have the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, Bobbi brown Sheer Finishing Powder (which I use mainly for the mirror), a few lipsticks (Mac Lady Danger and Clinique Cheek Pop), Illamasqua Precision Ink and some Boots Wipes.

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1. I’ve never worn acrylic nails as I am lucky enough to have quite strong nails.
2. I hate shaving my legs in winter
3.  I love fake tan and I don’t think being too dark is really a problem (as long as it isn’t orange)
4.  I rarely use body lotion as I just find it time consuming and boring (but I am trying to change!)
5. I have never tried any Bobbi Brown products. (until today hopefully- more on that soon)
6. I hate washing my brushes and instead have lots so I don’t have to however this makes the washing process so much longer!
7. I once applied hair removal cream thinking it was a moisturiser before a night out.
8. Visiting the MAC counter/store still scares me but I have no problem on other counters/stores.
9. I have attachment issues so my makeup collection is shockingly large. 
10. When I was younger I painted my nails every single, single day for about 2 years. 
11. I absolutely hate doing my own eye brows (as the photo above proves) 
12. I once came home from school wearing a foundation I had borrowed from one of my mixed race friends, it was about 6 shades too dark and the worst look ever. 
I’d love to hear your confessions below in the comments.

After watch Anna’s A Walk Down Memory Lane video and reading Laura’s post I couldn’t help but get involved. Back at the beginning of the year I share what was on my wishlist back in 2009 but this time I am talking about my experience, products I loved and products I will never use again. 

What was your first ever makeup product? Do you have any beauty regrets? 

I didn’t have any other photos to go with this post so it is a re-post from my Clinique Blusher post (here)
I wanted to share with you my Too Much Information/ TMI tag which I posted on my channel, hopefully you’ll enjoy it and find out a few more things about me…

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