1. Indulge with a hot chololate
My favourite is the Whittards hot chocolate (here) and I feel March is the perfect month to have one before spring arrives and we’d rather a iced drink than a hot one.

2. Get excited for spring
I honestly couldn’t be more excited! I’m currently spending my days looking at clothes, beauty trends and working out what I plan to do when the warmer weather does arrive.

3. Organise your Mother’s Day gift
I have a Mother’s Day Gift Guide coming up during the week so keep an eye out but if you know what you are getting already buy it this week

4. Enjoy the sunshine
We’ve had some sun-filled days recently and it makes everything look so much more beautiful, sadly it doesn’t seem to be around for much longer so get outdoors and enjoy it.

5. Make a to-do list for the week
This may sound a little boring but it’s so helpful and will allow you to go onto the following week knowing exactly what you have to tackle and aid you in being more productive.

I hope you all had a lovely week this week. I’ve had a pretty chilled but enjoyable one, actually it’s been very chilled- it’s absolutely freezing outside! However there has still be no snow (which has stuck) but I’ve heard a few of you have had lots of it.

1. Plan a pamper evening with friends
My favourite way to stay warm is with some pampering and in the winter skincare is super important so it seems a perfect excuse to invite some friends around.

2. Try out Chrome Nails
This trend is huge at the moment and Models Own released a new collection this week, it’s a great easy to wear trend that won’t break the bank.

3. Plan an afternoon tea
Celebrate the end of January with cake, finger food and tea!

4. Go drugstore shopping
I’ve really enjoyed some drugstore shopping this month, check out my favourites here

Whatever you do, have a lovely weekend!

Happy weekend! I hope you all had a fabulous week but since it’s so cold outside I think I’ll be camping out at home, in my bed with a hot water bottle. I know some of you even got snow, I suspect London might be getting a little some time this weekend. Let me know in the comments what you’re doing this weekend, my recommendations are definitely based around staying at home all weekend.  

1. Shop your makeup stash
Most of us still haven’t been paid this month, stop dreaming about the lipstick you want and instead rediscover one you already have. I wrote a whole blog post about making the most of what you have and the weekend is the perfect time to experiment.

2. Make an effort to be extra positive
Monday is officially ‘Blue Monday’ the most depressing day of the year research has found, make a effort to be extra positive this weekend and carry it through for the whole of your week.

3. Experiment with different photo backgrounds
Whether you’re a blogger or simply like to post on Instagram experiment with some new photo background, check out my ideas here

4. Make brunch
It’s far too cold to go outside, it’s even too cold to get out of bed so instead hang around in bed for a little longer and make yourself (why not be nice and make the whole house?) brunch.

5. Organise your desk
In order to be more productive I believe it’s important to have a well organised desk- take a look at mine and whilst you’re at it why not spend an hour planning next week, insuring it runs smoothly.

1. Try a new exercise class
Everyone is trying to get fit in 2015, try a new class so you don’t get bored and challenge your body a little more.

2. Experiment with makeup a little this weekend
and face that scary eyeshadow palette with a little help from my tips here

3. Save money on a new outfit by dressing up a jumper with a statement necklace & heels
I shared this tip on the Avenue 32 Ebook, check out more tips on Avenue 32’s Fashion eBook

4. Plan a movie night
The weather has been awful over the last few days, shelter from the rain and plan a movie night. I share a blog post with my tips on how to do plan a movie night here

5. Catch up with 73 Questions
I just discovered it on Vogue but I love it! Here

1. Try a new beauty brand
I love trying new beauty brands, especially one that I fall in love with. I recently shared some of my recommendations but I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

2. Spend one day lazing about and one day kick starting the new year
This weekend almost still counts as part of the holiday season which means it’s a great excuse to have one final lazy day. Use Sunday to kick start your year, have a clear out and make plans.

3. Buy a new notebook
I simply love a new notebook at the beginning of the year!

4. Pick a new year’s resolution
Although we are three days into 2015 it’s never too late to start bettering yourself or learning a new skill. If you haven’t picked a resolution for the year I have a few recommendations which you could consider.

5. Do some last minute sale shopping
I love sale shopping and I think you can always get some particularly good bargains a week into it but don’t leave it too late or there will be nothing left. Check out my tips here

What do you have planned for the weekend?