drinking more waterI’ve been getting lots of questions about how I drink so much water, I’m not usually someone that does drinks much but in the last month I’ve been drinking more, around 3-4 litres a day. I’m not going to say it’s changed my life but I’ve been enjoying it and have found my skin to be clearer too. I know it is something people do struggle with so here some tips…

Set a target- Everyday I’ll set myself a target on how much water I want to drink, you can drink too much so don’t over do it but my personal target is 3 litres if I haven’t worked out and 4 if I have. I then set targets throughout the day, at the gym I drink a litre and then set the next three out throughout the day. If you’re really struggling to drink enough (2 litres is the recommended amount) then it might be worth drawing a little colour in diagram each morning in your diary or using a water counter app (like Daily Water Free).

Find the right bottle- This is probably the thing that has helped me the most, it took me a little while to find the right bottle and it’s probably not permeant. I personally don’t really like drinking out of glasses and think bottles are a far easier way to drink water as you can carry it around with you and keep track of the amount you drink. I’ve tried filter bottle, I have an embarrassing amount of regular reusable bottles and I’ve also tried portable cups with a straw but I’ve been sticking to my Evian 1litre bottle for a while now. They’re not too easy to find and usually have to be bought as a multi-pack but I love how easy it is to track my water with these, they’re also double the size of regular bottles without being as heavy as 1.5 litre bottles which you normally get as the next size up. I also think they’re not as scary as the 1.5 litres and I can get through these quickly easily. I do refill these throughout the day whenever I have finished a bottle but I think I will be looking for a 1litre reusable bottle (Bobble do some good ones) as I know these plastic ones aren’t great.

Keep the bottle with you- I try to never leave home without a bottle, this way I don’t have to worry about finding water to drink or buying a bottle whilst I’m out. It takes away the temptation to buy a Diet Coke instead and I just think that the more convenient the better.

Invest in a filter- This is something I personally don’t do but I know I should (I just drink tap water). Buying water in the supermarket is an unnecessary expense as well as bad for the environment, if I had to pay £3 each day for my daily intake of water I’m sure I would drink much less. Filtering tap water makes so much more sense but also gets rid of contaminants which may be in water.

Cut back on non-water drinks- Although I do have a small cup of tea in the morning, I rarely have anything else that isn’t water. I personally just feel that it’s unnecessary chemicals/calories that I don’t really need to be putting into my body. I’ll indulge about once a week in a glass of wine or even a glass of diet coke but I try not to make it a regular thing.

Add flavour- This is a favourite of mine in the summer months but adding fruits, vegetables and herbs to your water is great, especially if you find water boring. I personally love to add cucumber, lemon and mint to mine but there are so many different option, you’ll just need to experiment to find the right one for you.

Don’t over do it- Drinking too much water can also be bad for you, you definitely want to spread your water consumption out throughout the day. I’d also avoid too much water just before bed as you don’t want it disturbing your sleep.


savannah linerieI’ve never been a huge fan of sleep, generally finding it a bit of a nusicance but recently I just can’t get enough of it – it’s the best feeling! I’m sleeping better than ever; going to bed early and getting up early, I’m loving it so I thought I would share a few of my tips

1.Get tired

This may sound silly but my biggest recommendation has to be to do exercise. I’ve recently joined the gym and, since your muscles repair whilst you sleep, I’ve found that as soon as I hit my mattress, I fall straight asleep.

2. Get a good mattress

Theres nothing worse than laying for hours on an uncomfortable mattress. I recently upgraded my slightly older one for a brand new, memory foam one from Leesa and I am so happy with it! It took me a couple of weeks to get use to the memory foam but I now love it! It arrived in a small box and I did have to let it sit for a little while, to expand and take shape but it was really easy to order and set up.

3. Get some cute pyjamas

Okay so you might not really need these for a good nights sleep but looking cute always helps, right? My new favourite pair are from Nine by Savannah Miller. The whole range is super beautiful, vintage silhouettes of both nightwear and lingerie. I have been wearing mine loads now that the weather is a little warmer and it’s really comfortable!

4. Try some tea

Another little extra I have been trying are teas just before bed. Clippers have a whole range of night time teas which taste delicious and I find that the whole ritual of drinking tea before bed is very relaxing. If the tea itself helps me fall asleep then that’s a plus!

Would love to hear your tips in the comments.

outfit monochrome winterI’m a summer gal, I love bare legs, summer dress and an arm stacked full of brightly coloured bracelets. However, I live in London and summer days are rare and instead I’ve had to learn to dress for winter. Winter can be long so I’ve had to learn to love it (well like it) and to dress for it. I think the clothes you wear can really affect your mental attitude and I know that as soon as I wear an ill-fitting dress I don’t feel at my best. I’m excited to be working with Weight Watcher’s again on this post and I really hope it helps everyone on their journey to be nicer to themselves. Again, if you haven’t seen the #WomenKind video then do click here, watch that and then come back here so you have a better understand of what I am talking about.

1.Invest in a great coat
In winter your coat is often one of the only things that gets seen when you’re out and about on a daily basis. Coats can be expensive but it’s worth investing in one that will last you, look stylish and keep you warm. I personally love longer woollen coats as I think they’re really versatile and look effortless. If you’re investing in more than one coat then I would recommend a parka which will keep you extra warm on more casual winter days.

2. Don’t forget to layer
Layering seems to be a bit of a winter trend every season and it’s clear to see why, it’s pretty cold outside and it’s the most stylish way to stay warm. Don’t be afraid to really pile them up; a shirt under a jumper, under a jacket, under a coat, under a scarf.

3. Get creative
It’s easy to get bored of winter clothing, especially coats which are often worn almost daily, so get creative. Add a belt to your favourite coat, a different colour ribbon to your favourite fedora or even get the buttons changed on a coat you’ve fallen out of love with.

4. Add prints or colour
It’s much easier to wear black and grey all winter but adding pattern can really help brighten up your outfit and your day. The easiest way to do this is by adding a fun scarf or even a red lip.

5. Make sure it fits
This isn’t just a winter tip but more of a life one, don’t buy a smaller size in the hope one day it will fit or buy it slightly bigger just in case. Buying the right size will insure that it looks as good as possible and therefore you will feel as good as possible too. If you’re usually a size 12 but a size 16 fits better in a particular style of trousers then get the 16 and vice versa.

6. Have fun
You’re outfit isn’t permanent, at the end of the day you’ll be taking it off so have fun with it. Play with different styles, colours, prints and just have fun!

Since I am working with Weight Watcher on helping women feel confident on the inside and out I would love to hear your advice for your fellow WomanKind in the comments below!

1. Hair removal
Not the most glamorous but the last thing I want to worry about whilst I’m away is if I have shaven my legs or not. I like to get all my waxing, threading and shaving done before hand but if I’m going for more than a few days I’ll still pack a razor and tweezer just in case.

2. In-depth Skincare
Of course I’m not suggesting that I leave all my skincare at home but If I am only going for a day or two I make sure I have a pamper session; face masks, exfoliators and intense oils before I go so that I don’t have to take this away with me but also so that my skin can look as good as possible whilst I’m away.

3. Teeth whitening
I don’t whiten my teeth regularly but a little top up before I leave is always nice if I have time.

4. Paint your nails
I think a pedicure and manicure are essential especially when I’m going to be wearing sandals but I make sure I do it no more than a day before I leave to get the most wear from it. If I’m away for longer than a couple of days I’ll go for a at home gel top coat such as Leighton Denny Top That!

5. Fake Tan
Not everyone loves fake tan and I tend to skip it if I’m off somewhere where I’ll get a natural tan but otherwise it’s a must, makes me feel so much happier, look slimmer and I just prefer the look, especially in photos.

5 More things….
1. Set your ‘Out of Office’
2. Clear memory cards and space on your phone
3. Charge all electronics
4. Grab some travel entertainment (music, films, magazines, books)
5. Clear out your handbag.

A few months ago whilst away on a trip with P&G to Brussels and I was surprised to learn that the average person wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, which means there are so many items that simply don’t get worn. I thought I would share what I do every season to help increase the amount of my wardrobe I actually wear

1. Try things on and make sure everything still fits
Even if I think I haven’t put on weight or lost weight I like to try everything on to make sure it still fits how I want it to and to insure I still like it once it is on.

2. Keep everything clean and ironed
I try not to wash my clothes every time I wear them unless I need to, which means occasionally a stain will go unnoticed back into my wardrobe meaning that the next time I want to wear it I can’t. I like to go through and very carefully check everything is clean and well ironed. Whilst away in Brussels I also learnt that it’s important to use a product that is kind to your clothes but will remove stains as throughly as possible which is why I have been opting for Ariel as it uses FibreScience to clean but look after my clothes as well. I’ve also been reaching for Lenor because it smells amazing and that always makes me want to wear my clothes!

3. Plan go-to-outfits for every item
This is easier said than done and I don’t end up with an exact outfit but I make sure that there is something in my wardrobe to make an outfit with every piece, otherwise there is no way that it will get wear.

4. Stop saving things for best
I understand why people save things for best but I think it should be done only in moderation, I’m not suggesting you wear a prom dress to the corner shop but wear that designer dress for date night every now and then, to really get the most wear out of all your clothes.

5. Turn your hanger the wrong way around
This isn’t just to be a nuisance but it’s a tip I heard recently and I think it’s a great idea which I am going to try! Once you wear the item you turn it back the right way and that way you will find out exactly what items you simply don’t wear. You can then decide to make an effort to wear them or simply get rid of them.

I’m off to reorganise my wardrobe this evening so let me know your tips in the comments, it going to be a long night…