In my opinion foundation is probably the most important part of my makeup routine, it covers the most area and a badly applied foundation is pretty much a disaster in my books but there are so many different ways to apply foundation that it can can be a little confusing as to which way is best. To be honest I really don’t believe there is a best way to apply foundation. You always have to consider the product you’re using, what sort of finish you want and then just play around and find your favourite way to get your desired affect.

I usually look for a medium coverage, which looks natural of course and always use a liquid foundation which leaves me with a few choices of brushes, my fingertips or a sponge.

Quite popular amongst the blogging world are buffing brushes, with my favourite being the Real Techniques Buffing brush. They’re great when I want to get my foundation on quickly but also blends beautifully, it’s a great one for beginners and I love it to finish of my foundation even if I don’t apply it with this brush just to make sure there are no harsh lines but it also works well with other cream products such as blush.

My current favourite way (and it changes almost weekly) is to use a standard flat foundation brush, there are so many about and I don’t think there tends to be much difference between the good ones. I love a flat foundation brush for any liquid or cream foundation and I find it always gives me the most professional/polished finish. It did take me a little while to get use to flat foundation brushes and they aren’t the easiest to use but they can even be used for concealer (if you use a small foundation brush) and cream cheek products so it’s a great versatile tool to have.

I’m not sure I’ve quite mastered the sponge but I have been trying and it is usually what I opt for when I am using a high coverage foundation which I want to sheer out a little. I always dampen mine and bounce it around my face which I find makes the foundation look natural with a good amount of coverage. Although a little expensive the Beauty Blender is my favourite and I love the smaller end to blend concealer although the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is a good affordable alternative. The finish is usually quite seamless but they aren’t very easy to wash and do tend to soak up quite a lot of product, which is heartbreaking when it’s an expensive foundation.

Another one of my favourite options is to use my fingers, as long as you make sure they are clean, they are one of the best tools- and totally free! I find using my fingers gives me a well blended, natural finish as the warmth really helps melt creams seamlessly into the skin.

I personally haven’t mastered the stippling brush, I just don’t get it and never get the finish I want from it. I’ve also heard that using a small eye blending brush is time consuming but gives the ultimate finish, I’ll try it out and report back soon.

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I’ve had both my ghd Styler and Hairdryer for about two or three years now and although they are a little expensive, they last forever and are worth the investment. They release new designs and colours all the time but I fell in love with the Rose Gold Pair as they still look sleek and classic whilst being quite fun.

Like with all ghd stylers they come with a roll bag and sectioning clips. They have smoother plates which really help create a high-gloss on the hair and ceramic heated plate which glide through the hair without snagging, perfect for when you are curling. They have a long cord and although they are professional quality they still remain quite light.

I don’t straighten my hair daily, maybe not even weekly but when I do need to add a curl or de-frizz a little they are my go to tool. I also never go away without them as they are very versatile especially compared to heated rollers and curlers. Now with all the parties coming up I’m sure I’ll be using them even more to add curls and volume to my hair.

Have you tried ghd’s?

I’d recommend adding them to your Christmas wishlist or treating yourself to a pair during Black Friday tomorrow. 

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 Beauty tools make life just that little bit better and even more luxurious but finding the right tool for the job that won’t break the bank is particularly difficult! A few years back (actually more like 8 years back) I discovered that The Body Shop offered great affordable tools.

 I must admit that although they aren’t my favourite tools ever (Real Techniques would probably steal this) they are still great quality and would highly recommend them if you are looking for affordable good quality brushes. They have a good range of eye, lips and face brushes which are very sturdy, sleek and all high-quality synthetic hair.

Prices of individual brushes start at £8 for an eyebrow brush and go up to just £18 for a Face & Body brush. However they have no partnered with Teenage Cancer Trust to give us all an even better deal whilst raising money for the charity. They now have an Essential Brush Collection retailing for £18, The Expert Collection retailing for £30 and the Ultimate Collection retailing for £30 all with a £15-£20 saving! Above I have the Expert Brush Collection photographed which actually comes with a great selection of brushes.

My favourite things however are The Body Shop’s skincare tools, especially as skincare tools seem to be quite hard to find. I’ve used and loved the Double Ended Blackhead Remover since being a teenager, I know you are always told not to pick at spots but sometimes I just have to and this way I can do so without using potentially dirty fingers. I’ve also always had a few of the Facial Buffers in my skincare draw which I often use with my cleaners or even mask to also help exfoliate my skin. My newest discovery is the Facial Massager which I’ve only been using for a few days, it’s quite an unusual tool but I’ve heard it is great for congested, cystic acne prone skin like mine. If you are as confused as I originally was check out Caroline’s blog post but I’ve actually really been enjoying it.

They also sell muslin cloths which are great for cleansing, Face Loofah pads and more which I will be looking to try soon!

What beauty tools have you tried from The Body Shop?

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I’ve spoken about Japonesque in the past, I think that their brushes are such good value for money especially as they are such high quality so I was very happy when this new brush came through my door. This brush is part of their new range which has this animal print on it- I have the bronzer brush with essentially a kabuki.

It isn’t often you see professional quality brushes with Leopard print but I think I know why. To me this simply looks tacky and although I am sure lots of other people will love this I don’t. But horrible leopard print aside this is a great brush! It is amazingly soft and great for applying not only bronzer but also powder. I used it to apply a mineral foundation and it worked quite well as it buffed it in beautifully but it wasn’t a heavy application.

Other than me not being a huge fan of the print I can not fault the brush itself- it is another great quality brush from Japonesque. If you like the print there are a few other pieces in the range too with the same animal print.

This brush retail for £19.50 which I think is a really good price!

What do you think of the animal print?
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A few weeks ago I went to the launch of a new hair brush set to hit the UK by Michel Mercier. The idea behind it is similar to that of Tangle Teezer that is is suppose to make it easier and less painful to detangle hair as well as reducing hair breakage. 
I got the chance to meet Michel who explained that he was brushing his young daughters hair when she complain on the discomfort leading him to create a brush that would not only him but everyone. This brush is aimed at everyone (that needs to brush their hair, not much use if your bald) even at fathers that need to brush their daughters long hair.
The brush is said to have 482 bristles all of different heights to help disperse the pressure points placed on the hair whilst burshing and detangling resulting in less pain, hair loss and hair breakage.
There are three different brushes available all colour coded to suit different hair types fine, normal and thick

I got the pink one aimed at fine hair and wasn’t too sure to expect as I wasn’t too keen on the Tangle Teezer. However unlike the Tangle Teezer the bristles on this brush are all different sizes rather then just two sizes meaning that it brushes the whole way through your hair making it instantly better then the Tangle Teezer in my books.

I am not in love with the shape and design of the Michel Mercier brush* but I do think it completely works and I do reach for it everyday. I don’t think it is perfect but it is getting there. It does make my hair a little static, I think it doesn’t work very well in wet hair and it can’t be used with heat but I think this is something they may improve on when the pro brushes are brought out next year.

Although a little more expensive then the Tangle Teezer it is worth the money! If you struggle with your hair or anyone elses this is a fabulous product, it will help your morning run more smoothly.

Available from here for £14.95

Have you tried any brush that claims to help detangle your hair? If so what do you think?
Sabrina X
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