Now that it is officially autumn I find that my skin just needs a little more TLC and requires a little more work to achieve a healthy glow. I think good makeup however starts with good skin, therefore I’ve added the Witch Skincare Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash to my daily routine as I find it helps add a lovely healthy glow to my skin. I’ve also really been loving the The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer for a really easy glow, it’s a really finely milled highlighter perfect for cheek bones, inner corner and brow highlighting.

I’m also really excited to be working with Witch on switching up my skincare! You can win prizes and discover more skincare switching tips from me and Made In Chelsea‚Äôs Lucy Watson at

I’d love to hear all your autumn skincare and makeup tips in the comments!

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I recently heard someone say that the Urban Decay Naked Palette is ‘scary’.


Scary simply isn’t the word I would use to describe it; beautiful- yes but scary isn’t quite the word.

I think being a beauty blogger it’s so easy to forget what a ‘normal’ person sees when they look at a palette and actually I can see why it would be scary. Why are there so many colour? Do I wear them all? Where do they go? Which ones go together?

 So I thought I would share a few tips on how to use a palette and answering a few key questions as I believe a beautiful palette should bring excitement and not fear.

Start with the neutrals
I personally think an eyeshadow look made up of browns looks for polished than one made up of blues and greens but more than that I think that they are also more forgiving. Bright coloured eyeshadows still scare me and if you aren’t use to using eyeshadow I would recommend sticking to neutrals.

You don’t have to use all the colours
There is something very beautiful about a wash of a single colour all over the lid and just because there are 4 or 99 eyeshadows in a palette doesn’t mean you have to wear all of them. I usually go for anything between 1-4 and I think it would be quite hard to use much more than 6. If you are going for just one colour I think a medium toned eyeshadow with a satin finish works best, just apply all over the lid and a blend into the crease. You can then go on and add a highlight and contour shade if you wish.

Colours that are next to each other would often work quite well together
If you have a quad then the likely hood is that all the shades have been put together as they compliment each other, if you have something with around 10 eyeshadows then the colours on either side often work the best but most of the colours are likely to work together. If you have on of those ridiculous palettes with 99 shades then it gets a little more difficult so I say stick to smaller palettes as you are also more likely to use all the colour.

Want to follow the rules?
Generally speaking you then have a medium shade ‘lid colour’ which goes from the lash line to the crease of the eye. The lightest colour then goes under the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye as a highlight. You then have a darker shade, often matte, which is blended into the crease to contour and can be used to define the outer corner.

Get good brushes
A good set of brushes can really help in the actual application of the product, never use the sponge tip applicator that comes with the shadow, instead invest in a flat eyeshadow brush and a blending brush.

Do you find eyeshadow palettes a little daunting?

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you may have seen that I created this vampire look earlier in the week. As you all know I am not a makeup artist and have no makeup training so all my halloween looks are super easy to create yourself although they may not be as amazing as a makeup artists look. I wanted to start my halloween looks early as I know some halloween parties happen quite early into the month.

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I try not to shy away from challenges so when TK Maxx set me the challenge to take on LBD and transform it using jewellery I accepted. Off I went to the Tottenham Court Road TK Maxx to check out their new jewellery section. There were a few items I fell in love with particularly the watches and a few rings and they were on a really good offer. I should have chosen a better LBD (not from TK Maxx) as this one isn’t the best material and pulls where it shouldn’t but here is the results….

1. I don’t usually go for converse and dresses but I’ve seen so many people do it and it can work. I went for a massive men’s watch which I LOVE and teamed it with a rose gold coloured bracelet and small studs. I wanted to keep it very laid back so didn’t want to add too much.

2. I changed the shoes for some boots and felt this look needed a statement necklace but I kept the same watch from the previous look. I love this necklace and the mixture of colours although I made it short by doubling it I would also wear it long making it quite a versatile necklace. I’d wear this outfit for drink both during the day and at night.

3. It was time to dress up the dress so I pulled out the heels and some pearls. Pearls are classic and something everyone should own and TK Maxx had a good selection. Although I don’t often wear pearls I think it is a quick way to make an outfit more classic. I’d wear this outfit for a formal party and although I don’t usually suggest wearing black at wedding I think this could work.

4. My trusty red heels and red lipstick transformed this outfit into a party outfit. I am in love with every piece of jewellery from this outfit from the watch and necklace to the stunning ring! This is a perfect Christmas Party outfit as it has the perfect statement necklace which is one of the things TK Maxx had a lot of.

5. To make this dress work for work team it with a nude shoe (or black) and tone down the jewellery. I went for a dainty necklace and earring but kept the watch still quite chunky.

 What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? 

All the items of jewellery range in price and although I wouldn’t say TK Maxx is cheap it is affordable and the offers are great. I think I’ll go back next time I need a gift for my mum or someone I know love jewellery.

What’s your favourite outfit?
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I love changing my phone case but they can become quite expensive and even difficult to store. By making these you are able to buy a very inexpensive clear case and regularly change the inside image cheaply and no one will have the same case as you.

All you need is a clear case (my phone case is from here), a pair of scissors, a pen and some paper. Easy.

Get creative, you can use magazines, print outs, crafting paper, fabric, menu’s, maps, drawings (even from your child), photographs, wallpaper, wrapping paper and so much more.

– Draw around your phone and carefully cut out the shape ever so slightly smaller.
-Put the paper in the case and insert your phone
-Once you are happy it is the right size carefully draw inside the camera lens and flash hole.
-Remove the paper and cut out the hole using scissors or a craft knife but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect the case usually hides it

Super easy to change whenever you get bored or simply find something fun to replace it with!

Will you be giving this a go? What will you put in yours?
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