It always takes me a few days to unpack, so when I got back from my holiday and had an early morning meeting I went through the items I hadn’t taken with me to do my makeup. I picked up my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and fell in love with them again.

For the last few months I have been using the Tweezerman Eyelash curlers and they are good, I actually thought they were better than the Shu ones but my new encounter has proved that they are not. Lots of eyelash curlers fool me for a few weeks, even months but no eyelash curler (that i have tried at least) keeps on curling as well as the Shu Uemura ones for months and years on end. They are a great shape and even more importantly are made of excellent quality material meaning that even after prolonged use they don’t start to bend, leaving you bending the curler more than actually adding lift to your lashes.

The curl they deliver is like no other, really defined and opens up the eye like no other product can. They may seem a little expensive to some but they are worth every penny and totally worth the hype too.

My nails is probably the one thing I get the most compliments on but if I’m honest I was just born with strong nails but there are a few products which I find really help the condition of my nails and also help the longevity polish.

I’m really not too fussy about nail files and will use anything that is around as long as it isn’t a metal one (do they still sell those?), I’m currently using the Lottie London one but usually just pick up whichever is the cutest. Once again for nail clippers I’m not too choosey as long as they are good, I’m currently using the Tweezerman ones which are excellent!

A product I have been loyal to for a while and which I love is the Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Remover, it’s the best product I have tried for removing cuticles effortlessly.

Onto base and top coat, I have been using Butter London’s Nail Foundation for a while now, it’s great particularly if you have discoloured nails as it applies a very natural, matte colour to the nail bed, neutralising it. I’ve also been using the Ciate Underwear Base Coat teamed with the Ciate Speed Coat which has effectively become my nails dream team, my nail polish last a whole week with no chips and minimal tip wear with these two products.

For removal I either use Sally Hansen Strengthening nail polish or I still to good ‘ld pots, I’ve been using the Lottie London one which is great although the Bourjois one will always be my go to. To travel with I find the Ciate Nail Polish remover which smells like Mint Chocolate to be the ideal size.

I’m typically not great at applying cuticle oil so I think the Bourjois Magic Nail Care is great, I initially thought it was a nail polish remover and couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working but it is actually an oil in a sponge which applied a light layer of oil to the cuticle, far less messy and quicker to apply than traditional cuticle oil. I probably still don’t use this as much as I should but I do try.

It seems it is the products I use the most that I never mention on my blog, these are the products I use (almost) every single day and couldn’t live without. They’re not overly exciting and I may change from brand to brand sometimes but I though I would share what I am currently using. 

When it comes to deodorant I am not too fussy over which one I use as long as it smells okay, that said I do prefer a roll on and have been using Nivea Pearl & Beauty for a while. As the glass bottle isn’t very travel/handbag friendly I also use the Soft & Gentle Orange Blossom & Grapefruit Spray deodorant which lasts all day and smells great.

After washing my hair  every morning I couldn’t live without my GHD blow dryer… I love it! I have been using it for years now, it has all the settings I need and is powerful, helping me dry my hair as quickly as possible. I’ve also been loving the Airmotion Hair Brush to untangle my hair both whilst wet and dry. My only other hair essential would be Batiste Dry Shampoo which I think I have been using to close to ten years, I have never been so loyal to anything! 

When I don’t have time for a professional wax I usually just use a disposable razor and find the mens ones to be much better than the women’s. My favourite is the Gillette Mach 3 Disposable Razors as it never irritate my skin and I find it to be good quality for the price. For my eyebrow I adore the Tweezerman tweezer and can’t believe it has taken me so long to get a pair! I’ve also been using the SweetEase Face Waxing Kit for my upper lip as I find them to be easier to use then most at home wax strips. 

The biggest essentials are, of course, a toothbrush and toothpaste- I have been using the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and matching toothbrush from White Wash Laboratories. Although I don’t think there is a huge difference between toothpaste and toothbrushes, I have actually really been enjoying these two and would say my teeth are looking a little whiter. 

What are your beauty essentials?

With the sales finally started I thought I would pick my favourite beauty items that have been discounted. They are old favourites, new discoveries of my own or products top of my own wishlist.

Juicy Couture Malibu £16 (was £47)
It’s no secret that I adore the Juicy Couture Perfumes and I can’t get over how much of a bargain this one is! It’s not very often you can a good quality perfume for less than £40 and especially not under £20! Perfect summer scent, I own this and have been using it loads.

SISLEY Phyto–Touche Tinted Body Sun Glow gel £60.30 (was £67)
Not really the most generous of discounts especially as it is an expensive product to begin with however I have heard this is one of the best fake tans going, just a little out of my price range.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche Rich Cream £21.25 (was £25)
I love Nuxe and actually have been using this cream for a while now, its ideal for anyone with very dry skin but looking for something that isn’t too heavy or going to irritate their skin.

Weleda Skin Food £6.96 (was £9.95)
I’ve fallen in love with this recently and although it’s reasonable priced to begin with the discount means it would simply be rude to not add one (or three) to your basket.

Benefit Hoola Set £30 (was £43)
This set comes with the classic Benefit Hoola Bronzer and They’re Real Mascara which alone retail for £40 and since both products are amazing it makes this a bargain! I also think the smaller size primers are ideal to travel with.

Rodial Brazilian Tan £31 (was £39)
I used this tan a while back and it offers a beautiful natural looking tan and the discount helps make this expensive tan a little more affordable.

Tweezerman Tweezer & Mirror Set £12 (was £24)
Tweezerman Tweezers aren’t cheap and I wasn’t too sure they were worth the money initially but they are life changing, nothing else I have ever tried compares to these. They make what I usually find to be a chore, much easier and less painful. Since this set comes with a mirror for just £12 I think it’s very reasonable, I also know it’s a slightly christmasy print but I don’t think that should be a problem.

The Body Shop Body Butters £5 (was £13)
This is a favourite with most and an excellent body cream but at the normal £13 it isn’t the most inexpensive which is why it’s a great time to stock up. They aren’t all discount but there are still some great ones to chose from.

What Sale Beauty items have you picked up recently? 
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Brows are often forgotten about when it comes to makeup. We all pluck, wax, thread and trim but forget to define them with a little brow powder or pencil. Defining brows can really help you appear younger and just generally better the shape your eyebrows. Although it’s particularly important if you are blonde it can also make a huge difference on brunettes, like myself. 

Tweezerman Tweezers, £20.95
I wasn’t sure if I would actually love these but after having them for only about 2/3 weeks I can already confirm that I would replace them if I did lose them. Tweezing can be such a chore but since these always grab the hair it makes it so much easier and even less painful. They may seem a little expensive but if you think about it as an investment, it’s very unlikely you’ll need to replace them anytime soon.

Liz Earle Brow and Liner Brush, £12.50
I’ve spoken about this brush lots recently but it’s the perfect (two) brow brush and is fairly affordable. It’s got a perfect Spoolie and angled brush especially as I love to use powder products in my brows.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil, £10
If I am in a rush I always reach for this brow pen/pencil as it’s pretty fool-proof, last all day and very natural. The pen side is my favourite and the easiest to use, I fill in just the front of my brows with small brush strokes and it makes it look fuller but still very natural. The pencil is a little softer and therefore I am a little more careful but once I brush it all out it also remains very natural.

Benefit Gimme Brow £17.50
Although I have fairly thick brows they are a little sparse at the beginning which is why this product is great. It adds fibres to existing eyebrow hair to make them appear thicker whilst remaining still quite natural and water resistant. If you are simply looking for a brow gel to hold brows in place rather than plump them out a little I would recommend Eyeko Brow Gel which I have been using for over a year now.

MUA Pro Brow, £3.50
This product has seen so much love as you can tell by the fact that the lid can be removed (I broke that), the brushes are missing (I lost those) and the brow gel has lots of powder in it. Years ago I use to use the HD Brows palette but I’ve now moved on to this as I like it just as much even thought it’s far more affordable. I mix the two darkest colours and although I don’t use the wax I love to use the three powders on my eyes too for a very natural but contoured eye. I have seen some reviews say that this doesn’t last that long but since I have fairly thick brows and don’t have any problems with the longevity. I’d really recommend this if you are looking for brows on a budget, it’s the product I reach for daily.

What are your favourite eyebrow products?
Check out my guide to in-salon brows

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