Finally it’s Friday! It’s been a long week back for most of us and I have a cheeky suspicion it’s going to be a long month. If you’re staying home this week, wether that’s because you’re trying to save a little money or you just fancy relaxing, then I thought I would share my 5 top films/series to watch this weekend. There is a mixture of new and old but I hope you enjoy them… 

Schitts Creek, Netflix

If you’re wondering what I have spent far too much time doing this month, it’s watching Schitt’s Creek and I have been loving it. It’s a comedy series with five relatively short seasons: it follows a well-to-do family who suddenly became bankrupt and are left only with a depressing and small middle American town named ‘Schitt’s Creek’ – a practical joke gift given from the father of the Schitt family a few years before we are introduced to the story, to his son. It’s really easy to watch and funny! Episodes are only 20ish minutes long so it’s a good one to get through without huge commitment. It’s been a great alternative to Friends for days where I just want to relax. 

Two Popes, Netflix

When I first heard all the hype around Two Popes I was a little unsure it was for me as I’m not religious, but I decided to watch it anyways. It’s a fictitious yet seemingly accurate look behind the scenes of the Vatican walls as it follows Pope Benedict and Pope Francis and their unlikely friendship. This will probably be the one time I recommend something quite as religiously themed as this but its a rare look into the leadership of the Catholic Church. It’s also a comedy and throughly enjoyable and entertaining.

Sex Education , Netflix 

I plan to personally spend my weekend watching Sex Education as season two has been released today. Michael and I were really unsure we’d enjoy this when we started season one, as we thought it was more aimed at teens, but I’d recommend it no matter your age (not for children or early teens). It follows a high school boy whose mum is a sex therapist and who then sets up his own secret sex therapy clinic in school to help with his class mates, despite not having much experience himself. Since there are only two seasons, it’s a great one to watch without getting lost in weeks worth of shows.

Call Me My Your Name, Netflix

I don’t typically watch many films and this one had been on my to-watch-list for a while and I regret not watching it sooner. It’s based on a book (which I am yet to read) and follows a teenager’s journey with his sexual orientation and the relationship he forms with his father assistant. Its by far the best romantic film I have seen in a very long time! I laughed, I cried and I’ve rewatched it over and over again. 

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Amazon Prime

I have been recommending ‘The Marvellous Mrs Maisel’ to everyone: it’s the best series I have seen in a while. It is set in the late 1950’s as we follow the ups-and-downs of recent divorcee/newbie stand-up comedienne Midge Maisel’s journey through her life-changing moments The series was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino who also created Gilmore Girls, it’s a bit like a jewish 1950’s version of ‘Modern Family’ and I love ‘Modern Family. 

What will you be watching this weekend?

PS. Huge thanks to Joe & Seph’s for sending me popcorn, which I’ll definitely be enjoying this weekend whilst watching Sex Education. They’re popcorn is the absolute best!

My ‘10 Blog Post Ideas‘ posts are usually quite popular however I’ve now also ran out of ideas of posts so instead thought I would share some ideas as to what you can share on Instagram. I think it’s quite important to keep a regular stream of content going on Instagram if you are trying to build it as part of your blog and in order to do this lots of bloggers (myself included) take lots of photos in a day and then post them throughout the week. I often write a list of what I want to photograph and thought I would share some of my list today. Remember you can mix up the different ideas in flat lays and other interesting compositions, I’m not at all an Instagram pro but heres a few idea

1) The Nail Polish you are wearing
2) Favourite lipstick combination
3) Favourite Fragrance
4) What’s inside your makeup bag
5) Makeup of the day flat lay
6) Evening Skincare
7) Recent purchases
8) Current Favourites
9) Makeup Selfie
10) New palette close up
11) Makeup Storage
12) Favourite pamper products
13) Go-to eyeshadow look for the evenings
14) The after shot post hairdressers
15) Collections (eg. Lipstick, nail polishes and blush)
16) Product results

1) Outfit of the day
2) Collection (eg. Shoes, Handbags, glasses)
3) Items that catch your eye in store
4) Shoe of the day
5) Close up of accessories
6) Flat Lay of outfit
7) What’s inside your handbag
8) Sunglass Selfie
9) Your favourite slogan T-shirt
10) Fashion travel essentials
11) Your work out outfit
12) Day to Night Outfit

Everything else…
1) What you are eating
2) Favourite local street
3) Flowers
4) Currently on your Desk
5) Sunset
6) Quotes
7) Holiday Throw Back Photos
8) Daily Life – but I don’t mean you brushing you teeth, more like a scenic walk.
9) Shop Displays
10) Pets
11) Beautiful Views
12) Currently reading
13) What you are drinking
14) Collections (eg. Cakes, mugs and pillow)
15) Interior design
16) Your latest DIY
17) Repost and share the love
18) Vintage cars
19) A photo of your Polaroid/photo booth photo
20) A screen shot of your latest blog post
21) What you are cooking/baking
22) Your favourite candle

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1. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

2. Get cleaning and decluttering
The new year is the best excuse to have a big clear out, there is no need to take unwanted things with you to 2015. Clear out everything from your room/house to your handbag and phone.

3. Send out hand written thank you cards

4. Bag some bargains
Check out my sale picks here

5. Think of some 2015 goals

1. Easy Nail Art

2. 5 Favourite Budget Blushers
3. My Brow Routine
4. Top 5 Perfumes
5. Hair Tools I couldn’t live without
6.  Body Care Staples
7. Evening Makeup Look
8. Beauty Dupes
9. Beauty/Fashion Haul
10. DIY Facial

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now but still I have weeks where I am less inspired than others. Some weeks I can’t type quick enough to actually get all my thoughts down and other weeks (like this week) I sit searching for ideas. I have a few tips which I thought I would share with you to help prevent this lack of inspiration and where to go if it does happen. 

Read Blogs
In my opinion reading other blog’s is one of the most important things you can do as a blogger. You can learn so much from others and that’s where I personally get most of my inspiration. I’d really recommend reading a variety of blogs from all over the world and in a range of topics; for example I read beauty, fashion, interior design and DIY blogs.
I pin all the blog posts that I love onto a secret board which I can then come back to when I need a little inspiration. This doesn’t mean I go back and copy someone else’s post but instead change it to make it my own. I think even simply going back and looking at other bloggers images can help inspire a totally different blog post. 
It’s also worth using Pinterest to pin beauty looks which you love and may want to later recreate (Check mine out here) or simply look back on later. 
It’s very rare that I actual buy a magazine nowadays but every now and then I do pick one up/get given one my friend has finished with. Read all the beauty pages and keep all the articles you particularly like. I would also recommend downloading Stylist Magazine which is free from the iTunes store and often has great beauty pages. 
Keep a notebook
I like to keep this old school and I have an actual notebook but you could simply use the notes section on your phone. Try to find inspiration in everyday life, wether its from a conversation you overheard on the train or something you saw on TV and write it all down. Even if you don’t use it straight away you’ll have it there to come back to when you’re looking for inspiration. 
Previously Popular Posts
Have a look at what’s been popular in the past and do something similar, you obviously don’t want it to be too similar as your readers have already seen that. For example, if ‘Face of the Day’ posts are popular then it’s likely people would also love to see an evening version. 
Try something different
The nice thing about being a blogger is that most readers are on your blog because they also like you and most wouldn’t mind the odd blog post about something a little different. Share an outfit post even though you’re a beauty blogger, start making YouTube video (I’m trying to here) or share a cooking post. It’s great to test the waters out every now and then to see if theres something else your readers might like and you will hopefully attract new readers by adding a little something extra to your blog. 
And if that’s been no help check out my blog posts here for lots of ideas