I’ve been blogging for quite a while now but still I have weeks where I am less inspired than others. Some weeks I can’t type quick enough to actually get all my thoughts down and other weeks (like this week) I sit searching for ideas. I have a few tips which I thought I would share with you to help prevent this lack of inspiration and where to go if it does happen. 

Read Blogs
In my opinion reading other blog’s is one of the most important things you can do as a blogger. You can learn so much from others and that’s where I personally get most of my inspiration. I’d really recommend reading a variety of blogs from all over the world and in a range of topics; for example I read beauty, fashion, interior design and DIY blogs.
I pin all the blog posts that I love onto a secret board which I can then come back to when I need a little inspiration. This doesn’t mean I go back and copy someone else’s post but instead change it to make it my own. I think even simply going back and looking at other bloggers images can help inspire a totally different blog post. 
It’s also worth using Pinterest to pin beauty looks which you love and may want to later recreate (Check mine out here) or simply look back on later. 
It’s very rare that I actual buy a magazine nowadays but every now and then I do pick one up/get given one my friend has finished with. Read all the beauty pages and keep all the articles you particularly like. I would also recommend downloading Stylist Magazine which is free from the iTunes store and often has great beauty pages. 
Keep a notebook
I like to keep this old school and I have an actual notebook but you could simply use the notes section on your phone. Try to find inspiration in everyday life, wether its from a conversation you overheard on the train or something you saw on TV and write it all down. Even if you don’t use it straight away you’ll have it there to come back to when you’re looking for inspiration. 
Previously Popular Posts
Have a look at what’s been popular in the past and do something similar, you obviously don’t want it to be too similar as your readers have already seen that. For example, if ‘Face of the Day’ posts are popular then it’s likely people would also love to see an evening version. 
Try something different
The nice thing about being a blogger is that most readers are on your blog because they also like you and most wouldn’t mind the odd blog post about something a little different. Share an outfit post even though you’re a beauty blogger, start making YouTube video (I’m trying to here) or share a cooking post. It’s great to test the waters out every now and then to see if theres something else your readers might like and you will hopefully attract new readers by adding a little something extra to your blog. 
And if that’s been no help check out my blog posts here for lots of ideas

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1. Plan a catch up with friends
It seems everyones been away or busy over the summer, get all your friends together for coffee/dinner and a good catch up.

2. Catch an outdoor film
There is just a few weeks left to catch the last of the outdoor cinemas, I went to a screening of Romeo & Juliet at Luna Cinema Kew Gardens and it was really good fun.

3. Get the final wear out of your summer clothes
(even if it means shorts/skirts and jumpers)

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4. Make the most of the Eurostar Sale
Return trips from Paris & Brussels for £59!

5. Indulge in a post summer weekend pamper
(more on that tomorrow!)

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Since my last Ten Blog Post Idea post I thought I would share 10 more quick ideas in case you’re still a little stuck for ideas…

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Do you have any other blog post ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments! 

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Now we all know I don’t have the most creative blog ever but I thought I would share some blog post ideas for when you are struggling for inspiration, they are nothing new but will hopefully remind you of posts you’ve read previously and would also like to share with your own readers.

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Do you have any other blog post ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments! 

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