The last week was already starting to feel like Christmas- it’s got me so excited! I had some amazing food, filmed gift guides and went to see a great show (La Soiree) which was all great fun.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be doing vlogmas which means I’ll be uploading a video everyday from 1st December until Christmas eve or at least I’ll be trying to do so! I’d be lying if I said I’m not terrified because I really am, I’m not great at editing and videos take me so long. Although most YouTubers do follow me around vlogs I will be doing a mixture of them and my usual beauty videos which I love creating. Don’t forget to subscribe (here) as I would love your support but I’ll also be blogging daily on here too.

Last week was quite a busy and fun week, I had the opportunity to eat in the sky, twice! The first time was breakfast on the 40th floor over looking London and the second was on a table hanging from a crane which was interesting but a little scary. I also had the chance to attend the Kim and Khloe Kardashian launch (pre naked photos) which was good fun and they’re just just as beautiful in real life.
What did you get up to this week?

Last week, as it was  half term, the boyfriend and I went to spend a couple of days in Bath which was really nice. The weather has also been beautiful so I enjoyed a few strolls too. Catch up with my video below and join me on a relaxed but fun week…

I don’t often do these Instagram posts but since I was away last month and shared a few holiday photos and outfits via Instagram I thought I would share them on my blog too.

 1. Lemons I’d picked straight from the tree.
2. The weather wasn’t great so carrying a plaid shirt was an essential; I love this one from Monki
3. An evening out outfit. Top-Zara, Cardigan- New Look, Handbag- Fiorelli
4. Dress- Primark and Fiorelli Handbag
5. I haven’t read a book in years but I really enjoyed #girlboss and would recommend it.
6. Summer Nail polish loves.
7. Dinner outfit
8. Stylist pick Jumpsuit

1. Petals confetti and the wedding
2. Cocktails (well, Mocktails)
3. Beautiful Print from Arte Limited
4. Simple evening outfit
5. Spending time on the beach. Handbag- Zara and Sandals- Stylist Pick
6. Playsuit- Fall in Love Fashion
7. Found an abandoned Train Station for a few photos
8. … and back to London and jeans

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Another busy week but tomorrow is my last official day of interning which means I will be spending the weeks running up to Christmas just blogging and hopefully making some videos which is so exciting!

Although I say it was busy I only had one super hectic day which was Thursday when I had my day off work. After attending a few press days I joined the lovely girls from The Body Shop to wrap presents at The Kids Company which is an organisation that works with vulnerable Children and young people.

Sadly this year I didn’t volunteer to work Christmas Eve giving food to the homeless like I did last year so I was glad to see the The Body Shop was looking for some volunteers to wrap presents. It was great to see that they weren’t just donating gifts/money but actually taking a whole to wrap gifts and encourage others to do so too. Most us are just so lucky but don’t realise it, it really made me realise that I would love to volunteer a little more in the next year.

I then attend something completely different. The girls over at Glossy Box invited me and a handful of other bloggers to dinner at The Ivy Club to find out about the direction of the monthly subscription box over the next year. I’m very happy to hear that they are staying within beauty and not become a lifestyle box but I’ll share a little more on them throughout the year. As you can imagine the food was great but I may have over eaten (jesus did I over eat!)

I’m hoping the next week will be less boring busy a little more fun so am thinking of vlogging (I am addicted to Vlogmas!) would anyone be interested?

PS. I also uploaded a new video here

What did you get up to this week?
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