Gift Guide: Last Minute Mens

As a girl I find it quite hard to buy men gifts, it’s east to buy women gift’s but what do men actually want? Other than Playstation Games and a Sky subscription (okay, I am stereotyping!) I’ve gathered some of mine/my brothers/my boyfriends items to put together what they would want for Christmas. Of course they are quite young- both under 25 but I’m sure you can adapt it to a slightly older age. 
Let’s start with the obvious ones Playstation/XBox games; the most popular seem to be Fifa 2014, Call of Duty Ghost and GTA 5. For gadgets I this an electric toothbrush would make a great gift as most men won’t actually get round to buying on for themselves. This limited edition Oral-B black one which is exclusive to Tescos has a great design which I’m sure any man would love! My personal favourite is the Nude Audio which comes in a variety of colours and sizes. It’s a portable speaker which you can wirelessly connect your phone to and range from £19.99 to £99. This one is actually my own but my brother has already asked if he can have it. 
I don’t know too many men that like candles but I think it’s because they haven’t quite found the right one. The is the most perfect candle for any man (but is also a personal favourite!) I’m sure this candle can easily tempt men into loving candles too! 
Another great gift for men are , I personally still love the but you can find some really great ones whatever your budget. 
In terms of stocking filler and Secret Santa La Maison Du Chocolat do the most beautiful boxes which don’t look as feminine as traditional chocolates and are a real treat. I also think this Radox set it too cute, I just love the little duck but is also very useful (not so much the duck!) L’occitane do some great luxury but still affordable shower gels. For something small and fun try a family game and a calculator notebook, after all it’s the little things-right?
A few extra’s that are amazing but I don’t have to show you…


What have you bought for the man in your life?

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  1. 12th December 2013 / 10:16 pm

    Love this post for last minute ideas! x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says (Currently running a Secret Christmas Giveaway, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at it)

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