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t £21.50

I’m still not sure I completely understand the point of this product but I still have been enjoying. It’s essentially a finishing misting balm which Bumble and bumble say helps create ‘lived-in, “street-styled” looks with separation and sheen’. As I have fairly oily hair I was a little nervous initially but I have been using it on days when I have apply a lot of dry shampoo and possibly overdone the hair powder or Dryspun Finish and my hair has gone fairly matte, to add some shine and life back into my hair. I personally wouldn’t use this on newly washed hair but if you have dry or coarse hair and are looking for some separation and shine this is also the product for you. 

Dove Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo £4.59
I’ve used Batiste Dry Shampoo for about 8 years now (gosh- that seems crazy!) and have tried numerous different ones all claiming to do the same thing but never being impressed so I was very skeptical trying this one. It has a very ‘Dove’ smell, quite clean and soapy but I actually quite like it and I’m close to finishing the bottle as it actually works. This is a much lighter dry shampoo and is probably best for those whose hair isn’t overly greasy but just need a bit of a freshening up. I also wouldn’t say it adds quite as much texture as Batiste but also doesn’t leave brunette hair with a grey cast. It is a little more expensive than the Batiste but I would still highly recommend trying it and I actually think I will repurchase this.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray (not yet released)
I love a good volumising spray and was very excited to try this but I would just say it is average. It smells fine, leaves my hair a little crispy, adds minimal root life and I have gone through it at a shocking speed. There is another one in the Dove range which I will be trying soon and will report back at a later date.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir £8.31
I love the bottle this comes in, it looks very luxurious and sturdy but is also a really great product. As you can tell I haven’t used very much as a little goes a long way but its great to make hair more silky, easier to brush and I’d even say it reduces drying time.

You may remember I got this last month in the BeautyMart Beauty Box and at first I was a little confused by it, especially as it doesn’t even mention being a hair product on the bottle. It smells amazing which really attracted me to it and then I read that is is basically designed to detangle hair as well as condition it. It is great for people like me what love oils but are looking for something a little lighter. I use mine in wet hair but I think this masks the scent which always leads me to applying a little more to my ends once my hair is dry.

What new hair products have you been trying? 
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  1. 16th May 2014 / 5:44 pm

    I do really like the sound of the City Swept spray – very keen to try!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. 16th May 2014 / 7:15 pm

    I also like the sound of the City Swept spray. I would love to try it. I have seen the new dove dry shampoo but i have also been using batiste for I don't know how long so not sure about using other products, I might have to give it a try now though


  3. 16th May 2014 / 8:24 pm

    The new dove products look interesting. They all seem worth the try x

  4. 17th May 2014 / 1:54 am

    I love Dove products, I can't wait for the dry shampoo to be released here! It looks like a lot more product than the Batiste cans which I go through like crazy!

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