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Last Wednesday, the day before my holiday I went into Ministry of Waxing for compulsory pre-holiday waxing; full leg and bikini. Admittedly I shave more than I should and waxing is very painful!

The decor in Ministry of Waxing is a little different to most waxing places but I quite like it and everyone was very nice, especially the therapist who made me feel very comfortable. I had heard that the wax the use means it isn’t as painful and although I was a little sceptical I think I would have to agree. It still hurts but slightly less. I was very impressed by how clean the whole salon was and I was told that if the hair wasn’t long enough they would be able to do it incase it cause ingrown hairs which I thought was quite nice to be warned about.

I also love the little stress hippo you get if the pain does get a little too much.

Overall it was quick and slightly less painful experience than anywhere else I have been and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a waxing salon although they are quite pricey! (talking £90+ for Full leg and Hollywood)

If you would like the opportunity to also have a waxing treatment of your choice done and Ministry Of Waxing follow the Rafflecopter below. UK Only and you must live close enough to a Ministry of Waxing or be willing to travel. 18+ Only.

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What are your waxing essentials before going away?
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  1. 3rd August 2014 / 1:51 pm

    I hate shaving and so waxing is a must for me but I get how you feel: shaving and then waxing is so much more painful. I always get my full legs, underarms, bikini and half arms done.

  2. 4th August 2014 / 11:37 am

    I used to live in London and was always interested in trying one of these, the company sound so professional and make the pain more easier. I'd love to get my legs waxed before my holiday, to sustain from shaving, I know its not the best option but its just so quick, but the results of waxing are so worth it!

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