Braun Face- Cleansing Brush & Mini Epilator

It seems every brand is releasing a facial cleansing brush and they all seem to do pretty much the same thing. That’s why I was excited to find out that the Braun Cleansing brush does more than just cleanse your face but it’s also a facial epilator! 

The Braun 2 in 1 Cleansing Brush and Epilator is the world’s first- it cleanses the skin, as well as removing any unwanted facial hair from the root. 
Since Braun is the world No1 epilator brand, the first thing I tried was the epilator function which removes even fine, shorter hairs. The size makes it perfect for tidying up eyebrows in between brow waxes to avoid any sort of monobrow or to de-fuzz the upper lip area (no Movember here!) I personally like to do my upper lip at home as I feel it doesn’t require much skill or precision and also means I don’t have to stick to appointment times but I hate having to heat up wax for such a small area- which is why this is perfect. You don’t have to wait for it to heat up and there is no mess, you simply attach the epilator head and remove all your unwanted hairs, even those short hairs that waxing can’t remove. Most people worry about the pain of epilating which isn’t as bad as it use to be and I would say it’s similar to that of threading, so nothing to be too worried about.

What I first noticed about the cleansing brush, is that it’s a little more gentle than most that I have tried, which is a real plus for me. I find that although it deep cleans my skin and pores, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It’s the perfect tool to help you achieve flawless, smooth skin.
It’s all fairly compact, comes with a cover, storage pouch and lighted mirror- making it the perfect travel beauty gadget or simply to be stored in your handbag/work drawer for hairs that need immediate attention/removal. 

Check out this video (here) to see the Braun Face in action
The Braun Face retails at £89.99 from Boots
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  1. 9th November 2014 / 1:40 pm

    This sounds amazing, interesting considering it has an epilator too x

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