About Me

Hi I’m Sabrina!

I’m a 20-something Marketing-grad, born and raised in Lodnon

As my blog name suggest I have some little obsessions which I like to share on this blog. Although these obsessions were initially based around beauty, I now cover travel, personal style and so much more on this blog.

I started blogging after watching lots of YouTube videos and not having the guts to actually sit in front of the camera. I have learnt a lot from the whole blogging community and hope to share all that I have learnt with my readers. Since then I have also started making a few YouTube videos but this blog is my baby.

I hope A Little Obsessed is a place where you will discover not only high-end designer lipsticks but also an amazing, affordable dress or it might even help you plan the perfect city break.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask!