zoeva warm palette
zoeva warm spectrum palette swatchI love a warm wearable eye palette so naturally was super excited for the arrival of the new ZOEVA Warm Spectrum palette through my door! I have the MAC Warm Neutral Palette (review here) so naturally I had to compare the two a little and I must admit at less than half the price this is a great option!

Like the MAC palette it has 15 shadows, with a mixture of mattes and shimmers. They are all creamy and opaque, very much comparable to any higher end palette. I was shocked at how beautifully even the matte shadows applied and although I did wear a primer (I always do), they were very creamy and pigmented. Packaging wise I actually probably prefer this one, it’s streamline and lightweight- I would love a mirror but the MAC palette doesn’t have one either.

I do believe that the MAC one has slightly better brown shades but I think that’s because the ZOEVA Nude Spectrum palette caters better to this, it house beautiful warm browns whereas this Warm Palette does have a few purples, aubergines, burn orange shades- all very wearable but ever so slightly more daring than brown. I actually love the more colourful shades in this palette, in reality they’re not really colourful but just a little more interesting than another medium brown shimmery shade. I do think this palette has one too many pale, skin colour/highlight shades but they are always useful!

I’ve now got my eye on the ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Palette, I don’t need another palette but I do really really want this one, I think it would make the ultimate travel eyeshadow palette.

I also have the ZOEVA Pink Spectrum Blush Palette which I am yet to try but look beautiful and some of their new Rose Golden Brushes, the Luxe All Over Shader Brush is an absolute must have too!


Since it’s the bank holiday and the weather isn’t as good as I had hoped I thought it would be a good day to share how I wash my brushes in case anyone is planning to wash theirs this evening. I try to deep cleanse my brushes every few weeks and use three products which you can find in your bathroom and kitchen.

Cleaning your brushes is so so important to avoid spreading bacteria, keep skin looking great and to maintain brushes in a good condition in order to keep them for as long as possible.

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Stop using products up
This one might be quite hard but it seems silly to use something up even though it isn’t working for you. Pass it on to a friend with a different skin type/colouring or put it to one side incase your skin/colouring changes with the seasons but you could be going more hard than good by using it up (or you could be looking really silly.)

Hold your brush further down the handle
I use to hold my makeup brushes very close to the brush hair which almost covers what you are doing but I find particularly when blending foundation and eyeshadow it’s quite nice to hold the brush about 1/3 of the way up so you can really see what you are doing but the brush is still able to rest on your hand. You still have control but you can see what you are doing and you aren’t putting too much pressure onto your skin.

Stop using magnifying mirror
I’ve never actually owned a magnifying mirror because I simply look shocking in a one and the truth is that no one sees you like that. If you are using one I think it’s far too easy to become obsessed with your skin texture, over pluck your eyebrows and just generally not feel that great. Step away from the magnifying mirror and move onto a normal one where your imperfections aren’t magnified by 1000x. 

Practice in the evening
My personal favourite and one my mother will never understand. I believe that the best time to practice your makeup is at night time just before removing your makeup. If might seem like a waste of makeup but the truth is that it’s better to use a little bit of makeup unnecessarily than to try a cat eye just before leaving the house for an important party which you are forced to attend with 1.5 eyeliner flicks because you simply couldn’t get the other one right. I also practice eyeshadow, contouring and new lip colours just before bed.

I’d love to hear your tips in the comments. 

In my opinion foundation is probably the most important part of my makeup routine, it covers the most area and a badly applied foundation is pretty much a disaster in my books but there are so many different ways to apply foundation that it can can be a little confusing as to which way is best. To be honest I really don’t believe there is a best way to apply foundation. You always have to consider the product you’re using, what sort of finish you want and then just play around and find your favourite way to get your desired affect.

I usually look for a medium coverage, which looks natural of course and always use a liquid foundation which leaves me with a few choices of brushes, my fingertips or a sponge.

Quite popular amongst the blogging world are buffing brushes, with my favourite being the Real Techniques Buffing brush. They’re great when I want to get my foundation on quickly but also blends beautifully, it’s a great one for beginners and I love it to finish of my foundation even if I don’t apply it with this brush just to make sure there are no harsh lines but it also works well with other cream products such as blush.

My current favourite way (and it changes almost weekly) is to use a standard flat foundation brush, there are so many about and I don’t think there tends to be much difference between the good ones. I love a flat foundation brush for any liquid or cream foundation and I find it always gives me the most professional/polished finish. It did take me a little while to get use to flat foundation brushes and they aren’t the easiest to use but they can even be used for concealer (if you use a small foundation brush) and cream cheek products so it’s a great versatile tool to have.

I’m not sure I’ve quite mastered the sponge but I have been trying and it is usually what I opt for when I am using a high coverage foundation which I want to sheer out a little. I always dampen mine and bounce it around my face which I find makes the foundation look natural with a good amount of coverage. Although a little expensive the Beauty Blender is my favourite and I love the smaller end to blend concealer although the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is a good affordable alternative. The finish is usually quite seamless but they aren’t very easy to wash and do tend to soak up quite a lot of product, which is heartbreaking when it’s an expensive foundation.

Another one of my favourite options is to use my fingers, as long as you make sure they are clean, they are one of the best tools- and totally free! I find using my fingers gives me a well blended, natural finish as the warmth really helps melt creams seamlessly into the skin.

I personally haven’t mastered the stippling brush, I just don’t get it and never get the finish I want from it. I’ve also heard that using a small eye blending brush is time consuming but gives the ultimate finish, I’ll try it out and report back soon.

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A few days ago I was thinking back to when I first started blogging and first started watching YouTube videos and I can’t believe how much everything has changed! Back then every YouTuber (and there were far less of them!) had a completely over the top collection unlike now when most people seem to be taking it a little more back to basics and downsizing. However still what I find the funniest is the product which were at the top of my wishlist six years ago and how my opinion of most of them has completely changed. 
If you’ve been watching YouTube as long as I have than I invite you to look back and reminisce with me, if your new to the game I’m sure you’ll find some of these products a little ridiculous. 
Top of my wishlist was undoubtedly Mac brushes, I still think they’re great and would still consider buying a few (eg Mac 217) but back then they were the absolute best in my opinion. People use to do these huge hauls of Mac items and everyone on YouTube had an impressive collection. Since I was 16 and most their brushes cost £25+ all I did was dream about them. I still have a very clear memory of my ‘action plan’, how I was going to acquire an impressive set all to my own. After considering the Christmas Set but deciding I wanted the real deal I decided I would by one a month but with some of them retailing for £40+ I ended up only buying two. Looking back I’m actually glad I never bought them as I am extremely proud of my current collection and very few of the brushes are highend but this was pre Sigma and Real Techniques
Speacking of Mac I feel like Mac in itself was such a YouTube trend, every other haul would be a Mac haul where YouTubers would spend what seemed like an excessive amount of money on tons of Mac products. YouTubers would share their Mac collection made up of Mac Well Dress Blush, Mac Limited Edition Collection pieces (anyone remember Hello Kitty?) and so much more. I was always so jealous (and remain jealous) of the American YouTubers access to Cosmetic Outlets where they could purchase Mac and extremely discounted prices. Although I think Mac is a stable and very key brand in the makeup industry I am still surprised by just how valued it was over every other brand back then on YouTube. 
It was around this time that I decided Mac Studio Fix Fluid was a good idea. It wasn’t. It was far too heavy, which I use to love as it covered my acne, little did I know it actually made everything much worse and to this day it still breaks me out. 
One of my biggest beauty influencers back then was Lollipop26 who now runs the blog Buy Now, Blog Later and even now I would still say she was my favourite YouTuber ever, although she no longer makes videos. I bought numerous nail polishes off eBay inspired by her; OPI You Don’t know Jacques, OPI Sephora Metro Chic, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and so many more!
Laura Aka Lollipop26 also inspired my purchase (and everyone else’s) of Gosh Darling a very nude lipstick which really didn’t suit me. Back then ‘Nude lipsticks’ were really nude, concealer lips nude. My biggest beauty faux pas was probably when I though Mac Myth lipstick was a good idea when in fact it was the worst idea ever! 
Its funny to think about just how much everything has changed but I’m looking forward to seeing what the future beauty blogger product trends will be.