As I am sure many of you know BirchBox has now acquired Jolie Box, BirchBox, for those of you that don’t know was the first beauty box and it launched in the US. I am personally quite excited for Birchbox to enter the UK market, they have a huge team in the US and I think they have a slightly different outlook. I met the team at the press junket a while back I feel they ail be doing some re-branding and are really pushing their new e-commerce site. I’ve now got a Birchbox and a Joliebox to compare…

 This months Joliebox had the title ‘Pure and Natural’ so inside are five natural beauty products. There is a very generous full size Ritessens Exfoliant which I will be trying but does sounds great. The other full size product is the Jason Lip Balm stick which has made it’s way into my handbag and I really like. The Moa Green Lip Balm is something I have received in the past through a beauty box and luckily something I quite like as it is a multipurpose balm. There are also two sachets of Iroisie BB Creams which I probably will never use and a strange lifestyle product in the form of Lov Organic Herbal Tea which I wouldn’t personally really want in my beauty box. Overall I really like 3 out of the five products and think it is quite a generous box.

 The packaging for the Birchbox is much smaller and flimsy however I am not sure if there are actually changing over to this box (it also has a bit of a funny smell). Inside there is again four beauty products and one lifestyle extra which leads me to thing that usually there are only four products in the box. There is a DDF foaming cleanser which I won’t use as I don’t think foaming cleansers are too good for the skin, a Jouer Lipgloss which is tiny but I really like the idea of a moisturising gloss, a Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur sample which I think is nice as its a new perfume (I have the full size and love it!) and the LiQWd Volumizing Catalyst which I will also be trying. Once again I like 3 out of the five products but the Larabar still seems like a weird addition!

I am very excited to see how this merge is going to work and how each months box will change, I am hoping for slightly better brands as Birchbox is such a well known company! I also know that in the next few days they will be launching JoliePoints which means each time you sign up, refer a friend, shop or provide feedback through their website you will build up points which you can put towards a product which sounds like a great idea! I hope that we still get the magazine within each box but maybe a few more interactive things too!

What do you think of Joliebox and Birchbox joining forces? What are you hoping to see change/remain the same?
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 It’s that time of the month again and I have received Septembers edition of the Joliebox. For starters lets just touch on the box, how horrible is it? I just hate the colours and think it looks very childish (or like a clown outfit), very different to my opinion on this months Glossy Box. But lets move on to the important things….

 This months box is called ‘Runway Ready’ and is inspired by London Fashion week. Inside there are  six items to get you through the post-summer blues.

Balmi Lip Balm
This product really did excite me as I never got the EOS lipbalm which is of a similar shape, I like that this is quite an unusual product and lipbalms always come in hands. It is the full size product which usually retails for £5 so although it isn’t a highend sample I’m still quite happy with it

I love…Face Mask
I’ve been trying to get through the face mask samples which I have at the moment but I’m not sure this is one that I will use. I also feel the I love… has a very artificial scent that I really don’t want from a Face Mask. Plus I love… product are very inexpensive I doubt this retail for anything more than a pound.

Redken Align 12 protective straightening Lotion
This is suppose to be a top selling product and Redkin is a great brand too however this is a Straightening product but as I never straighten my hair I doubt I will get any use of this!(also wasn’t this in another beauty box?)

Twistband Hair Tie
These are not my usually cup of tea but I really like these! They allow you to tie up your hair without getting any kinks or bumps afterwards. Sadly yellow really isn’t my colour but I will carry the green one around with me!

Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant
Luckily this is a little added extra cause you don’t get very much but then again it is a high end brand.

What excited me the most this month is the Skin3 £25 voucher but I don’t think this would benefit everyone. The salon is based in Swiss Cottage, London which isn’t far at all from me but for subscribers that live outside of London they unlikely to benefit from this. There is also a Boohoo discount code which is always nice!

 I’ve really been enjoying receiving beauty boxes recently but I would like to clearly state that I get sent both the Jolie Box and Glossy Box. So the big question is would I spend my own money on it? For me at this moment in time I would have to say no, I have way too many beauty products and really don’t need any more. However that said I think if I wasn’t a beauty blogger or simply didn’t have that many products I would subscribe. At round £10 a month I think they are reasonably as a treat but they aren’t a  necessity.

I do like the variety of this box especially as there is even an experience voucher included!
Have you received this months Jolie Box? What did you think?
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Its that time of the month for another Jolie Box and I must admit this month I was so excited to receive my box as I was hoping for lots of nice Minis to take on holiday with me. If you remember last month Jolie Box (post here) was a bright orange one filled with variety of products from a nail file to lipstick and I was quite impressed.  So how about this month….

Etat Pur Salicylic Acid 300
Jane Iredale Tantastic Self Tanner
Nail Girl Mini Polishes
Wen By Caz Dean Conditioner

Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Anti Wrinkle Tanning Cream

Jolie Toe Separator 

Jolie Toe Separator
I think this makes a nice little extra in the box, now that it is summer (the sun is actually shinning in London) we get to wear sandals and paint our toe nails so these will come in great use.

Imstitut Esthederm Bronz Repair Anti Wrinkle Cream
I don’t fully understand what this product actually is isn’t actually on the Menu card that comes with the box. It appears to be a product that maximises how much you tan but as it doesn’t appear to have SPF I am at least a little confused. 

Nail Girls Mini Polishes
Maybe I’ve been living under a rock (happens often) but I have never heard of Nail Girls so I am quite excited to try these polishes although the colours aren’t quite to my taste. I do think however its nice that we got sent two and that they are Olympic inspired.

Wen By Caz Dean Sweet Almond & Mint Cleansing Conditioner
This conditioner is suppose to be a natural single-step cleanser but I’m not a big fan of conditioner and rarely use it so this to me is the least exciting product.

Etat Pur Pure Active A22 Salicylic Acid 300
This is a product which is apparently very affective on blemish prone skin and although I am quite happy with my skin at the moment I am very excited to try it!

Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tan
This is a gradual face tan which you can use on the face & body but as I am not too keen on Gradual Tan this is the one product I am least excited about.

Overall, I think this was a decent box with a nice mixture of products I personally preferred last months box. The stand out product to me are the Etat Pur Salicylic Acid 300 and I am curious to know more about the Imstitut Esthederm product as I have heard so many good things about the brand.

What do you think of this months Jolie Box?
Sabrina X

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*This beauty box was provided for review

 This post is long over due but with Christmas preparations, New Year and work I haven’t really had too much time to photograph and blog about much. However I have had a little time to play some of the content of this box.

Boudoir Prive has now joined forces with JolieBox which is the leading beauty box in France and has now become JolieBox. They now have a new smaller box which I always think is better then big boxes as it always seems to come fuller making it all more exciting. The colour scheme has changed to from the pink and black which was quite similar to the Glossy Box to a black and white far more sleek looking box!

 OPI Gold Shatter Nail Polish
Mitchell and Peach Shower Gel
New CID Cosmetic i-gloss
Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Dust
Yon-Ka Vital Defense
Kusmi Detox Tea
JolieBox Concealer Brush

 I think that this box has some fabulous products inside but a few that I am not so keen on.

I will start with the products I am not as keen on, I have seen tea included in a few beauty boxes and I just don’t understand it, realistically I won’t ever drink this tea. I’m also not too keen on the Vital Defense by Yon Ka it isn’t really aimed at my age and most of all the packaging is rather horrible making me completely not attracted to it! The last product I don’t think I will get much use out of is the Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Dust, I don’t really like lose pigments and this one seems like too much effort with little pay off although I do think it fits in well as this is a Christmas box.

 However all that said there are some great products in this box! As this is a Christmas Box I think the OPI Gold Crackle nail polish fits in perfectly and it is even a full size bottle, although I am not the biggest fan of crackle polish I do love gold glitter! The Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash is something I would never buy myself but it is really nice and perfect for travelling too.

My favourite product is the New CID Cosmetic lip gloss, this is the second New CID product I have received in a beauty box and I have love both products! I really must get myself to a New CID counter, although a little gimmicky the products and colours are great! The last product which I think was a really nice addition, the concealer brush is not like anything I have ever seen in another Beauty Box and it would be lovely to see a few more little brushes pop up in future boxes!

Do I think this box is worth the money?
Completely, there are some great products in here which I am sure I will use a lot, even if there are a few I won’t.

The Subscription is available for £10 a month + P&P click here for more information

What do you think of the new Boujoir Prive/JolieBox look?

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