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 As I am sure many of you know BirchBox has now acquired Jolie Box, BirchBox, for those of you that don’t know was the first beauty box and it launched in the US. I am personally quite excited for Birchbox to enter the UK market, they have a huge team in the US and I think they have a slightly different outlook. I met the team at the press junket a while back I feel they ail be doing some re-branding and are really pushing their new e-commerce site. I’ve now got a Birchbox and a Joliebox to compare…

 This months Joliebox had the title ‘Pure and Natural’ so inside are five natural beauty products. There is a very generous full size Ritessens Exfoliant which I will be trying but does sounds great. The other full size product is the Jason Lip Balm stick which has made it’s way into my handbag and I really like. The Moa Green Lip Balm is something I have received in the past through a beauty box and luckily something I quite like as it is a multipurpose balm. There are also two sachets of Iroisie BB Creams which I probably will never use and a strange lifestyle product in the form of Lov Organic Herbal Tea which I wouldn’t personally really want in my beauty box. Overall I really like 3 out of the five products and think it is quite a generous box.

 The packaging for the Birchbox is much smaller and flimsy however I am not sure if there are actually changing over to this box (it also has a bit of a funny smell). Inside there is again four beauty products and one lifestyle extra which leads me to thing that usually there are only four products in the box. There is a DDF foaming cleanser which I won’t use as I don’t think foaming cleansers are too good for the skin, a Jouer Lipgloss which is tiny but I really like the idea of a moisturising gloss, a Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur sample which I think is nice as its a new perfume (I have the full size and love it!) and the LiQWd Volumizing Catalyst which I will also be trying. Once again I like 3 out of the five products but the Larabar still seems like a weird addition!

I am very excited to see how this merge is going to work and how each months box will change, I am hoping for slightly better brands as Birchbox is such a well known company! I also know that in the next few days they will be launching JoliePoints which means each time you sign up, refer a friend, shop or provide feedback through their website you will build up points which you can put towards a product which sounds like a great idea! I hope that we still get the magazine within each box but maybe a few more interactive things too!

What do you think of Joliebox and Birchbox joining forces? What are you hoping to see change/remain the same?
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  1. 28th October 2012 / 2:28 pm

    I really want to try a beauty box they look so nice! Now following via gfc 🙂 <3

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