Every now and then I see a beauty release that confuses me a little, such as the Benefit Bling Brow. Great alliteration, but do I want bling for my brows?

Everyone has been talking about brows recently, they seem to be the hot topic. Benefit do brows really well and I’d recommend their Brow Bars if you are looking for somewhere to get them done. For the party season Benefit have collaborates with Swarovski to help you decorate your eyebrows with crystals both at home with their Bling Brow set but also in store with the Bling Brow Service at their Brow bars.

There a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, you can apply the crystals through the brows, below the brows, a simple on right at the end or cover the entire brow in crystals.

The in-store prices range from £4-16 depending on the amount of bling you want and the at home hit made up of 52 crystals and a mini tweezer retails for £19.50. I had the service in store as well as trying the set at home for myself and although I think it can look pretty, I’m not sure I would go out in it.

They’re really easy to apply and apparently last all day but I’m not sure anyone at my Christmas party would understand me having crystals in my brows and I’m not sure I understand it either. I think it would work really well for a festival or for something quite fun and casual (instead of neon paint maybe) but it’s a little tacky in my opinion for a Christmas Party.

I can see why people are attracted to these but I personally wouldn’t spend £19.50 on them nor would I wear them out. They’re fun but also a little childish in my opinion. If they are something you are interested in I’m sure you could pick up some much cheap gems in Claire’s, I wouldn’t worry too much about them being Swarovski or not as they will probably end up down the drain at the end of the evening.

What do you think of the Benefit Brow Bling? Is it something you would try?

If you know me or follow my Instagram you will know I love necklaces especially large ones so I am so excited to be giving away a beautiful Swarovski necklace with the most stunning beetle pendant, perfect for summer months!

 The necklace is part of the Swarovski Tropical Paradise SS13 collection, the colours are really stunning and it sparkles beautifully. The collection is inspired by the festival hills of Rio de Janeiro and therefore has exotic and enchanting pieces.

 Fill in your details below before the 18th March to be in a chance to win
You must be an ALO follower and live in the UK

Keep an eye open to see me wearing it on my Instagram today! I’m thinking to play around with some eyeliners that mirror the same colours in the necklace.
Good luck!
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 I never do daily makeup post or face of the days (FOTD) but since I had some time on my hand I thought I would quickly share why I was wearing yesterday.
Please ignore my eyebrows this was just before I got them done.

 On my face I am wearing Revlon Colorstay in Fresh Beige, I think this is a stable foundation in any collection as it isn’t expensive but offers quite good coverage on those days you need it. If you have tried this and found it didn’t work for you I would recommend trying the one for a different skin type, for years I was using the one aimed at oily skin but in fact the one for dry skin works far better on me. As a concealer I was wearing my trusty Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium.

 I didn’t put anything in my eyebrows as I didn’t want to draw any attention to them as they were quite messy. One my checks, around my temple and a little on the sides of my nose I am wearing my Sleek Contour Kit which I use almost everyday and is a handbag essential for me.

On my lips I started with a Front Cover lip liner which doesn’t seem to have a name, I then put on top Mac Modesty Lipstick finished with a Barry M Glossy tube in No4, I love this combination!

 (Nice close up of my messy eyebrows!)
On my eyes I am wearing…
Mac Rubenesque Paintpot as a base
Mac All That Glitters Eyeshadow all over the lid
Mac Antiqued Eyeshadow (which is a favourite!) lightly in the crease and under the eye
& an ELF white eyeshadow as a highligh
I use my usual Loreal Carbon Gloss eyeliner on top, Soap & Glory Pencil eyeliner to line the top of the inside of my eye and a pale No7 colour on my water line. After curling my lashes I used Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.

Hope you liked my very simple look.
Also in the comments let me know if you would like to see more of these post and if you would like a liquid eyeliner how-to

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 When I first received these two products I was incredibly excited, they seem to be the perfect Christmas Gift. Neither gift is something I would ever buy myself but it is something which I am so glad to have received.

 Aura By Swarovski Crystal Gloss for Lips £48*
Now £48 for a Lip Gloss in pretty packaging isn’t something I would usually recommend buying but everything about this is very luxurious and it would make an amazing present. Everyone that comes to my house gets shown this by me, I show them every little bit. I love the packaging, the pleated box, the little silver box inside and of course the charm and lipgloss itself. The lipgloss is presented in a heavy weight charm with stunning little crystals, this is a must have collectable piece.

 Perfect gift for someone who loves pretty things, so pretty much every woman.

Limited Edition Passion Face Palette £35*
The second is a palette from Clarins although I said I wouldn’t buy this for myself some people would. I think this palette is perfect because it looks and feels expensive. It is in a heavy duty compact with a pretty pattern which I think is quite Christmasy with the gold and red. The face powder is embossed with a motif and is just stunning.

 Perfect for a woman who loves good makeup and is slightly older (not a teen.) A very sophisticated present perfect for your mother or sister!

 What do you think of these two gift ideas, would you be happy if Father Christmas left them under your tree?

Sabrina  X
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