Glossy Box for Men Spring 2012

 This month I received my first Glossy Box for men although I believe there has been a couple before this one. There are a few differences between this one and the Glossy box aimed at women.
1) It has seven luxury samples instead of 5
2) It costs £15 (instead of £10) plus P&P
3) It comes out quarterly

The box itself is a greyish colour, actually quite nice and classic- I may even prefer it to the pink Glossy Box. Inside it includes the usual card explaining the products and seven products. It is so nice and very exciting to see a full Glossy Box, I think having seven samples rather than five really adds to the excitement!

 Inside there are some products which I think are great for this box and a let down. I think it was lovely to see lots of products aimed at shaving as this is the one thing almost all men do, they may not use face masks and exfoliate but the majority shave. I thought the Liz Earle product was the most impressive product as it is a great range but the hand sanitiser was a let down. The main problem I had was the fact the hand sanitiser was lavender scented- because that’s the most manly smell, isn’t it?!

 I handed this box over to my boyfriend to see his views on the Glossy Box from a mans perspective, please remember he isn’t a beauty blogger…


The best feature of the Glossy Box is its packaging. Its aesthetically pleasing exterior box is complemented well by the black tissue paper that wraps the products inside. Its little details like the ribbon bow that make this product worth buying. Inside, I received a letter explaining the ethos of the company and the quality of the products which I thought was a nice touch.
Even though I’m no metro sexual male the products themselves were quite pleasant to use. The body moisturiser and the hand sanitiser were fairly sized and had strangely addictive scents to them. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Alum matchsticks, after shave astringents’ simply because I never knew these existed and I’ve already noticed a visible improvement in the calming of my razor burns. Perhaps the after shave perfume could have been slightly larger in volume and it doesn’t have the greatest aroma ever.


I received this product with scepticism, however upon using them it has dented my perception of male grooming products without altering my characteristics as a man. If it had a razor the Glossy Box would have been perfect, even so I would recommend buying it.

 I can’t see very many men buying this themselves but it would make a great present to any man in your life!

For more information on this seasons Glossy Box for men’s content click here

What do you think of the Glossy Box for men? Do you think any man you know would love it?
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  1. 17th April 2012 / 3:59 pm

    Its pretty decent I have to say but I can't see my bf trying all the products on a quarterly/monthly basis. I like the idea but unless your mans into male grooming obsessively then I can see this sitting in the corner gathering dust for many x

  2. 17th April 2012 / 11:13 pm

    Birchbox is coming out with a box for guys and while I'm tempted to get one for my boyfriend I can't see him appreciating it a whole lot XD My boyfriend has almost no facial hair (asian genes haha) so shaving products would be a waste 🙁 Glad to see your man liked his box and his review was very well written! 🙂

  3. 19th April 2012 / 9:57 am

    I know that my boyfriend would love the face scrub and shaving matchsticks but I know for a fact that he would never use the lavender hand sanitizer! x

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