Interview with Wendy from ThankFifi

One of the best things about having guest bloggers is finding fabulous new blogs. One of my favourites that I found was ThankFifi, a fashion & lifestyle blog by Wendy. Today I have an interview with her as I think it is the best way for you to get to know Wendy a little better and learn about her fabulous blog and style!

How did you start blogging?
Over coffee with a good friend Fi – we were chatting blogs and sharing our favourites.  She suggested I start my own and that she at least would read.  So I did – thanks Fi (Fi).  

What do you blog about?
It’s unashamedly all about me.  3 days a week I share what I wore and the other days are a mix of different places I went, new fashion or beauty finds and recipes I tried out like my purple chocolate cake – who knew aubergines in a cake could be so good?

Describe the Thankfifi style to us?
I’d say I love to mix really good basics with statement pieces.  Great basics can be invented in 100’s of different ways with good scarves, accessories, cuffing jean hems, knotting tees, layering, etc.  Right now I can’t seem to get enough of denim…

What/who inspires your style?
Mostly other blogs – I follow loads of really great girls with different styles.  I often describe blogs to people who don’t know what they are (you know, like your granny) as a kind of personally tailored magazine.  I’m also really lucky to work in the design studio for Bluebellgray where the other girls at work have really amazing style so we are always bouncing fashion ideas off one another.

You can never have too many?
Shirts.  I have so many and I layer them and knot them and wear them loose…  

Top beauty tip?
Bright lipstick.  When the rest of you has literally rolled out of bed all you need is sunglasses and a deep pink lip and you can fool the world.
And for those days when your hair could use a wash but you want to make it do one day longer, Batiste dry shampoo and a headscarf – always chic and makes the most simple look a bit more exciting.

Where do you like to shop?
I do a lot of online shopping but mostly high street.  Mango has had a special place in my heart since opening in Glasgow about a decade ago but Gap and Zara are also favourites.  For higher end pieces I like ebay and TK Maxx for a bargain or discount sites like BrandAlley.

What’s on your autumn shopping list?
Chunky knits with maxi skirts and I’m really lusting after a pair of knee high black wedge boots – I’ve seen a Givenchy pair and am just waiting for a highstreet version!  And, to be honest, even though I have so much already, probably more denim.

What are your favourite things in life?
My boys.  The husband and Mr K, my dog who is almost always by my side, in life and in the blog.  Of course fashion but also sunshine, cold or hot, sunshine always makes me smile.

Check out here and thanks Sabrina for having me! X

Huge thank you to Wendy for sharing a little about her self, check out her blog to find out more about her, her style and her beautiful dog! Thanks Wendy!
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  1. 30th October 2012 / 2:22 pm

    Sabrina – don't know how I missed this but thank you so much!

    ♥ Thankfifi

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