Is Your Life as Perfect as your Facebook Makes Out?

If you haven’t realised I am not only A Little Obsessed with Beauty but also Social Media. I have everything that is out there and this week I set up something new! Pencourage is a new platform which lets you post anonymously (& I know a lot of my readers love to do that!) which at first I didn’t think sounded like something I would personally use until I logged on!

You can create an account here and have a little look around the site, it is actually quite inspiring! I’m the sort of person that logs into Twitter, types out a tweet and then hits the delete button as I know there are somethings I shouldn’t say but on Pencourage there is no need to hold back! You can share all your feeling and thoughts entirely anonymously. You can use it simply as a diary or for somewhere you share your deeper feelings. You can talk about your own life or even current affairs with the rest of the world but they will never know it is you.

They sum it up as
‘One day we hope your life is as wonderful as you pretend it is on facebook’
& I know personally my life is far from as perfect as my Facebook Friends think it is! Actually people assume lots of things that aren’t true from my Facebook!

What do you think of the concept? What will you be writing about on yours?

Have a look if you can find my Pencourage! 

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  1. 29th November 2012 / 1:36 pm

    Wow, this is one of the best posts I've read in a while. This is right up my street. When I first read your blog post title, I actually thought about a recent realisation of mine, which was basically – I realised that I had become SO obsessed with how my life looked to others, that I completely forgot how to just live it and love it for what it was. Just like all forms of media, Facebook has a way of making you feel incredibly pressured to be something you're not. I had become totally obsessed with telling everyone everything, posting photos of new purchases (but doing it on Instagram to make my photos look cooler and in turn make me look cooler) and just the other month it hit me how stupid I was being. I am actually in the process of removing my FB and creating an ultra private account, but as many people know…FB can never be ultra private. This platform however seems promising.

    The only problem is that I'm worried it'll become a lot like Tumblr, quite a depressing place with people airing all their personal drama, frustrations and emotions. I know Tumblr isn't anonymous but it does have a certain aspect of anonymity to it which seems to influence people to air their most deepest and darkest thoughts.

    Hopefully, it wont turn into that. I'm willing to give it a go to find out. Fab post again!

  2. 29th November 2012 / 4:22 pm

    It's a pretty interesting concept, but I have to say, I'm all for learning to be honest and not pushing to be something I'm not. It's something I'm really keen on doing on my blog, for example my 'can you admit your weaknesses' tag. I think it's important that we all stop pretending that we live in a haze of afternoon tea, lipstick and romantic walks at midnight. It's not real, and it's not something I'm going to perpetuate.

    Lea x

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  3. 29th November 2012 / 7:17 pm

    I've been on Pencourage the whole day trying to come up with a username, then I realised a flaw. It's actually just like every other social networking site out there unfortunately. Requires a username etc. The only way you could be 100% anonymous on there is not to post your own details or photos of yourself, which you could choose to do on any social media platform. I think Pencourage just put emphasis on the anonymity of it when it's not all that anonymous in reality 🙁

  4. 29th November 2012 / 7:17 pm

    Couldn't agree more Lea. I think this could be really cathartic, to just say whats on your mind but without the repercussions of doing it on a social media platform. I have found myself often writing facebook status's and then deleting them because i know i will regret it when ive calmed down!

    Anna x

  5. 29th November 2012 / 11:54 pm

    I was using this cool site not too long ago called 750 words. It's completely anon – other people don't read your posts, it's literally just like a blank space of the internet where you go to write 750 words every day. Why 750 words? There was something about writing 3 pages a day helps you feel better, and that works out to about 750 words.
    I found it incredibly cathartic. The best part was knowing no one would read it – and they had cute little badges you could win for accomplishments (writing so many days in a row) that helped keep me motivated.

  6. 30th November 2012 / 2:20 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Just a few weeks ago I was lamenting how silly Tumblr is. I use mine as a blog, but most people use it to share images, so it was really frustrating to write something really in-depth and complex and then just have it be surrounded by fangirls and stupid pictures. I feel like this site is more for those who write as an outlet…I love peeks inside other people's lives. It really helps you feel connected to another beating heart, even in the smallest way.

  7. 30th November 2012 / 8:48 am

    Hmm, I don't know if I fully understand its purpose. I mean, if I want to be anonymous, I can almost post anywhere on the internet just as long as I use some random user name and don't post a picture. I mainly join social network sites to be just that: social. I just filter my bad and good days and only share status updates that have more meaning with people I trust. Anyone who is sensible would know better than to think that my life is perfect. So, while this Pencourage site might be useful to some, I don't think it is necessary for me…but I'll never say never. This is just my opinion:)

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