Sienna X Spray Tan @ The W

I love fake tan but standing almost naked in front of someone whilst you get a spray tan can be very, very daunting but the results are often far better than those you can achieve at home. For a special occasion spray tans are essential and make such a nice treat/pick-me-up.

My favourite place to get a spray tan has to be at the Away spa in the W hotel, London. As you can guess it isn’t the cheapest spray tan ever so it isn’t somewhere most people can afford to go every week but if you have an extra special party coming up or maybe even a honeymoon and are looking for the perfect tan than it is the best place to go!

James Harknett is the spray tan man and is also Sienna X’s official spray tanner he tans lots of amazing celebrities and you may have seen him on your TV screen recently. James is based at the W Hotel which is a really amazing spa (a favourite with celebrities) and a really lovely place to go!

Unlike other places which may offer cheaper spray tan’s you can really tell just how knowledgable James is! He’ll look at your current skin colour, discuss the occasion and what sort of look you are going for before deciding on the perfect Sienna X colour. Unlike other spas/salons the room is nice and big, you are provided with (the ever so sexy!) disposable knickers, a hair net as well as wipes to remove makeup and any deodorant you may have on. Although this may not seem like a big deal I really like the lighting in the room, I have previously got a spray tan in bright white lighting which I found very scary. Here however the lighting is perfect, not too bright so every single last imperfection can be seen but bright enough so that you can see the tan and make sure it is perfect. You are then dried so you can put your clothes back on.

Although the price is a little premium you are completely given a premium service which doesn’t compare to any other spray tan’s I have had (I’ve had spray tan from a few companies head spray tanner.) I also love that Sienna X is used as it could, possibly be my favourite fake tan brand (this is a big statement and one I need to think about a little further so stay tuned for a top fake tan post) the spray tan lasted almost a week and came off quite evenly. I’d really recommend a Sienna X spray tan as the colour is really natural even in the darker shades and if you can afford it a Sienna X Spray Tan at the W  really is the best I’ve had!

I will be doing a review on a large portion of the Sienna X range soon!
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  1. 4th November 2012 / 10:50 am

    The place looks absolutely amazing and so luxurious!

  2. 5th November 2012 / 12:27 am

    this sounds like a lovely experience and really not scary ! xx

  3. 5th November 2012 / 4:07 am

    This is pretty interesting! I love to take some experience on this. Since it isn't scary and very safe to use, this would be very suitable for me to use. Thumbs up for very sexy looking skin.

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