What I Leant during a massage

It’s been a little while since I had a massage so I was very much looking forward to visiting Josie at Bodhi Clinic to have a little me time. Nestled in the heart of Soho, Bodhi Clinic is a great little refuge from the rain and roadworks going on at street level. When I arrived I was led downstairs to a relaxing room filled with candle light and smelling of beautiful oils.

Before we got started Josie examined my spine which is something I’ve never had done even after numerous massages and from this quick examination she told so many things about myself; some of which I already knew (and ignored) and some which I actually had no idea about. Josie really knows her stuff and took me through how my lifestyle and general habits were affecting my back so we agreed against a relaxing massage and instead went for one that would really help me out in the long run.

I was expecting it to be a little uncomfortable which it was but somehow still relaxing and I felt so much better once I got up off the massage bed, although I was a little sore the next day it was actually far less pain than I expected.

So here’s what I learnt…

My posture isn’t great
I already knew this but chose to ignore it some what, Josie told me just minutes after meeting that my head isn’t as straight as it should be and shared some great tips in fixing this.

I need to change my work set-up
I’ve always been a bit of a sloucher but simply pushing my bum back on the chair and lifting the height of my screen will help improve not only my posture but the pain I sometimes get in my neck and lower back.

I should be taking deeper breathes
As silly as it may sound I apparently don’t breathe quite right and my breathes should be deeper than they are. Josie showed me a few great breathing techniques which I will be trying to use every evening before bed. 

I need to drink more water
I do try but sometimes it slips my mind which leaves my skin often to be dehydrated but apparently also my muscles. Drinking lots of water can help with so much including the condition of your muscles and the drainage of lactic acids.
I should probably start pilates 
Before the summer I was doing really well and going to the gym 4 times a week but now it’s cold I’ve really been struggling to get out of bed. My back isn’t quite as strong as it should be but it could be improved with a pilates class once or twice a week. What surprised me the most is that strengthening these muscles would probably also help with child birth at a later date so I’m going to buy a few pilates DVD’s and find a class to attend. Apparently doing pilates can even help reduce the amount of times you need to see a masseuse.

Although the massage was a little less relaxing than I expected it was also far more educational and Josies expertise and passion really shone through. I would highly recommend paying Josie a visit, she can really help you get your body better and four days after I feel far less tense and generally more comfortable.

You can visit Josie for a massage at the Bodhi Clinic in Soho


  1. 17th October 2014 / 10:51 pm

    This sounds lovely and the tips Josie gave are pretty good! It's not hard to sit back on a chair and pull the screen up, though I'd never have thought of it! Being on the computer a lot of the time makes one forget about all this, yet this tip should help!
    The Pilates sounds a good idea and how ironic that I saw you on a TV advert while I was at the gym! It was you and a few other bloggers/vloggers and I was admiring your work and how far you've come (you're on an advert, for goodness sakes!) as I began my warm up on the treadmill! Well done!
    Also, good luck for motivation, I'm with ya, sister! <3

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