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I always joke that I am the least travelled person ever (it’s not really a joke), I am 24 years of age and I have never left Europe. It’s never really bothered me, we use to go to Portugal for the month of August every year (and still do), visit family in France regularly and I’d been to Spain as were a 30min drive from the border in Portugal (plus it’s one of our nearest beaches). In the last two years I’ve also managed to add Beligum to the list as I’ve been there twice for work but that’s it. I’ve been to four countries in my 24 years, five if we include England.

I’ve decided it’s probably time I start traveling a little bit more, I feel if I want to travel I should probably do it now before I attempt to buy a house (who know when that will- have you seen London house prices?!) or even start thinking about having kids (this won’t be too soon either). This doesn’t mean I will be booking a 5 week backpacking trip across Asia and I can’t even promise I’ll make it out of Europe this year but I feel that with Europe City breaks being so cheap I really have no excuse! (well Mike’s a teacher and half term prices are cray!)

I have so far booked Berlin and Amsterdam for this month plus Rome at the start of April. There will be no change in my regular month in Portugal although I have seen that we can get from our house (in Portugal) to Madrid in a four hour drive so I am considering squeezing that in too.

I’ll be taking you all with me on my holidays through my blog, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat (alittleobsessed) and Twitter so make sure you follow me. I have lots of post ideas from city guides to how to book an inexpensive holiday and any luxury hotels I may stay at, which I really hope you will all enjoy. I’m also working on a few London guides for any of you looking to come to London.

In the comments I would really love recommendations on countries I should visit and what I should do in Berlin, Amsterdam and Rome. I’d also love to hear about your favourite holiday and also what you have coming up. Let me know what sort of posts you would like too, I’m really looking forward to sharing a different part of my life on here.

PS. I went through my holiday photos from last year to find the images for this post and I miss my tan and the sun so much I could cry.

Please hurry back summer.


  1. 6th February 2016 / 9:53 am

    Amsterdam is literally my favorite place on Earth, you will have a blast!

    Some of my recommendations for Amsterdam:
    – Visit The Rijksmuseum
    – and the Van Gogh Museum (they are next to each other)
    – Try some frites met pindasaus (chips with satay sauce)
    – Eat at De Bakkerswinkel

    Also while you are in the Netherlands, take a trip out to Utrecht (30 mins on the train) It’s the most beautiful medieval city which I had the pleasure to live in for a while. Lots to see there too!

    Bethan | Ethical Entrepreneurship

    • Sabrina
      6th February 2016 / 2:46 pm

      Thank you so much for this! Added to my notes and will report back after I have been xxx

  2. 6th February 2016 / 1:56 pm

    I know the feeling! I’ve been very lucky to have travelled to and seen quite a lot of America and a few countries in Europe but I’m so excited to finally see Asia and Australia this year! There’s definitely something exciting about visiting a whole new continent!

    • Sabrina
      6th February 2016 / 2:47 pm

      Asia and Australia sound amazing, hope you have an amazing time! X

  3. 6th February 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Hi Sabrina!

    I am so excited to read about your travels, as mine are going to start coming to a stop as I am starting to save for that all important Mortgage Deposit! I am so envious that you are going to Rome, we went last year and it was beautiful. If you can make sure you go to Della Palma (http://www.dellapalma.it/en/) they do the best Ice Cream and have over 100 flavours, if you can La Fontana di Venere for dinner – its near the Trevi Fountain just off the beaten track but the food is the best I tasted in Rome!

    I have been really lucky to go to some amazing places since I got my passport at 16 and my favourites have to be Las Vegas (check out my friends vlog here https://youtu.be/HxHz8VV3Jgs and this one https://youtu.be/mXoLQ2l5s00), New York but my ultimate is San Francisco. Its such a beautiful city and well worth the long flight!

    I love to travel, so if you have any questions about where I have been feel free to get in touch! I have recently come back from Mexico and will be blogging about it for the next couple of weeks, so make sure to read!

    Emma xxx

  4. Alice
    6th February 2016 / 6:10 pm

    Looking forward to seeing more travel posts from you! Amsterdam is lovely and I went to Madrid last year as well as Venice: two city breaks you defos need to do! (Probs not Madrid in Summer without a pool as it is scorching!) Also I think I know where you mean about Portugal/Spain: I stayed in Isla Canela in Spain which is on the south coast but we actually flew to Faro airport in Portugal haha! It’s quite cool to just switch between 2 countries! xxx


  5. Zoe (IG @diamondsolitaire3)
    6th February 2016 / 11:50 pm

    Ooooh when do you fly to Rome? We go on 2nd April and I cannot wait! X

  6. Katie
    8th March 2016 / 9:35 am

    Is that Madeira in your amazing photos above?

    Fave place on earth…x

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