If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while you’ll know that one of my favourite pick me ups and confidence booster is a tan. I honestly think everything is better with a tan, it helps disguise any minor imperfections and I just love the glow and colour.

In the summer I love a real (but safe and responsible) tan but I always turn to a fake tan for my face as sun exposure can really speed up ageing, especially on the face where the skin is thinner.

When picking a fake tan for face I look for one which won’t interfere too heavily with my skincare routine, won’t clog my pores and will give me a beautiful colour too. I have two options which I reach depending on the look I want and how my skin is feeling.

If I want something which I can mix with my moisturiser I will go for the Tan Luxe Illuminating Self-tan drops, it’s on the pricer side but the whole range is beautiful. You have a little more control with this tan as you add it to your moisturiser. I also love using this on other body parts, such as my hands which I also keep topped up with SPF 50 during the day.  For something which you can apply straight to your face without mixing and which is a little more affordable, the Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self Tan serum is also beautiful, great colour and applies perfectly.

I use both products over night as I like to to remove the top layer in the morning. They last up to 5 days for me but I often top up towards day 3 or 4 with a few less drops than I used initially.

If you haven’t tried fake tan yet I would highly recommend you try these out, their colour is light and far less scary than many fake tans can be. I find especially in these usual times it’s a little bit of positivity which I can add to my mood and life.

Tan Luxe Illuminating Self-tan drops and Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self Tan serum are both available art Boots with some other great body tanning options too, which I’ll be going back to soon once my natural tan starts to fade. 


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