Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Revlon Plum Attraction

I am currently really into plum coloured nailed polish as I am sure you will be able to tell from the next few nail posts I have planned. Revlon actually has a few interesting nail polishes out at the moment and after reading Fee's post about Revlon Facet of Fushia I went along to Boots and picked up this colour.
In the bottle it appears to be a metallic plum however I found that once applied on my nails it was a little more Burgundy. This polish does need two coats as the first one is rather thin and patchy but dries quite quickly. It is a very chic (can't think of a better word) colour but just not for me, I think it may be the shimmer that makes this one of least favorutie plum colours. Revlon nail polishes are in my opinion always pretty good however be careful with this colour(and most dark colours) as it does stain. Always make sure to use a good base coat!
Revlon Nail Enamels retail for £6.29 from Boots, Superdrugs and some good Supermarkets.

What is your favourite plum nail polish?
Sabrina X

PS Please excuse my not so perfect nail polish skills I am trying to improve!
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  1. This one has a really beautiful shade. I like how Revlon nail polishes last a very long time and they even though they need two coats, they're easy to apply.

  2. I think it looks like a gorgeous shade. I love purples :)


  3. I'm not that into plum nail polishes but my new favourite bargain brand is Collection 2000 small nail polishbottles.. on offer right now 2 for £1.. ! xxx

    Here is how it looked:

  4. This is such a divine colour! I have a colour from Revlon called 'Plum...[something]', can't remember the name but it's too dark a purple for me, but this looks perfect.

    Lucy xxx

  5. Gorgeous colour. Purples my favourite! I really like Revlon its one of my fav nail varnish brands. Lovely pictures!


  6. Love plum for Autumn! I also really love Revlon nail varnish. Just bought "Facets of Fuschia" Not tried it yet but looks gorgeous and glittery, couldn't resist it :) x

  7. Also, sadly, not at all a fan of this colour. It's just too plum, too shimmery, too Cruella De Ville, I'm afraid!

  8. This is such a gorgeous colour! I might have to pop to superdrug to pick it up :) xx

  9. Lovely colour, looks like such a nice shade for winter!

  10. That nail varnish is amaze. xoxo

  11. this color is beautiful!!

  12. this colour is gorgeous!

  13. I need to get this colors its gorgeous!

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  14. Oh I was admiring this shade a few days pretty! I may have to just go and buy it now!

  15. i love revlon polishes! new follower! :)