Glossy Box July 2012

 I really do look forward to the arrival of monthly beauty boxes through my letter box (well they don’t actually fit through the letter box but you know what I mean) and this month I was excited to see what sample size products I could take with me on holiday.

This months Glossy Box was festival themed as it is Festival season and my box came with six generous samples…

 Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting
I was quite happy to see this product in my Glossy Box as I haven’t tried very much from Jelly Pong Pong. The packaging is quite cute and it is a perfect size too. It is quite a sheer but very pretty pink colour with a strong sugary scent but something I think I could get quite a bit of wear from.
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Samples

I always feel packets like this are so awkward and I very rarely get any use out of them although I do think they are a nice sample as the EA is quite expensive.
Monu Calming Cream 
I don’t know too much about this product yet it is probably the one I am the most excited about as I have tried a few Monu products in the past which I have loved! It is a green colour and designed to reduce redness, I am going to start using this today and will keep you updated.
Kryolan Satin Powder
Although I have heard great things about Kryolan I won’t be using this product as it is a lose shadow and in a colour I just couldn’t pull off around my eye area. 
  Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray
 This is a really nice size product however as I never go for the messy look sea salt is something I have very little use for and this is a product that will sit at the bottom of a draw for some while before I find a better home for it.
Collin Gel Collagene    
This product can be used as a serum or face mask which does sound good, I’ve heard very little about Collin so it is a new brand for me to try.
  OverallI know you win some, you lose some and I think this one just isn’t as amazing as I had hoped. I think I wouldn’t even be this disappointed if I hadn’t opened my box to find a card which said that I had received a HD Brows kit which go me so excited only to find it was the wrong card for my box! They did later apologise for their mistake (and I completely understand that mistakes do happen) but I was already pretty disappointed. The problem with beauty boxes is one product changes everything, if you are given one amazing product it automatically becomes a great box even if you don’t like anything else.

Saying that I am still excited to try the Monu Calming Cream and the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting and I will let you know how I get on with them!

What was in your Glossy Box this month?
Sabrina X
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  1. 25th July 2012 / 11:15 am

    ive tried the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi hair oil/serum before and thought it was amazing so i bet that sprays pretty good! wish id got this box! x

  2. 25th July 2012 / 11:48 am

    The Jelly Pong Pong lip frosting is amazing! I got a big sample basket of their things from Clothes Show Live last year and they are really really good products. Plus it smells so good! I got the other style Glossy Box with the HD Brows Palette, which I am super happy about! 😀 xx

  3. 25th July 2012 / 12:16 pm

    That salt spray is my holy grail hair product, I use it on my hair pretty much every day. Honestly can't recommend it enough! x

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