All Night Long Eyeliners From Urban Decay

I feel that eyeliner and contour are the two items that make the biggest difference to my face and I only consider days that I wear liner to be truly good makeup days. However recently I have been struggling with eyeliner and especially with it transferring so I was very excited to be giving the Urban Decay Eyeliner’s a go. It’s made up of a range of different liners and you are sure to find the perfect liner for you.

I have tried the before and I reach for them regularly but Urban Decay has now released the which are more of a gel texture. I find that these are also a little easier to smudge and look quite smokey in the lash line perfect for a night out.

The is an ultra intense, waterproof twist up liner. It’s got a thin tip making it quite easy to get more precision, I particularly like to to travel with or to keep in the handbag as it has no need for a sharpener.

My two standout products would have to be the and the . The Ink For Eyes is one of the blackest pen eyeliners I have seen and the nip is really small making applying thin liner much easier. I also have no trouble with transferring or smudging which is the real test for me. The product I have been reaching for the most is the Super-Saturated Waterproof Gel liner, I haven’t used one of these in years but I have barely used anything else since getting it. It is very creamy and pigmented but sets beautifully and most importantly last all day. I know a lot of people say that gel form liners are easier to use then liquids and I think they may be right, I can’t believe I ever stopped using them. My only slight negative is that the is a little wider and thicker than I would like and although I happily use it, it’s not my favourite. I do think eyeliners are a bit of personal preference though, what I may find easy you may find particularly difficult and vice versa.

Overall these are some of the best liners I have tried and I am sure I will use them for a long time, I even predict some repurchasing once I have finished them.

Have you tried any Urban Decay Liners? What is your favourite type of eyeliner?

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  1. 11th April 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I have been putting these to the test too & I love the Cream Liner. I have never tried one like this before. But I love the intense colour & I like to smoke it out for more of a dramatic look.

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