5 Things to do on a Weekend in Paris

Above playsuit is from Stylist Pick which I am in love with!

Paris is the only place I have visited (admittedly I am not well travelled in the slightest) that I can really see myself living in so I am always happy to get to spend a few days there. However once you’ve seen all the main tourist attractions (my guide here) it can get a little overwhelming so don’t forget to pin this post and save it for your next weekend in Paris.

1. Discover some new brands in Sephora
Although there is still something special about seeing the products in real life. Try the Champs Elysees or Rue De Rivoli and spend sometime discovering products and brands you’ve never tried. I found that lots of the workers speak english and are very happy to help. I would recommend checking out Marc Jacobs, Makeup Forever and Sephora own brand brushes.

2. Go people watching
Parisian people are in my opinion one of the best dressed in the world, wether I am at the Metro Station or at the Tuileries Gardens I can’t help but find unbelievably, effortlessly well dress groups of men and women.

3. Visit Sacre Coeur
Hands down my favourite place in Paris, I don’t really got for the cathedral itself but instead for the view, street performers and the crowds.

4. Visit a Market
Markets are a great place to pick up unusual gifts and discover new items that are different to what all the chain stores sell. Check out Timeout’s Guide to Parisian markets here.

5. Find the perfect place for crepes
Try Little Breizh, Creperie Josselin and West Country Girl

What are your favourite things to do in Paris?

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  1. 21st June 2014 / 10:46 pm

    LOVE THAT PLAYSUIT! Disney needs to be in there <3

  2. 22nd June 2014 / 2:00 am

    I've never really been long enough in Paris to say I have favourites, but I might go back longer this Fall!

  3. 22nd June 2014 / 7:38 am

    I love posts like this, I feel like seeing the big tourists attractions is important but smaller things like markets are often under appreciated!


  4. 22nd June 2014 / 2:06 pm

    I love love this post cos paris is one of my favourite cities in the whole entire world!! you've got some cool suggestions and will defo check em out when I am next there xx

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