Sure Black + White Crystal Invisible Diamond

It’s that time of the year when we’ve all got out our LBD’s ready for Christmas and New Year parties. However there is nothing worse than when you slide into your special dress and find white marks down the side from where your deodorant has transferred. Equally annoying is when you’re out dancing and you go to the toilet to freshen up and find your deodorant has left a mark on your dress.

To stop this happening and to save all my LBD’s I have been opting for Sure Crystal Invisible Diamond which helps keep my black clothes black and whites white, avoiding the embarrassing moment someone points out your deodorant stain and hours spend picking out an alternative dress.

I love that it’s available in Compressed form, perfect for my handbag and that it keeps me fresh and dry all day long.

The New Sure Black + White Crystal Invisible Diamond is available in leading retailers nationwide.

Have you got your LBD ready?

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