Enhancing my eyes with contact lenses

When I initially heard about the 1-day Acuvue Define contact lenses in Shimmer and Natural Sparkle I was instantly interested in finding out more.

Unlike coloured contacts that change your eye and even face quite drastically I love that these simply enhance what you already have by making them sparkle or shimmer more. I use makeup to improve what I already have and thought it would be a great way to further enhance my eyes.

I have never worn contact lenses so I booked in for a free consultation at Boots to try on the contact lenses, learn how to apply them and decide if they were right for me. Although it took me a few tries to get the contact lenses in the first time the people are Boots were really helpful and I was surprised that you really can’t feel that the contacts are in (I’m sure all you contact wearers know what I’m talking about). It’s quite nice that when I choose to wear them instead of my glasses I not only have the benefit of not wearing glasses but they also define my eyes more.

I tried on the Sparkle and the Shimmer but decided that Sparkle was the one for me as it has a brightening effect by adding luminosity to the eyes without making it obvious that you are wearing any contacts. Shimmer added much more depth and intensity. It’s a great way to enhance your eyes without anyone noticing, a little eyelash curler which are the perfect tool to opening up your eyes, the contact lenses are the perfect way to draw even more attention to your eyes. I have recently uploaded a video featuring a really natural makeup look where I shared a few tips on how to wear a very natural makeup look but still accentuate your best features and where I am also wearing these contacts.

If you are looking to also try contacts for the first time or want to swap from your traditional ones to contacts that help accentuate your eyes then 1-Day Acuvue Define are currently offering a free trial. Visit the below link to download your voucher and find your local opticians. You can also find out more information about the lenses and the inspiration behind them in the video below. 1-day Acuvue Define are also holding a national competition for an opportunity to win a years supply of contact lenses by taking the 5 day free trail.

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  1. 2nd May 2015 / 10:10 am

    Are this contact lenses for myopic too? Or are this just cosmetic enhancing lenses? Thank you!

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