Ditching my tights for Party Season (& How to get a great £1.50 razor!)

Since it’s party season I’ve been braving the cold and joined Wilkinson Sword in their #ditchyourtights campaign. When it comes to LBD’s (or any dresses for that matter) I always find they look that little bit more glam with bare pins but since my legs have been in jeans for a few months now there are always a few tips and tricks I like to use.

Apparently I’m not alone and two-thirds* of women also prefer to go bare-legged at special occasions and are fed up of tight problems. For me it’s because of the aesthetic look, I just love the look of a polished, tanned leg with any sort of dress and I guess that’s why we rarely see tights on the red carpet.

I like to start by exfoliating my legs to get them looking healthy and remove any dead skin, I usually go for exfoliating gloves as they’re inexpensive and really get the job done.

Most importantly for me is shaving my legs, especially as they may have gone a little unforgotten recently. My favourite razor is the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk, is has 5 curve-sensing blades that adapt to your legs and a water-activated moisturising serum for a close but hydrating shave.

Since my legs haven’t seen the light of day in a while I love a little bit of fake tan, nothing to dark but just enough to add a glow and give the illusion of slimmer pins. My go-to is the Bondi Sands lotion as it’s not too dark, applied evenly and really hydrates the skin too. Before leaving the house I add a little bit of shimmer or bronzer down my shins and I’m ready to go…

And if you’re really worried about the cold, just throw on a long coat and a scarf which you can use as a blanket over your legs in the car, I promise it’s worth it!

To get your £1.50 Wilkinson Sword Razor (usually £9.99) check out the Wilkinson sword website. All the details can be found on this page, but you’ll receive a confirmation once your razor is on the way to you!

* Wilkinson Sword used the independent online research company Fly Research who surveyed 1,000 women aged 16 and over, during November 2015

Post kindly sponsored by Wilkinson Sword

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