Looking After Your Teeth when living a healthy lifestyle

*this post contains advertorial content from Sensodyne Pronamel*

Since it’s summer, I, like a lot of people, have been on a bit of a diet.

I weirdly love a diet as I like the challenge and the lifestyle change but I don’t go too extreme- more exercise as well as more fruit and veg- nothing revolutionary.

Basically my current favourite things are berries, smoothies and Salads with only the very occasional biscuit.

I’ve actually lost a few kilos, I feel better and my skin has been looking better too. However, with eating more fruit and having more salads my teeth have also needed more attention. I may sip my smoothies through straws and brush my teeth regularly but fruit, smoothies, salad dressing and other delicious healthy things can often lead to yellow and dullness of the teeth which is why it is extra important to think about the enamel of your teeth. I also love tea I’ll admit I actually didn’t realise that a lot of the foods that are good for my skin and body are actually not good for the health of my tooth enamel.

Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel actively helps strengthen teeth (when used twice daily) for healthy white teeth andpolishes away surface stains for brighter, whiter teeth*- what’s not to like? I’ve been using it for a little while and I really like it and find that it has really helped keep my teeth looking bright.

You can pick up Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel toothpaste here or at your local Boots

*VS Pronamel Daily Protection


  1. 7th August 2017 / 2:14 pm

    Also trying to go into more healthy lifestyle now! Good luck with that!

  2. Carla
    20th August 2017 / 7:13 pm

    Hello 🙂
    Where did u buy this amazing belt?
    Love xxx

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