Autumn Wishlist

If you’re wondering why I haven’t accompanied this post with a photo of me wearing all my autumn clothes it’s because we’ve had surprisingly good weather in London. The closest I’ve managed to get to Autumn clothes is either a pair of jeans or a dress with a mid length sleeve. The dress above has been a favourite of mine this summer, I find it’s very easy to wear as it’s monochrome, not too short and has a nice mid-length sleeve, it’s also only £30 from Amazon. The necklace is another favourite and one I have been wearing all summer long. It’s from a brand I recently discovered called Carrie Elizabeth that has really stunning mid-range jewellery, everything from this beautiful initial locket to Moonstone rings.

I am super excited for autumn but I also know that in England we have Autumn/Winter for such a long period of the year that I’m trying to not wish summer away but I so find autumn to be the most inspiring time of the year in terms of fashion/clothes so honestly my Wishlist is pretty long, I have been trying to shop second hand where possible but always find the high street to be the easiest place to start my shopping. I often try things on in-store and then look if I can find it online secondhand (on Depop or eBay) but more on that another time.

Let’s start with my shoes Wishlist- I’m after comfy shoes that I can throw on with most outfits as I’m really trying to wear my plain white converse a little less. Last year I had the Nike M2K Tekno trainers on the top of my wishlist but I didn’t get them (really wish I had!), they’ve made it to the list again so I’m hoping to get them or a similar pair of shoes. I know the dad-trainer trend isn’t for everyone but personally I’m a big fan and I love how easy to wear and comfy they are.

Over the years I’ve also learnt not to say I wouldn’t never do a certain trend but I initially didn’t like white boots but I really like them at the moment and on the hunt for the perfect pointy pair with a slight heel, I’ve been looking for a little while and haven’t quite found them at the right price as I don’t want to invest as I do think they’re quite a trend led shoe. Finally I want a comfy pair of loafers which I can slide on and wear with any pair of jeans, I love how easy summer sandals are and I want something that’s just as easy but more weather appropriate.

I’m not quite ready for coats although I have been browsing them and my tip for coats is to have a look in H&M as they have some amazing ones this season! Instead of coats I am currently after some blazers and jumpers. I picked up a blazer from H&M in a great check which is also from the conscious range, it’s the perfect thickness which means I think I’ll be able to wear it into winter with a thick jumper and I’m even going to try and pick up a very similar one in black. I’ve never been crazy about blazers but I feel like I’m really starting to see the appeal! I’ve also had my eyes on the M&S Cashmere jumpers as everyone raves about them but if you have any other cashmere recommendations I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Finally, I really want a pair of leather trousers and a pair of leopard print trousers, this has proved a little harder as I need to go into store to try items on but I think they’ll both be great wardrobe staples. I think they’re both a great alternative to jeans but still a good neutral base that can be dressed up and down.

What is top of your Autumn wishlist? Are you excited for autumn or sad to see summer go?


  1. 17th September 2019 / 1:18 pm

    Oh I am so glad Summer is gone or almost. I love Autumn.

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