Friday, 1 August 2014

Products Left Behind

Somehow I managed to pack my beauty products for a month all into a few toiletry and cosmetic bags but I tried to be good. In the perfect world I would take 6 foundations, 20 lipsticks, 5 suncreams (all in different factors), 2 hair masks and so much more just so I had options.
However sadly that wasn't an option so somethings did get left behind. Not because I don't love them and didn't want to take them but simply because I was trying to be good, not pack too much and somethings simply came in packaging and bottles that are too big and heavy!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Butter, £10.50 I used this all of last summer meaning the scent reminds me of summer however I've had to settle for only after suns as they're more essential and they'll do what this can do and more but sadly won't smell quite as good.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation, £36 I decided this was going to be my summer foundation however I realised that this bottle was pretty much finished and after looking through my foundation drawer I also noticed that I couldn't justify buying yet another foundation. I've packed a few other favourites instead but you'll have to come back further into my holiday to find out which ones.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme, £50 This would have been a perfect everyday perfume but I simply couldn't give up the other one I chose and I'm trying to be good and not take 4 perfumes (because 3 is so much better!) If you are looking for a nice great summer day perfume this is my most recent favourite discovery.

L'Occitane Tonic Body Oil, £35 I'm sure this would have been the perfect oil to hydrate and also give a nice sheen to my skin but I packed so many clothes that I had to leave this out. I love the pump which makes it easy to apply but the packaging isn't the lightest.

Jurlique Rosewater Facial Spray, £21.50 I've raved about this lots over the last few weeks but if this was a little smaller and lighter it would have been the first product in my skincare bag.

Aussie Beach Mate, £4.99 I'll probably regret not packing this as a 3 minute mask is the perfect amount of time to help give sun drenched hair a little TLC but once again it's a little on the large side so I've chosen to pack sample sizes.

What product do you wish you could take on holiday but aren't the most travel friendly?
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

The next month...

As you read this I am probably running around trying to pack the bikini I forgot to pack last night and frantically trying to squeeze my suitcase shut as I'm off to Portugal!
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As you may already know if you're an OG here I am lucky enough to get to spend the month of August in Portugal every year surrounded by my friends, family, sunshine and far less sand than you'd probably expect.

I have a few scheduled posts but I hoping to share lots of posts straight from Portugal and have spent ages preparing ideas so hopefully I won't get caught up in the sunshine and forget.

I will be updating my Instagram lots with photos of what I am up to, where I am going and what I am wearing so don't forget to follow me @a_littleobsessed  . I'll also be on Twitter so follow me @sabrinalovesyou.

I'm particularly excited to film and vlog my holiday, I have so many video ideas which I hope to share with you all. Follow me here and let me know what you would like to see over the next month.

I'll be back at the end of August but until then follow me on Social Media and I'll still be updating my blog!

Check out last years holiday outfits here and have a fabulous summer.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Un-Shampoo

The beauty world seems to have fallen for the Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme which is a cleansing creme but you use in place of a Shampoo. I must admit the words un-shampoo on the back scared me. Yes, I wash my hair a little too often but un-shampooing, well that just sounds scary!
It looks like a normal luxury shampoo; beautiful packaging and a fancy pump both of which very much attracted me. When I first used it I noticed it is very different to what I am use to. You get no lather but instead a mix of essential oils and aloe vera which cleanse your hair and scalp without any stripping. Unlike conventional shampoos which leave your hair looking great but do very little for it's actual condition. I used this for a few weeks, it left my hair hydrated and smoother whilst still feeling clean but I'm not hooked quite yet.

The price tag for starters is £36 and even not requiring conditioner it is still quite expensive. I think this is something you must commit to, no stopping and starting however sometime I just need the instant gratification I get from a few chemicals.

It's a great product for anyone trying to get out of using normal stripping shampoo but like a true shampoo addict I simply can't make the switch permanent.

Have you tried any cleansing, detergent free shampoos? What do you think? 
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Non-Beauty Faves July 2014

So July has almost come to an end and it's been a good month, a very hot good month but I'm even more excited for next month.
In terms of clothes I have been looking my Nike Air Max's both in the gym and just for normal casual wear. They're comfy enough to run on the treadmill with them but also love them with rolled up jeans and a Tshirt when not in the gym.

I also got a new handbag this month which my mum has her eye on and I am sure will be stealing very soon. I was ooing and ahing over it for a while and weather to get the stone or black colour but since its summer I settled for the stone Fiorelli Mani Tote and I'm so glad I did. The colour is perfect and does with anything I wear over the next summer weeks, it's also a great size; big enough but not too big. I can't quite my laptop init but it's the perfect size for everything else I require.

However still my favourite purchase is probably my Forever 21 sunglasses, yes they are a little diva-ish but I love them! The dark and chunky, statement glasses are perfect to cover up tired eyes but still look glamorous (and maybe a little OTT) and for under £5 I think they were quite a bargain!

My extra fashion favourite is gold band rings which I have been loving and wearing on almost every finger, they're super affordable if you look in Primark, New Look and Forever 21 and just really help finish an outfit.

In terms of series I have been watching Orange is the new black which is a great one if you aren't looking for anything too girly. It's quite difficult to give it genre but IMDB say it's a Crime Comedy and I think quite a nice one to watch with your partner.
What have been your non-beauty favourites this year?
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Monday, 28 July 2014

Christian Louboutin Beaute: Manicure Monday

If you were on Twitter at all last week you will know that Christian Louboutin have release Christian Louboutin Beaute. For those of you that don't know the iconic Louboutin red sole came about when he used his assistants red nail polish (rumoured to be Revlon) to paint the sole of one of his shoes so it makes perfect sense for the first beauty item to be released to be nail polishes.
I was fortunate enough to go to the launch last Friday, see the product in real life and have my nails painted in the iconic Louboutin red. When I first heard about the move to beauty I was a little worried it was going to be tacky but I actually think it all fits perfectly within the brand.
The polishes you can see in the first image is the Rouge Louboutin which is the classic red which matches the sole of the shoe. All the nail polishes have a pointy end although this one is the longest and is the same length as the highest shoe heel. There will also be three collections of ten polishes released the Pops, Neutrals and Noirs with some absolutely beautiful colours in there. 
 So what do I think? I am happy to report it doesn't feel or look as tacky as I feared it may but that said these nail polishes retail for £36. I personally struggle to hand £36 over for a foundation so they are very expensive in my opinion even in comparison to Dior, Chanel and even Tom Ford. However I don't think these polishes are really aimed at me, I have far too many polishes to ever pay a Louboutin polish the love it deserves. It would look beautiful displayed on a dressing table or even in a walk in shoe wardrobe (which I obviously don't have!) I personally would worry about how I would realistically be able to fit this in with any of my other nail polishes in their storage boxes.

But even still I would quite like one for my collection just to look at ever now and then. Theres something about them, maybe it's the classic Louboutin name that still attract me to them. I never like reds but I'm actually really loving the Rouge colour I currently have on.

They will be available in stand alone Louboutin Beaute Stores and in Louboutin shoe stores rather than in the beauty halls.

What do you think of the new Christian Louboutin Beaute launch?
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Holiday Prep: The Day Before

Last week I spoke about my 2 week before holiday prep so today we're tackling the day before. This may all seem a little much to some but I like to do as much as possible before my holiday to not only keep my skin and hair looking good but also to save me from having to spend time doing my nails/shaving my legs whilst out there.
For me the most important thing before going away has to be hair removal, I like to do it the day before so I am sure it will last the whole holiday. Next week I'm going to be trying out Ministry of Waxing as apparently they use special wax that reduces the pain which I am hoping will get me through my bikini wax. If waxing isn't your thing (which it should be!) just make sure everything is nice and de-fuzzes before hitting the plane as it will just mean you can jump straight in the pool as soon as you get there. Also don't forget to do your eyebrows for all those makeup-free beach selfies.

If you have the time masks are a great indulgence and can be done whilst you do your last minute packing. Go for something very hydrating as summer holidays tend to suck all the moisture out of you as does time spend in airplanes. I wrote a whole post about my favourite face masks (link here) but also don't forget to use a nice rich hair mask.

Mani's and Pedi's are essentials in my eyes but you can easily do them at home if you have time. I have a whole post here on how to get your feet summer ready and your hands are just as easy. Don't forget to apply a good top coat to keep them look shiny all holiday, I personally love the Models Own Hyper Shine at the moment. If you are looking for great colours try either Morgan Taylor or Essie and I'm sure they'll have you covered.

Exfoliate your whole body and then follow with a moisturiser. Be careful moisturising and exfoliating over recently waxed skin but be sure to moisturise everywhere else, it will get your skin looking plumper, healthier and ready to be sun kissed. If you're applying just before bed I'd recommend the Neal's Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter to insure you also wake up feeling very rested.

My ultimate holiday luxury has to be individual fake lashes, not essential at all but make the world of difference if you can afford them. I had mine last year and I absolutely loved them and didn't have to worry about mascara for a whole 3 weeks which was amazing. The real reason I love them though has to be for the beach/swimming pool, it really helps define your eyes with no risk of mascara not being as waterproof as you had hoped. I'm getting mine done at Perfect Lashes and will share the results soon.

What does your pre-holiday preparations look like?
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Saturday, 26 July 2014

5 Things to Do this Weekend #11

1. Relax with a hydrating face mask
Earlier in the week I shared my favourite face mask, 80% off which were amazingly hydrating! You obviously don't have to use the once I recommend, instead rediscover one you already own.

2. Book an opticians appointment
Last week I booked an appointment at Boots Optician to get my eyes looked at and I even bought a beautiful pair of Dolce & Gabanna glasses which I'll share soon. It's amazing the difference a correct pair of lenses makes even if you don't have particularly bad vision.

3. Go for a run
So it's probably a little late to start working on this summers body but it's a great time to start working on next summers body. Not only is cardio great for weight loss I find it makes me feel that little bit happier especially when I beat yesterdays run.

4. Visit the sea side
Theres something about a sea breeze.

5. Master head-to-toe white
I use to hate all white outfits but they've really grown on me and I would be sporting them all summer if I had managed to find a great pair of white jeans. Heres some of my favourite outfits...
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Have a lovely weekend! Let me know what you have planned in the comments. 
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