Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Beauty Blogger Wishlist 2009

A few days ago I was thinking back to when I first started blogging and first started watching YouTube videos and I can't believe how much everything has changed! Back then every YouTuber (and there were far less of them!) had a completely over the top collection unlike now when most people seem to be taking it a little more back to basics and downsizing. However still what I find the funniest is the product which were at the top of my wishlist six years ago and how my opinion of most of them has completely changed. 

If you've been watching YouTube as long as I have than I invite you to look back and reminisce with me, if your new to the game I'm sure you'll find some of these products a little ridiculous. 

Top of my wishlist was undoubtedly Mac brushes, I still think they're great and would still consider buying a few (eg Mac 217) but back then they were the absolute best in my opinion. People use to do these huge hauls of Mac items and everyone on YouTube had an impressive collection. Since I was 16 and most their brushes cost £25+ all I did was dream about them. I still have a very clear memory of my 'action plan', how I was going to acquire an impressive set all to my own. After considering the Christmas Set but deciding I wanted the real deal I decided I would by one a month but with some of them retailing for £40+ I ended up only buying two. Looking back I'm actually glad I never bought them as I am extremely proud of my current collection and very few of the brushes are highend but this was pre Sigma and Real Techniques

Speacking of Mac I feel like Mac in itself was such a YouTube trend, every other haul would be a Mac haul where YouTubers would spend what seemed like an excessive amount of money on tons of Mac products. YouTubers would share their Mac collection made up of Mac Well Dress Blush, Mac Limited Edition Collection pieces (anyone remember Hello Kitty?) and so much more. I was always so jealous (and remain jealous) of the American YouTubers access to Cosmetic Outlets where they could purchase Mac and extremely discounted prices. Although I think Mac is a stable and very key brand in the makeup industry I am still surprised by just how valued it was over every other brand back then on YouTube. 

It was around this time that I decided Mac Studio Fix Fluid was a good idea. It wasn't. It was far too heavy, which I use to love as it covered my acne, little did I know it actually made everything much worse and to this day it still breaks me out. 

One of my biggest beauty influencers back then was Lollipop26 who now runs the blog Buy Now, Blog Later and even now I would still say she was my favourite YouTuber ever, although she no longer makes videos. I bought numerous nail polishes off eBay inspired by her; OPI You Don't know Jacques, OPI Sephora Metro Chic, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and so many more!

Laura Aka Lollipop26 also inspired my purchase (and everyone else's) of Gosh Darling a very nude lipstick which really didn't suit me. Back then 'Nude lipsticks' were really nude, concealer lips nude. My biggest beauty faux pas was probably when I though Mac Myth lipstick was a good idea when in fact it was the worst idea ever! 

Its funny to think about just how much everything has changed but I'm looking forward to seeing what the future beauty blogger product trends will be. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Palette

After making a special effort to try more Laura Mercier I can see why so many people love the brand therefore I was naturally I was very excited to try the new Flawless Contour Palette.

Contour palettes are everywhere at the moment and it seems to be the key product more than ever in the beauty industry with what seems like every brand bringing out a new contour product for 2015. Most of us have learnt to use powders so brands are upgrading to cream textures which is actually not quite as easy as I first thought although they often look a little more professional/flawless look than powders, if used right.

The first thing I noticed about the Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Palette is that you get five colours which are all cream; three contour shades and two highlights. The three contours are a little scary as they are fairly dark, even the lightest is darker than most other contours I have and there isn't a choice of palette colours. I had my makeup done by one of the Laura Mercier girls who used all three contour shades and made it look amazing but I personally do struggle to get the darker ones to look natural and not too dark. I love the first highlighter which adds a beautiful amount of light to the face but find highlight #2 to almost be a cross between a blush and highlight.

Although this is a beautiful palette, filled with great quality products which is great for any contour experts out there and I think after a few days practice I'm beginning to love it too. It does however seem almost a little high maintenance within the Laura Mercier range which I find to be quite easy to use and natural whilst still being polished and delivering excellent results.

I'm going to keep going with this palette as I'm really enjoying experimenting with it and I will check in soon with a round up of my favourite contours in a week or so, I would love suggestions as to which is your favourite contour in the comments!

The Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Palette is out now and retails for £35 from Laura Mercier counters.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Soigné Manicure Monday

I've had my eye on Soigné for quite a while, I think their bottles are extremely elegant but still very pretty and the colours all seem to also have been well picked. Soigné has popped up a few times in beauty boxes but I've never really tried much until recently.

Not only is the bottle quite Jo Malone-esque (if Jo Malone done nail polish) but the actual box they come in is also very highend. The quality is all amazing and this red polish in Betteraves Rouges applies evenly in just a coat, dries quickly but maintains a beautiful glossy finish.

The colours on their website all look stunning with a great selection from traditional reds and nudes to more daring yellows and blues without the tacky effects which all the nail brands seem to be doing at the moment.

They retail for £11 so they are on the mid-higher end of polishes but they really look luxurious in the bottle and on the nail

Can't wait to try more from Soigné, have you tried any yet?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Top 10 under £10

Since it's January I thought I would share some of my favourite drugstore products which are under £10. Let me know in the comments which are your favourite inexpensive products that you use on a regular basis.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

The newest launch from Nars seems to have got everyone talking, especially as the Nars Sheer Glow has become such a popular foundation. Plus, who doesn't want last all day, luminous but yet weightless foundation?

The All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is medium to full coverage, however at first I didn't realise I was suppose to be using just a single drop for my entire face and instead was using a few pumps and overloading my face. I've since started applying one (or one and a half, I have a large face) pump and it's amazing that it actually covers my entire face when I apply it with a brush.

It has 'Even Tone Technology' which helps cover redness and discolouration leaving the skin looking almost airbrushed. This does mean however that it isn't a foundation you could wear with no blusher or bronzer as it really does remove the natural dimension of the skin.

I find it last longer than any of my other foundations even though I don't usually set it with powder. I love that it doesn't look cakey and really requires a minimal amount of product.

Although this works great on my normal/dehydrated skin, I think it would work even better on oilier skins which struggle to keep makeup looking fresh all day long especially as it is oil free.

I'd go as far as to say it's the perfect product if you are looking for a last all day foundation but for me I tend to like a little more of a glow which I think this foundation doesn't offer, but that's it's only downfall.

Sadly due to a technology malfunction I have no photos of me wearing but I'll feature it in a post soon (hopefully tomorrow).

All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation launches on 1st Feb nationwide and retail for £33- will you be trying it?

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