Thursday, 30 July 2015

Recent Drugstore Favourites

Before coming away on holiday I noticed that there was a lot of drugstore creeping into my daily routine. 

The most exciting one for me was L'Oreal Elvive Oil-in-cream, which is a new product and leave in oil cream. I like to use oils in my hair but find that as my hair is quite fine it can easily look greasy but I find this really leaves my hair looking hydrated without it looking greasy or weighing it down. L'Oreal Elvive is one of my all time favourite ranges from the drugstore and this is such a great addition to that. I use it in my hair both wet and dry, I can see this quickly becoming a stable in my routine. 

A product that has become a summer stable is the Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion; it smells great, has a great pump and leaves skin feeling beautifully hydrated too, perfect for use on holiday or whilst at home to keep skin in good condition. 

After hearing everyone talk about Essie Ballet Slippers Nail polish for years I have finally got my hands on it and I can actually see why it's so hyped up! Its the perfect almost white pale pink. I love the finish, it applied beautifully and is a really great summer colour! 

A rediscovery is the Avon Super Shock Liners which I forgot about for a while but I always fall in love with just how creamy it is. As it's quite soft I find it to be really pigmented but I find that it does set quite nicely too. 

The amount of nude lipglosses I have is a little deciduous but I really do love them! My most recent love is the Rimmel Oh My Gloss in the shade Purr... Glossy Cat, it's perfect. It does have a little shimmer which I usually don't love but it's a really easy to wear shade that helps lips look plumper and goes with almost every makeup look. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


If you're a long time reader of ALO then you will be use to this post. Every summer I am lucky enough to escape London for the month of August and head to Portugal and I am happy to report that this year is no different.

Today I will be leaving for Madeira for a week with my Boyfriend and will then be joining my family in the middle of no where, somewhere in Northern Portugal and I couldn't be more excited! I have scheduled post for whilst I am away but naturally they may be a little slower than usual (I am aiming for five a week)

If you want to keep updated with my holiday then head over to my Instagram and Snapchat as I shall be updating daily (once I'm set up with my internet) and I will be uploading videos to my YouTube channel too! Also check out the vlog I recently uploaded from last years holiday below.

If anyone happens to have any recommendation on what to do/where to eat in Madeira then please leave them below, I've been a few times before but I'm looking for a few new places.

See you soon, from sunny Portugal....

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Commuting Makeup

I'm afraid to say that I would rather spend an extra 5 minutes in bed and do my mascara on the bus than get up 5 minutes earlier. I know it's frowned upon by some but as long as I'm not taking up anyone else's space I can't see a problem with choosing to apply a little mascara over reading a book (Sadly I'm not much of a reader).

I don't ever do all my makeup on the bus as I think somethings are better done with a little more space, time and just in the privacy of your own home. It goes without saying (I think) that I do all my skincare at home, I then go onto foundation as I wouldn't want to leave the house without it, I also do my eyeshadow at home as it requires a little more time and any extreme liner/brows. I still feel that not everyone understand why women fill in their brows so I find that this always get's funny looks. I then grab a large pair of sunglasses and out the door..

So onto what I do on the bus/train/taxi...

Although I would still rather do my concealer at home I do occasionally get out my Nars Creamy Concealer and start stripping it around my face, I'm not big on powder but I also think a pressed powder is completely acceptable but find loose to just be too messy. I also add a little bit of colour to my face; bronzer or blush but only contour if I am really desperate for time as it requires much more precision. If I am going for a simple sweep of a brow gel or minor liner work then I have just about mastered doing this on a moving vehicle too (although my cab driver never believes me).

The two things I always do on the go are mascara and lipstick as I think these are the most acceptable. Lipstick takes no time at all, especially if it's a nude and I like taking a little bit of extra time to do my mascara and this is time that would otherwise be spent looking out of the window or refreshing my emails.

Things I never do on public transport are painting my nails, spraying perfumes or brushing my hair- it's just rude and I'd simply wait to use the bathroom to do so later instead.

What are your thought on people doing their makeup in public? I personally love watching others do their do but maybe I'm just nosey...

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sunday Riley Luna- Worth The Money?

When I first heard everyone talking about Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil I was pretty sure I would never think it was worth it's rather high price tag but now that I have been using it for a while my view has changed a little.

If you somehow missed this product being everywhere earlier this year, it is an overnight retinol oil which is designed to improve appearance of damaged skin, reduce pore size and help fight wrinkle but since I'm not too good with the science-y bit, check out Caroline Hirons post for far more information.

Since I mentioned the price in the title I think it's best we address that first, it's £85. One of the most expensive skincare items that I own but I've been using it daily and I have seen such a huge difference in my skin.

I was expecting it to be quite harsh as everyone always spoke about instant results and although I too experience such results, it was still very gentle. Since the first time I used it I noticed my skin feeling smoother and healthier. It's blue in colour which comes from the blue Tansy flower and is added for it's anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties but I apply it in the evening just before bed and massage it into the skin until I look slightly less smurf-like. Although it is expensive I only use a drop a day and it has been lasting me quite a while.

I've had good skin (by my standard) ever since I started using this, I have been waking up with a more even complexion and I love it. Yes, it's expensive but it's kind of worth it if you can afford it.
The best overnight treatment I've ever tried, even at £85.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Urban Decay Smoky Palette

I feel like the beauty world (maybe just me) has been waiting for the release of a new Naked Palette since the Naked 3 came out but the wait is finally over, the Naked Smoky! 

The Naked Palettes have to be some of the most loved palettes in the beauty industry and after reading all the US posts about the new release I am super excited to have been lucky enough to have got my own pre-release so of course I had to share my thoughts!

Just like with the other Naked Palettes there are 12 shadows, all fairly neutral and with a variety of finishes. Nine of the shades are brand new shades which is always super exciting and it also comes with a full size, double ended shadow brush which sadly isn't quite as good as the previous ones.

Naturally my first thought was of super excitement, I love the neutral matte shades which are on the right hand side and there are some really beautiful sparkly, wearable shades on the left but I do find that the middle shades would get far less wear from me and I'm also not too keen that the darkest colours are in the middle. However the mixture of matte, shimmery, natural and darker more evening shades make this palette one of the most versatile, you can create a very nude matte eye, a wearable day look (like I did above) or a very dark evening look.

The casing is beautiful, probably my favourite out of all of them with the standard plastic casing but I love the almost marble like affect.

I think this is a really stunning palette and it's probably my second favourite out of the Naked range (the Original will always be my fave!), that said there are about 5 shades that will very rarely be used but the ones that I do like are really perfect and would it be a shame to miss out.

I'm sure I'll be using this palette lots and sharing lots of looks with it over the coming months so keep and eye out for that too. This palette is out on the 27th July at all Urban Decay counters (and online) and although it isn't limited edition I am sure it will sell out quick, as all the Naked palettes do so get to your Urban Decay counter quickly after the launch on Monday. 

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