Friday, 17 April 2015

Yeah! Burger, Kings Cross

Last week I was invited down to Yeah! Burger in Kings Cross for a meal which naturally I said yes too, I simply find it too hard to say no to burgers!

It's located short walk from Kings Cross station and the beautiful Granary Square in The Star Of Kings which currently serves Yeah! Burger. The menu is pretty standard; burgers, hot dogs, sides and fries plus the pup serves great cocktails too.

I had looked at the menu before hand and was set of getting a hot dog so I was pretty disappointed when I was told they were all out of hot dog buns, instead I went for the Yeah! Burger and the boyfriend went for The O.G. We ended up halving both so I could share my thoughts on the menu better.

Both burgers were really delicious, probably the best I've had this year (and I eat a lot of burgers) but I would say the O.G was potentially the superior burger, especially if you like avocado like I do!

For sides we went for the Tough wings and Yeah! fries, the wings were average at best but the fries were possibly the best fries I have ever had, it's worth the journey just for the fries!

Dessert was a little disappointing as I wanted something like a chocolate brownie (I like to go all out when I eat out, no dieting here) but they only really offer the banana and ice cream one which we shared or ice cream on it's own. Since I'm not a huge ice cream but love banana that's what we went for but I know I'm the minority, most people love ice cream and would be more than happy with it as a dessert.

With prices of the burgers and hot dogs starting at just £6.50 it's super affordable and I'm already planning to go back, the burgers are delicious but the chips are just absolutely dreamy!

Best. fries. ever.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Small Beauty Haul

Last week I was kindly given some credit to spend on Zeek which is an app where you can buy gift vouchers at a discount and sell unwanted ones. I decided to buy a John Lewis and a Boots Voucher at a around £4 off their value which is great if you are watching the pounds or just want to save a little money.

The app has a good variety of vouchers you can buy from lifestyle and electronics to sports and fashion with up to 45% off (it's seems particularly good for Pizza Hut vouchers)

It was great that I managed to get a few pounds of these MAC lipsticks (shades: Lady Danger and Vegas Volt) as I had been eyeing them up but didn't really want to part with the full price but managed to get £3 off this way. I also decided to go for Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua as an alternative to my usual heavy foundation for the summer which I got £4 off. 

Although my savings weren't huge there are some really good ones to be made if you have the time to keep looking back to find the right one for you and every little saving helps I guess. Of course it's great if you are looking to sell some of your unwanted voucher and although it possibly not an app I would use regularly I'll probably be keeping an eye out to see if any vouchers for my favourite stores do become available.

If you're thinking of checking the app out you can get £5 off your first voucher with the code: 2uudul which would actually allow for a really good saving, especially great it it's from a store you always shop in. The Zeek app is available from the app store but also keep an eye out for my reviews on my purchases. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Getting rid of expired makeup

Just like food expires so does makeup and when it does it can be harmful so you should throw it out. By now most of us know that we should throw our mascaras away after 3-6 months but when should we throw nail polishes and brow pencils out?

Most products now come with a guide on the packaging, a little tub like image that says 3M/18M etc meaning 3 month/18months but it also comes down to common sense. I've put together a list below but also remember that if if is a foundation you are sticking your finger in daily it's probably going to need to be thrown away earlier than a foundation you save for special occasions and has a pump.

As a general rule liquid/creams expire quicker than powders but keep an eye on the colour, texture and scent of a product. If it changes it is usually a sign that it has gone off so don't keep using it. As all my products are for personal use I don't stick to the 'rules' too closely and if its a product that I've only used once and smells/looks fine than I may keep it for an extra few months but that's up to your discretion.

I almost gave up doing this post as every group of products would have a huge variation in expiration dates, for example one lipstick would say 12months and the other 24months- so which is right? Use this post simply as a guide and also take the brands expiration dates with a little pinch of salt and some common sense.
The one group I would try to stick to is the first one, get into a habit of throwing away Mascara, liquid Liners and makeup sponges every 3-6 months to avoid infections. 

Lipsticks and Lipgloss have around a 12-18 month life span although I find lipgloss to typically go off quickest. Some foundations, especially tinted moisturisers only last 12 months but some vary so once again it's worth checking. 

Pencils for brows, lips and eyes as well as cream blush/shadows and concealers typically last about 18-24 months. Powder items like eyeshadow, setting powders, blush and bronzer usually last the longest at around 2 years although if your nail polish is still well mixed and applying well I would say it's still good to use too. 

Admittedly I need a clear out too, I get attached and find it so hard to part with some items. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

As I mentioned in my blog post last week, I have never tried Bobbi Brown.

This is crazy for so many reasons; I love beauty, I am a beauty blogger and Bobbi Brown is so many peoples favourite brand.

I decided to pop into their Covent Garden store as I have walked by so many times but never gone in even though it is basically makeup heaven. I was booked in for a makeup lesson which is a free service which they offer to any customer as long as you pre-book either in-store or on counter, you can have a shorter lesson but mine was the longer 50 minutes.

Unlike the usual makeovers makeup brands offer Bobbi Brown only offer lessons, so you are holding a mirror the whole way through learning techniques, tips and tricks along the way. It's great if you want to try something new for the summer, want to learn how to apply gel liner, practice your wedding makeup or simply want to try out a few Bobbi Brown products before you purchase them.

For me it was a great opportunity to try out some Bobbi Brown products, I fell in love with so much; the foundation, gel liner, blusher and the store is just dreamy! Unlike a counter which I often find quite scary the store was very relaxed and almost quite homely but the Bobbi Brown lessons are also available on counters which is great if you can't get to the Covent Garden Store.

Now I'm excited to get my first Bobbi Brown item to try for myself!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring with Nail Inc

I'm really loving Nail Inc Polishes at the moment, the new colours they have released for Spring/Summer are really beautiful (I have more to share soon) and I think the new bottles make the brand feel very premium.

The first colour I reached for was Swan Street which is part of their 'The New White' Collection and is a very pale, almost white, mint shade. Its great if you like the idea of white nails but find it to be too severe, it also applied surprisingly well with just two coats needed (please excuse my cuticles they're a little dehydrated). When I first applied this I thought this would be my favourite but then moved onto Marylebone High Street expecting it to be just another coral but quickly fell in love!

Marylebone High Street is part of the Nails Inc Nail Kale range which appears much more orange and almost neon on the nail. It really remind me of a more subtle but equally as beautiful version of Models Own Beach Bag which was my favourite nail polish of the whole of last year. I wore this on my toes and fingers, and it looked great on both really enhancing my skin colour. It also lasted really well and only started to chip 5 days in.

I can't wait to share the other Nails Inc beauties which I have but we'll save that for another manicure Monday.

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