Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Navy Jumpsuit: Outfit

 Although I love Jumpsuit's on other people I can never seem to find one that fits me perfectly, I recently discovered this one from Lavish Alice. I love the colour, the material is very light and I think the cut at the top with the spaghetti straps is particularly attractive. I did find that is is still a little short but I can just about get away with it however after wearing it for a couple of hours it became very static and started to cling to every inch of my body (as you can see above isn't very flattering) which has never ever happened to me and washing it hasn't helped. I was really looking forward to wearing it during the summer so I'd love some tips on how to stop this happening if anyone has any?
Accessories wise I kept it quite simple with some strappy Primark Sandals and gold hops. My glasses are a new pair from Triwa and are the Midnight Thelma Oversized design which I actually thought would be slightly bigger. That aside I love the shape and colour but it's the barely noticeable pink tips that really finish these glasses in my opinion and at only £52 from MyBag.com I think they're actually quite affordable. 

As it was Easter I also felt it was only fair that my Gold Plated Jana Reinhardt Bunny Rabbit Necklace also get an outing. I absolutely love this, the chains quite dainty but the bunny is so adorable and I received so many compliments on it. Finally I also wore my new Gold Plated, Arrow ring from Kris Nations at Cadenzza which has really led me to want to purchase a few more better quality rings as my normal ones from H&M simply fade too quickly. I also love that this is a little more unique and a little more special and all for just £28.
 Watch is Michael Kors... as always.

Which was your favourite outfit that you wore over the Bank Holiday?

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag from Becksondergaard // Tissues and Mirror from Mad Beauty

At the beginning of the year we spoke about clearing out our Make up collections which was a very popular post and seemed to get you all exciting about decluttering your makeup collections. Now with spring here, it is time to spring clean our makeup bags...

Start by emptying out your makeup bag onto a table and be a little brutal. Have you possibly had that lipgloss for too long, has your favourite bronzer shattered to cause a mess in your makeup bag and has your favourite lipstick melted beyond belief? Well it's time to get rid of it.
Okay it may cost you a few pounds to replace but it's worth it in the long run. It means your lipgloss will actually smell like it's suppose to and you won't have to wipe the bronzer smudges of your mirror every time you need to use it. It's also a great opportunity to mix it up and go through your makeup collection and add less used products that you love but may have forgotten about.

It's then time to downsize, there's no point carrying around a super big makeup bag if you don't use all the products. Be realistic and honest to yourself; do you really need 15 variations of almost the same lip colour and do you really reapply your foundation or would a concealer be enough? You won't be getting rid of these products, you can keep them at home in your collection and add them to your makeup bag at a later date when you actually need them.

Time to clean everything from brushes to compacts. Give all your brushes a really good wash and using a wipe clean down all the compacts, packaging and mirrors. If your makeup bag can go in the washing machine then now is a great chance to throw it in but if your makeup bag has seen better days then it might be time to treat yourself to a new one you can get very pretty ones from places like H&M, Boots and ASOS for very cheap (check out some of my favourites below). Also if your makeup bag isn't looking quite as full as it did don't be tempted to fill it up, instead purchase one in the perfect size to avoid future products building up and to save yourself from carrying such a heavy bag.

When filling it up again keep asking yourself if you really need it in your handbag and if you truly use it on the go- if not leave it at home, you can always come back to it at a later date. Don't forget you can also buy mini's and transfer products into smaller containers such as perfumes and foundations.

Check out my guide to having a beauty clear out here

I'd love to hear your Makeup Bag Clearing tips as well as which products you carry around with you in the comments.

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 The new Mavala Spring Nail Polish collection is made up of vibrant, vivid colours and made up of six different shades from whites to dark emerald greens. My personal favourite is Cobalt Blue as it is the only one to have no shimmer. They all apply beautifully and opaque after just two coats however I still found this collection to be a little less appealing than other spring ones I have seen.

Although I love the Cobalt Blue and find the Dark Emerald Green (Black night) to be beautiful I am currently still loving pastels. I'm sure I will reach for Black Night in the Autumn and Winter but until I think other than Cobalt Blue they may sit a little unloved. I feel the shimmer makes them feel a little dated to me but I am sure some of you will love them and if there is a particular colour you like then they are great quality polishes to have.
 Left to Right
Black Night, Cobalt Blue, Arty Pink, Orange Fusion, Cyber Yellow and Antarctic.

Which shade has caught your eye?
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Saturday, 19 April 2014

5 Things to do this Weekend #9

I haven't done one of these posts in a little while, since last month but since it's a long weekend
1) Bake a cake
Since it's a four day weekend take the time to bake a cake, check out all the Easter Recipes which I found on the Baking Mad Website.
2) Wear Pastels
Credit: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
3) Eat lots of chocolate with Family & Friends
4) Buy some flowers
Nothing says spring like a punch of beautiful flowers.
5) Try some fun spring Nail art
There are so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest or check out my creation

Check out my other '5 Things to do this Weekend' posts here

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and enjoy your Easter! I'd love to know what you have planned in the comments.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

April BirchBox and Free Box Offer

As so many of you seem to love finding out what's in my monthly BirchBox today I bring to you Aprils Box which is 'Good Enough to Eat' which is inspired by food markets and eateries so everything has either an amazing scent or some sort of food element (so it says on the website)
The first thing I noticed was the 'lifestyle extra' which was the Propercorn in Sweet Coconut and Vanilla which I'm excited to try and is a nice extra. There are also some Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes, although I don't use wipes daily or even weekly they can come in handy and I'll be saving these for any plane trips or outings where wipes will come in handy. I haven't tried them but they smell amazing and very refreshing, perfect for the warmer months. I'm not too sure how these relate to food but there is also a Color Club nail polish and Lord & Berry eye Pencil. I am not a huge fan of the Nail polish as the colour is very shimmery and not really my cup of tea. Although the liner is small I know its a great one as I've used it in the past. The box also features a The Balm Cosmetics Cheek & lip tint which is super cute but if I am honest I am not too sure I would use very often. I was most excited about the Laura Mercier Body Souffle which is quite an expensive product that I've wanted to try for a while.

As I was only disappointed with one product (the nail polish colour which wasn't my shade) I would say this box was actually quite a successful one.
I am very excited to share that BirchBox will kindly be offering my readers the chance to gift their friends a FREE box with the code
when you purchase this months April box for yourself.
Offer ends 30th April and friend will not receive this months box but one next months after the offer has ended. It would even make a fabulous Easter present, even if your friend will have to wait a few weeks.

What do you think of this months BirchBox? Will you be purchasing this box?

For more information check out the Birchbox Website

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring Dotty Nails

Earlier in the week I decided I wanted my nails to be fun and bright for the spring/Easter but I didn't want anything too difficult. Of course it had to include the Models Own Polish For Tan as I am currently in love with all the shades and I went for simple dots simply to make life easy for myself but I still love the results!

I started with my favourite white which is by Morgan Taylor as it opaque and streak-free in just two coats. I reached for Model's Own Sun Hat, Beach Bag and Bikini (swatches and review here) but felt I wanted a less neon colour to contrast so decided on Diego Dalla Palma in Night Blue which is beautiful bright royal blue. I used the Bourjois Dotting tool and tried to very the size of the dots. I'm really happy with the finished results; they're bright and fun but not too in your face (in my opinion, of course).
What do you think of these nails? Have you tried any Spring/Easter inspired nail art?
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Favourite Fake Tan's & Tips

Fake tan can often be quite scary as we are bombarded with fake tan mishaps in magazines and websites. However I absolutely love fake tan and really don't think it need as be even half as scary as people think it is. With a little bit of practice, some tips and tricks, you will be able to get an even head to toe tan without any problems.

Pre-fake tan- Before fake tanning make sure you exfoliate and shave. I like to do this the day before and my favourite body scrub is the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, it's quite abrasive but I think that's what you need on your body to remove any old tan and dead skin. If you don't feel like purchasing a body scrub I also think exfoliation gloves are great just teamed up with any shower gel you may be using. Also don't forget to remove any deodorant/perfume you may be wearing.

Fake Tanning- If you're a newbie practice on your legs as you can easily cover this up if you do happy to go a little streaky. You also want to work in sections, for example your lower leg and then your thigh, it just makes it easier. Fake tan your hands last and make sure you don't get any water on your tan. I'd highly recommend sleeping in your tan as this way you are far more likely to be streak-free as you won't be dealing with water or anything else. Most products take 4-8 hours to develop before you can wash it out which is another reason why sleeping in it is a great idea.

Post Fake Tan- After your fake tan is on for the given amount of time you will need to wash it off and should be left with an even colour. To prolong the tan you should avoid hot baths, moisturise regularly but also every few days to insure that the tan fades evenly.

Check out the video to find out all about my favourite fake tans and more tips and tricks. It is a long one but hopefully it's got all you need to know.

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