Things I learnt whilst visiting my sister- Guest Post

Out of all my guest post this is my most different but I honestly fell in love with Emily’s drawings and her blog! She draws her life and shares it on Jammy & Jelly. Not only are her illustrations amazing but  her blog always makes me smile! It’s the perfect read on an autumn evening, today Emily is sharing what she learnt whilst visiting her sister…

 When taking a little trip away, all those free beauty samples finally come in handy…

…until they run out and you end up carrying home the full size :/

 Humidity does NOT agree with my hair.

 No amount of make up will stay on my face in this heat.

And last, most definitely not least
Bee’s do a little wiggly dance to let their bee friends know where to find pollen! Who knew?!

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  1. 19th September 2013 / 8:25 am

    This is the nicest, sweetest and most unexpected things I've read in a long time! So refreshing! This made me smile 🙂 Awesome! Thanks Emily and thanks Sabrina for sharing this.

    Renate from

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